Bluesky Social

This morning I got my invite code for BlueSky. This is Jack Dorsey’s (original Twitter founder) new social media platform that’s currently in beta. Apparently they’re developing a protocol to decentralize social media in some ways, such as by enabling you to carry followers from one service to another. That alone would be pretty revolutionary for some people. Imagine not having to build a new network from scratch on every platform.

The timing of this invite is auspicious, especially since I just shared on Saturday’s call the spiritual interpretation of why I got banned from TikTok. That was very much for my benefit, bouncing me down a much better path.

Looks like there are 1.04M Bluesky users so far, and their current version is only meant to scale to about this 1M level. They’re building v2 to scale to 10M apparently.

I set up my Bluesky profile just now:

Let’s see if I can make it 48h w/o getting banned. :crossed_fingers: