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305 People Enroll in Amplify in First 2 Weeks

Mar 17, 2021

Our new Amplify course just opened two weeks ago, and so far 305 people have enrolled in it, so lots of people are now working through the lessons to upgrade their creative flow.

I’ve published 18 lessons for the course since we began, and I’m continuing to design, record, and publish a new lesson each day. My goal is to build the course to at least 60 lessons, so that will take at least another 42 days (6 weeks).

You’re welcome to join the course at any point and participate in the journey. This is a great time to join since hundreds of people are now going through the course together, which certainly amps up the energy of the experience.

I hosted our second live Zoom call for Amplify this morning, so we have six more of those live calls to go. Zoom is an audio course, and these group video calls are an extra bonus for those who want to enjoy connecting with other creative adventurers as we go through the course together. Our live calls are every Wednesday at 10am Pacific time, from now through April 28, 2021. While the course will be available for years, these lives calls are only happening in March and April of 2021.

All of the live calls are recorded too, so you’ll get the recordings when you enroll in the course. There is something special about attending them live though since then you can participate in the interactive sharing, which a lot of people have been enjoying. These calls can also help you apply the material in the course to improve your results.

Here are the titles of the 18 lessons that are published so far, in case you’re curious:

Module 1 – The Frame Game

1.1 – Creative Reframes
1.2 – Solution Neighborhoods
1.3 – Framing Traps
1.4 – Creative Stability
1.5 – Your Core Creative Relationship
1.6 – Honoring Your Muse
1.7 – Creative Adventures
1.8 – Powerful Intentions
1.9 – Inviting the Flow of Money
1.10 – Dissolving Threats

Module 2 – Opportunity

2.1 – Curiosity
2.2 – Appreciation
2.3 – Purpose
2.4 – Emotional Opportunities
2.5 – A Precious Audience
2.6 – Your Audience Relationship
2.7 – Audience Alignment
2.8 – Being a Bear

The average lesson is around 15 minutes, so these are nice bite-sized pieces.

Join us when you’re ready for this epic journey. 🙂

Amplify CGC Purchase Credit

Mar 13, 2021

I’ve decided to offer a full purchase credit for any Amplify members who wish to join Conscious Growth Club during our 2021 enrollment period in the last week of April. This means that you’ll get a reduced price on a CGC membership, subtracting the cost of your Amplify course from your CGC dues. You don’t have to use the credit, but it yours if you want it.

See this blog post for the full details:

Amplify Purchase Credit for Joining CGC

Amplify Invitation Video Feedback

Mar 12, 2021

I’ve actually received more compliments on the Amplify invitation video than perhaps any that I’ve done for previous courses. People really like how it speaks to them about their creative journeys. So I have high hopes that you’ll like it too. It’s a very unique invitation.

Get the details, watch the invitation video, and sign up here:

Amplify: Creative Productivity Deep Dive

So far 222 people have joined this deep dive, which is awesome, especially for a topic that’s so useful and beneficial throughout our entire lives. Imagine what a higher and more consistent creative flow could do for you over the next few decades – all the creative projects that you’ll finally finish and share with the world. Picture a whole bookshelf (or virtual bookshelf) filled with your creative accomplishments.

What will your creative legacy include?

Whenever you’re ready, I invite you to join 200+ creative adventurers in Amplify.

I’ll see you inside! 😄 ❤️❤️❤️

Join Us for Amplify’s First Live Call on March 10

Mar 9, 2021

Our first live group call for the new Amplify course on improving your creative flow is this Wednesday, March 10 at 10am Pacific time. So if you’d like to join me live, I encourage you to enroll in the course within the next few hours.

This call will include group sharing and abundant Q&A with me. It’s a great opportunity to amp up your creative motivation and inspiration. You’ll get to hear what other people are experiencing as they go through the course, which can help you gain extra tips and insights.

If you’re just joining us now, I recommend going through lesson 1.1 before you attend the first live call. It’s only 14 minutes of audio. It’s still okay though if you haven’t done any lessons before the call.

Each group call will be recorded and published to the Amplify portal, so you can still watch the recordings afterwards.

Module 1 of the course is now complete (all 10 lessons), and I just posted the first lesson of Module 2 today. Module 1 covers many powerful foundational ideas to improve your creative flow. Some people have already reported big shifts from those lessons.

The theme of Module 2 is Opportunity, so in the next group of lessons, we’ll explore how to spot the right creative opportunities for you, including how to prevent excess pivoting and shiny object syndrome.

We’re currently at 156 sign-ups for the course with more people enrolling each day, so this should make for some lively group calls. We have a diverse group with people from all around the world. Some are creative pros, and some are just starting to lean into their creative journeys – and everything in between.

I hope you’ll choose to join us for this exciting adventure! 😃

Amplify Update

Mar 7, 2021

Our new creative productivity deep dive course – called Amplify – now has 124 people signed up for it. Actually we’re well past 200 if you include Conscious Growth Club members, many of whom are actively engaging with the course right now.

I recorded and published our 9th lesson this morning, which is about inviting the flow of money as part of your creative flow.

Here’s a screen shot of the current Amplify member portal, so you can get a sense of some of the topics we’re covering. The course will have several modules, the first of which is called “The Frame Game.” In this module we’re diving into some powerful and practical reframes on creativity flow and abundance.

A few people have now told me that the course has already paid for itself in just the first few lessons they’ve listened to. I’m also starting to get some nice co-creative suggestions on more topics that people want to see covered.

This is a good time to decide if you want to join the course and significantly amp up your creative flow and results.

I hope you’ll join the party and participate in the immersive experience. Watch the invitation video to see if you’re a match for this. Be bold and adventurous!

A Great Start for the New Amplify Course

Mar 5, 2021

We’re off to a great start with the new Amplify course on creative productivity. I added some new lessons this week, so there are now 7 lessons published in the portal. I intend to add one lesson per day on average going forward, so if you start now and do one lesson per day, the course should always stay at least a few lessons ahead of you.

I’ve been getting some delightful feedback on the early lessons, with one person sharing that he already got his money’s worth after just the first two lessons. It’s been very nice to read the enthusiastic emails from people who are starting this new creative journey together.

I’m enjoying creating the lessons too. It feels good to be back in the flow of daily creating and publishing.

Our first group Zoom call for Amplify will be on Wednesday, March 10, and we have 8 of those calls total (one per week), so there’s a social aspect to this journey for those who want it. If you want to participate in those calls, it would be wise to enroll in Amplify by March 9th to make sure you’re set up to join us on the calls. We’ll be recording the calls, and the recordings will be added to the course portal as well.

Sign-ups are off to a strong start with 87 people enrolling in the first few days. At this rate I think we’ll easily be in the hundreds by the end of next week. 🙂

I hope you’ll choose to join us!

Amplify Invitation Video

Mar 2, 2021

I added an invitation video for the new Amplify creative productivity deep dive course, which is now open for enrollment.

I really like how the video turned out – I think it gives a great overview of what we’ll be working on together, and it will surely help you decide if you’re a match for Amplify.

You’ll also find Amplify listed on the Courses page and on the Courses menu on this website.

Remember that this course is being co-created as we go, so it’s launching with the first 4 lessons now, and I’ll continue creating and publishing more lessons each week as we build it out in March and April. This is similar to how we launched and developed the Submersion and Stature courses. I’m going to create and publish a minimum of 60 lessons for the course.

I’ll continue sharing updates about Amplify throughout the launch. You’ve got some time to decide if you want to join the launch group that goes through the course together.

Note that for this course, I’m hosting some live Zoom calls too, one per week for the first 8 weeks after we launch. Our first group call is on Wednesday, March 10.

Amplify Is Now Open

Mar 1, 2021

The new Amplify course on creative productivity is now open for you to join.

Check out the Amplify page to learn more about the course, and feel free to join us when you’re ready. Some people have already finished the first lesson.

On Tuesday I’ll share an invitation video with even more details about the course.

Amplify Is Launching Soon

Feb 28, 2021

We’re very close to launching the new Amplify course on creative productivity. It’s already available to Conscious Growth Club members as of today (Sunday, February 28), and I plan to open it up to everyone else to join within the next 24 hours.

There are 4 lessons in the portal to start, and I’ll be adding more lessons on Wednesday. My goal is to have the first 31 lessons published by March 31. As with our previous courses, we’ll be co-creating the lessons as we go based on the flow of inspiration and feedback.

This will be a substantial new course. I anticipate recording at least 60 lessons for it. I aim for the average lesson to be about 15 minutes.

I’ll be hosting 8 group Zoom calls for course participants every Wednesday at 10am Pacific time from March 10 to April 28, so you’ve still got about 10 days till the first one.

We’ll be adding full text transcripts of all audio lessons too – the first lesson’s transcript is already published.

Here’s a screenshot to show you what the Amplify portal looks like right now:

So please hang tight… it won’t be much longer. 🙂

Update: Amplify is open!

New Productivity Interview: Your Relationship With Your Work

Jan 28, 2021

Here’s a new podcast interview I did with Peter Akkies from How They Get Stuff Done, which shares some unique insights about how to be more productive.

Instead of the usual low-level hacks, this interview focuses on improving your core relationships with your work and projects. A natural productive flow becomes easier and more consistent when problems in these relationships are identified and solved.

We also talked about successfully completing 30-day and 365-day challenges to gain new skills and perspectives as well as several other productivity-related subtopics.

Listen to the Interview

Enjoy! 🙂