Replace creative anxiety with productive play, finish bold creative projects reliably and consistently, receive the daily appreciation of an encouraging audience, and enjoy a free-flowing creator's lifestyle – in our new deep dive course on creative productivity.

Whether you're already a creative pro, aspire to be one, or simply want to finish your side projects, Amplify will guide you through a deep and immersive journey to permanently improve how you connect with your creative flow, your creative projects, and the people you serve. Watch the invitation video to learn all about it.

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Key Details

63 audio lessons

Amplify includes 63 compact audio lessons (10-20 minutes each) to guide you through the process of upgrading your creative flow. All lessons are personally recorded by me (Steve). Each lesson ends with an exercise to help your start to apply the ideas.

You can stream and/or download every lesson

You get every audio lesson in streamable and downloadable formats. Go at whatever pacing works for you since the deep dive is self-paced. Listen to the lessons whenever and wherever you want, such as while commuting or going for a walk. This will accommodate any schedule.

Weekly group Zoom call recordings

When Amplify first launched, Steve hosted 8 live Zoom calls for members to share their experiences going through the course week by week, to share extra tips, and to do live Q&A with Steve. All 8 call recordings are yours to keep. This gives you lots of extra support for applying the Amplify ideas.

A caring, encouraging, and playful experience

Amplify has a caring, encouraging, and playful style. The lessons gently guide you to understand and upgrade your inner creative frames as well as your flow of real creative output. This is a deeply personal experience that focuses on moving beyond creative anxiety, developing and maintaining action-oriented flow through your creative projects, and connecting more deeply with your audience. Amplify invites you to discover new truths about your approach to creative productivity, so you can flow into creative action like never before. Leave your creative blocks in the past.

Upgrade your creative flow one lesson at a time

This is a hands-on deep dive, not a passive experience. Every audio lesson is followed by written workbook exercises to deepen your self-awareness, increase your clarity, and amplify your creative output. The course workbook also includes a one-page text summary of each lesson, so you can conveniently review what you've learned.

Thorough and comprehensive

Day by day for 9 weeks, we'll reconstruct the mental models and frames you use to approach your creative projects. As you discover new models which are more effective than your old ones, you'll gradually release old thought patterns that were previously holding you back. You'll also gain plenty of practice with empowering frames to help your true creative self emerge.

A co-creative experience

Instead of creating all of the lessons in advance, they were co-created with the first group of Amplify members, who were encouraged to share feedback and ideas along the way. These ideas were often incorporated into lessons. So Amplify was developed with the help and input of many creative minds. More than 300 people enrolled in the course during its first two weeks.

Creative Productivity Gains

Here are some of the transformations you'll explore in Amplify:

  • Overcome creative anxiety and perfectionism
  • Engage with creative work as light-hearted, free-flowing play
  • Replace unstable or inconsistent progress with reliable and consistent creative output you can depend on
  • Connect with an aligned audience that appreciates, respects, loves, encourages, and financially supports you
  • Witness your creative projects producing rewarding ripples
  • Apply practical and effective business models to generate abundant income from your creativity
  • Adopt a comfortable and enriching creator's lifestyle
  • Wield the creative freedom to choose your own creative projects
  • Rack up a lifetime of meaningful creative accomplishments
  • Develop relaxed confidence and abiding trust in your ability to turn your ideas into reality
  • Be certain of your value delivery, and say goodbye to impostor syndrome
  • Accurately predict which projects you'll complete and which you should never begin
  • Maintain momentum with a structured workflow process that drives projects to completion
  • Finish and ship completed projects instead of seeing your ideas die on the vine
  • Produce the best work of your life as you hit your creative stride
  • Become a prolific creator, seeing your collective contribution grow notably each year
  • Establish clear priorities and reliable systems you can trust
  • Boost your energy and enthusiasm for creative work
  • Work productively with a sense of time abundance
  • Use your creative expression to deeply connect with people's hearts and minds
  • Creatively serve those who encourage, inspire, and motivate you
  • Build a creative legacy that no one can take away from you
  • Develop and express your creative courage and boldness
  • Find or create stable platforms to share your work profitably
  • Scale up to larger creative projects for more impact and ripples
  • Create value for others while you invest in building your skills
  • Make extra money from your creative skills whenever you want
  • Enjoy time and location freedom

So this is really the ultimate creative productivity deep dive. ❤️

Powerful Intentions

Here's an additional (and optional) intention experiment that you can do while enjoying this creative productivity deep dive:

In an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way, in its own perfect time, for the highest good of all, I intend and invite the intelligent development and fullest expression of my creative flow. I intend positive results and prosperous journeys for the other participants of this deep dive as well – past, present, and future.

I'm holding this intention with you, so let's co-create some impressive creative flow for the whole group.


Your investment in the Amplify deep dive course is $497.

It's one price all-in. There aren't any tiers, scholarships, payment plans, or refunds.

Honor Code

All of our courses, including Amplify, have a strict "no refunds" honor code policy because we need to know that you have some skin in the game. If you enroll, please do so because you're committed to applying the lessons to create real changes in your life for the better. Our courses are for doers, not dabblers. I want you to get results, and you must feel invested for that to happen.

To buy the course without a money-back guarantee, you have to trust me, and you have to trust yourself to follow through. That's the standard I want. I want you to trust me, and I want you to trust yourself. So you only have to make one decision here: Are you in or out?

The bottom line is that you'll get better results if you go all-in with a genuine commitment, and I'm a lot happier to work with this caliber of people. For those who need a money-back guarantee to tip them into enrolling, you're welcome to enjoy all the free content this site has to offer for as long as you like. This course will remain available indefinitely, so it will be here for you when you're ready to invest.

Note that you can repeat our courses again and again for many years, so you'll have abundant opportunities to extract good value from your investment. This site has been online continuously since 2004 to give you an idea of its longevity.

The honor code is also mentioned in the video above (at 30:52) if you'd like to see me explain the reason we have it.

Course Supplements and Bonus Gifts

Amplify includes abundant supplementary material and extra gifts to further enhance your creative flow. Some of these are free resources available elsewhere on this site, and some are created just for this deep dive. I've assembled them into one convenient collection for you.

Amplify Creativity Productivity Workbook (PDF)

The Amplify workbook includes written exercises to support each audio lesson as well as one-page summaries of each lesson, so you can conveniently review the key points whenever you want. I recommend doing the related workbook exercises shortly after you listen to each lesson, so you can start applying what you learn that same day.

Lesson Transcripts (PDF)

Amplify includes full text transcripts for all audio lessons in the course, making it easy to review what you've learned or to look up an insight.

Design Doc Template (PDF)

Here's a general purpose design document template you can use for a creative project. It's highly adaptable and can be used for books, websites, music albums, art projects, and more. Use this to work through key decisions related to content, format, audience, launching, and marketing.

Design Doc Samples (PDF)

Two complete sample design documents are included: a minimalist one for a successful video game project and a larger and more detailed one for a successful online course. These are the real design docs for income-generating projects that were creatively envisioned, developed, and published.

Project Postmortem Template (PDF)

Here's a simple 1-page template for conducting your own project postmortems. Use it to extract valuable lessons from any previous project.

Project Postmortem Samples (PDF)

Two complete sample project postmortems are included: one for a successful video game project and one for a successful online course. See how these projects were objectively reviewed to extract key lessons to improve future projects. You may find some lessons from these postmortems useful for your own projects.

Course Development and Launch Checklist (PDF)

You'll get my detailed, step-by-step checklist of action steps to create and launch a new online course in a co-creative, low-stress manner. Use this as a model for chunking down your own creative projects into straightforward action flows that converge on published products. This template has been used to create and launch 4 courses to date, including Amplify itself. It starts with the initial idea phase and covers content creation, marketing, sales, tech, and support.

The Courage to Create: 10-Day Creative Challenge (Videos)

This series of short videos guides you through your own 10-day creative challenge. Use it for extra motivation to complete a small project or to make faster progress on a larger project.

10-Day Creative Challenge Brainstorming Sessions (Videos)

These behind-the-scenes videos share an insider's look at 10 live group brainstorming sessions to come up with actionable creative projects, such that each project could be created and published within 24 hours. All 10 projects were indeed completed and published within those same 10 days. These videos demonstrate how to immediately flow from idea to action.

Unblock Your Creative Flow (Video + PDF)

These insights will help you develop and maintain a consistent flow of quality creative work, which is especially useful for writers, musicians, artists, and other creative types.

One-Minute Productivity Hacks (PDF)

Activate a focused state of mind and boost your daily productivity with these 11 simple hacks.

Your Spirit Is Strong (Music)

Enjoy 5 minutes of my own positive affirmations set to music to help you feel strong whenever you need a quick motivational boost. Stream it online, or download a copy to keep.

All of these bonuses are available now, so you'll get access to them as soon as you join.

I invite you to join us in this unique adventure through the overlapping worlds of creativity and productivity. Immerse yourself in a guided journey with easy-to-digest, bite-sized lessons for the next several weeks. Step into the powerful creator role you've been longing to embrace.

Are you ready to join now? Is this your path with a heart?

Don't die with your music still in you. Click the "Join Now" button, sign up for the deep dive, and begin your rewarding journey into bold and consistent creative flow.

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With love and gratitude,

Steve Pavlina