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Bases Loaded Event Recordings Now Available

Jul 12, 2024

The recordings for our recent Bases Loaded event are now available – more than 9 hours of video in total, delivered live online over four days this week.

This series is about creating a life that aligns with Courage, Love, Trust, and Joy. We covered one of these four bases in depth for each day of the event.

We just finished the 4th and last call of the series a few hours ago, and I must say the whole experience went beautifully – so much love, support, and caring all the way through. I really enjoyed it!

It’s only $42 for the recordings, so please do yourself a favor and indulge in an immersive deep dive into shifting your vibes into much greater harmony and flow. You’ll be glad you did.

Get the Bases Loaded recordings.

Today’s Live Call on Love Alignment

Jul 11, 2024

Today, July 11, 2024, I’m hosting a 2-hour Zoom call on Love alignment, which is about summoning new levels of harmony, cooperation, flow, and oneness into your life. I invite you to join us. The live call is 10 AM to noon Pacific Time, and you get the recording too. Even if you can’t attend live, it’s well worth it.

We’ll cover this from the vibrational level all the way to practical actions. Today’s call is a concentrated, lively, co-creative deep dive on loving your body, loving your work, inviting a loving flow of financial support, creating loving relationships, and more. This has a lot to do with your ability to receive. This isn’t about earning, striving, or achieving.

This call is part of our 4-day Bases Loaded series this week, which covers getting your life into alignment with the 4 most powerful harmonizing frequencies: Courage, Love, Trust, and Joy. We covered Joy on Tuesday and Courage yesterday. So today will be Love, and Friday’s call will be about Trust.

It’s only $42 for the whole 4-part series, and you can attend the remaining calls live or watch the recordings at your leisure. The recordings on Courage and Joy are already published. We’re getting the recordings posted to the Bases Loaded member portal about 3 hours after each live call ends, so it’s easy to follow along regardless of your schedule.

I can say that the first two calls have gone fabulously well – lots of participation and such beautiful mutual support for people who are going through potent shifts. If you appreciate authenticity, intimacy, and real human feelings being expressed, we have that space inside each day, and if you attend live then I ask you to help us hold that space as well.

Get the details and come join us. It’s not too late to flow into this with us. It’s a super friendly and supportive community inside. Lean into some Courage here. I confident you’ll be glad you did.

New Bases Loaded Online Event: July 9-12, 2024

Jul 8, 2024

This is short-notice deliberately, so we can get really high alignment for this, meaning little gap between your decision and partaking in the live experience.

This Tuesday through Friday, July 9-12, I’m hosting a series of four Zoom calls (one per day, 2 hours per call) on the topic of life balance. And it’s not what you think.

It’s called Bases Loaded. What does that have to do with life balance? Check out the full invite and find out.

It’s super cheap too, so we ought to have a nice big, lively turnout for this one.

Read the Invite – This One is Pretty Short

When you’re ready to sign up, use this link to enroll (it’s also in the invite above).

Join the Bases Loaded Event

Come join us and burn your excuses since we’ll be working with a lot of fire energy together.

CGC More Than Doubled in Size for Year 8

May 20, 2024

I’m happy to share that Conscious Growth Club grew by 115% during our recent annual opening, so we now have 103 members in the club for Year 8. I love seeing so much activity in the forums and on the Zoom calls. With this many members we have some interesting subgroups forming too.

Our CGC year begins on May 1st each year, so our next opening will begin around April 25, 2025. If you didn’t join us for Year 8, you’ll have to wait for the Year 9 invitation. I hope you’ll continue joining us then. There’s an incredible amount of growth, exploration, and discovery inside for only $3 per day.

Come Join Us for Courage Forge Today

Apr 30, 2024

Our first Courage Forge call (via Zoom) starts in about an hour at 11:11 AM Pacific Time today. We’ll go for at least an hour.

Courage Forge is one of 14 very unique types of self-development calls we host in Conscious Growth Club. These calls are for CGC members only if you want to participate. We’re still open for new members to join for our once-a-year for new members to join in 2024, which runs through May 1st. If you join CGC now, you can be on this call with us, as long as you make it in time. Just click the link to join the CGC Lounge when you get into the main CGC portal dashboard after joining.

Here’s the description of this format:

Stoke your inner fire as you boldly step into the forge of courage. Burn away the inauthentic and the misaligned, and ignite your motivation with energy that lights you up inside. Face your fears, break through resistance, and align yourself with fearlessness. Release the heartless path, and commit to finding and walking your path with a heart. Discover and accept your “call to the stage” – the place, the work, or the mode of living that you may still resist yet keep thinking about. These calls are not for the timid. Be aware that the weakest parts of you may very well attempt to block you from attending – because they know they’re about to be yanked from their hiding places and tossed onto the bonfire.

The theme of today’s Courage Forge call is “Center of Attention,” so you’re invited to come join us to work on your relationship with being the focal point of other people’s attention, both personally and professionally. We’ll work together on releasing misalignments and creating a more empowering relationship with this aspect of life.

I shared this about the upcoming call in the CGC member forums this morning:

I can tell this will be a potent call. I feel like I’m tuned in to people already pre-reacting to it or dwelling on the potential experience. I sense it’s going to be fairly shamanic in nature. It will be very experiential for those that are open to that kind of direct experience, but you’ll also have the option to connect in a more distanced way if you prefer to watch and not be as directly participatory. I’ll explain how that works in the first few minutes of the call.

The call won’t be recorded – the invitation is to show up and be part of a one-of-a-kind experience, or prioritize something else instead.

I’ll be there! It’s going to powerful!

By the way, we’re already at 45 CGCers enrolled for Year 8, so we’re clearly going to blow past last year’s member count. Lots of people normally join closer to the end, and we still have nearly 38 hours to go, which is a very long time still. You can see the current sign-up count at the top of the CGC Invite Page.

Conscious Growth Club FAQ Updated for CGC Year 8

Apr 28, 2024

We just updated the Frequently Asked Questions page for Conscious Growth Club, which answers many questions about CGC and its members for those who are thinking about joining. Check it out here:

Conscious Growth Club FAQ

We just hit 25 members for CGC Year 8, so we’re off to a great start! There are still about 3-1/2 days left to go. Remember that we’re only open for new members to join CGC through May 1st. This is our only opening of 2024.

I hope to see you inside!

Conscious Growth Club Is Now Open for You to Join Through May 1, 2024

Apr 26, 2024

I’m happy to announce that Conscious Growth Club is now open for new members to join us for Year 8.

Our first 7-year cycle in CGC is coming to a close, and we’re now beginning our 8th year together with a LOT of improvements. This new CGC year is going to be so DIFFERENT and UNIQUE than any previous year in the club. Even the price is different – in a way I think many people are going to love and appreciate.

I wrote up a very detailed invitation for you for CGC Year 8, so please take some time to read through it. There are some pretty amazing surprises in there. Even if you’ve been a member of CGC previously, this year is truly going to involve some very different experiences and explorations together.

If you’re keen on joining CGC this year, be sure to join us by May 1st because this will be our only enrollment period for all of 2024. So if you want to hop in for this year, now is the time.

Visit the Conscious Growth Club page to learn the details. I’ll see you inside!

Conscious Growth Club

Recordings Available for The Spirit of Money and The Power of Spirit

Oct 14, 2023

Full recordings of the recent live events, The Spirit of the Money and The Power of Spirit are now available. Read the respective blog posts to learn more about them, and use the links within the posts to enroll in either or both experiences. I recommend starting with The Spirit of Money and then advancing to The Power of Spirit when you’re ready.

The Spirit of the Money, delivered live in September, delves into the spirit-level aspects of money, how to understand your existing karmic relationship with money and its purpose in your life, and how to create a supportive and thriving relationship with money throughout your life. This includes 4 hours of video, and you can easily watch it in smaller chunks to fit your schedule. This makes for a great complement for the immensely practical Deep Abundance Integration Course.

The Power of Spirit, which was delivered live last weekend, is a major deep dive into the realm of spirit and nonphysical reality, including messages about the afterlife and how to interface with your human life in a more spiritually fulfilling way. It guides you through a Fire Ceremony to release misalignments from your life and a Water Ceremony to cleanse and purify your energy and invite new desires into your life. It’s rich in instruction, personal stories, and examples. This is a one-of-a-kind experience unlike anything we’ve ever done before, totaling 8 hours and 15 minutes of video.

What’s especially unique about these events is that both were inspired by recent psychedelic explorations, and psychedelics were used to assist in delivering these experiences as well. Consequently, there’s a tremendous amount of deep, honest, and uncensored sharing in these two programs. You may find that they serve to remind you of what you’ve intuitively sensed within yourself but haven’t fully trusted yet, encouraging you to put even more of your inner wisdom into practice.

When editing the videos, I carefully switched between speaker and gallery views when it felt right to do so. I think you’ll find that these recordings do an excellent job of capturing the spirit and energy of the live experiences, allowing you to immerse yourself in the community aspect as well. Along with the recordings, you get the full chat logs from each event as well, so you can see what people were sharing along the way.

Enjoy the recordings! 💫✨🌟

The Power of Spirit Begins October 7 at 10 AM Pacific – Join Us!

Oct 7, 2023

This is a final reminder that The Power of Spirit event begins shortly on Zoom (about 2 hours after I’m posting this) at 10:00 AM Pacific Time, October 7 & 8. Dozens of people from the community have already enrolled, and there’s still time for you to sign up and join us for a weekend of spirit-level immersion. I know some people need a little more time to build their courage, so we’ll keep the door open for you. 😉

The highlight of today’s call will be the Fire Ceremony, which invites you to release misaligned thoughts, feelings, and energy patterns to make your human journey lighter and more fun. You may be surprised by how powerful it is to do this with a group. 🔥❤️‍🔥

Speaking of fun… I’m definitely in a playful mood this morning, so I anticipate a very lively and playful experience as I take you on a whirlwind journey through the land of spirit today and tomorrow.

Take a moment to read (or review) the invitation blog post to get the details. Then grab your wand and hop on the train… 🚂

The Power of Spirit Event Now Open for Enrollment

Oct 5, 2023

I’m happy to share that our new live Zoom event – The Power of Spirit – is now open for you to enroll, so I’ll point you to the invitation post for all the glorious details. Then you can decide if you want to join us for this immersive weekend deep dive into spirit space. It’s happening October 7 & 8, 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM Pacific Time each day.

The whole event will be recorded, and you’ll get the recordings too. We’re also including two guided ceremonies as part of the experience: the Fire Ceremony on Saturday to release misaligned patterns and the Water Ceremony on Sunday to cleanse and purify your personal energy. And yes it’s all done online, so you can fully participate from the comfort of your home.

I encourage you to read the invite post. At the very least, take a moment to skim through the list of topics since that should make it easy for you to see if you’re a match for it.

Namaste. 😄🍄