Upgrade your social circle to align with your path of growth. Attract and enjoy energizing and rewarding, full-range relationships with growth-oriented friends. Turn social anxiety into free-flowing social ease and mutual appreciation. Join us for this unique new deep dive into social realignment. You deserve a magnificent social life.

Here's a timely invitation to finally decipher and upgrade your misaligned, fragmented, or disappointing social life. The Guild course will guide you through a deep and immersive journey to reconfigure how you manage your social circle, so you can enjoy rich and rewarding, full-range relationships with like-minded peers. Watch the invitation video to learn all about it.

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Key Details

30 video lessons in 30 days

Recorded live in April 2022 as a series of 30 Zoom calls in 30 days, Guild provides structured lessons on many different aspects of social alignment. Each lesson includes detailed instruction, practice exercises, and experiential sharing from participants of the live course. This is our longest and deepest course ever, covering about 60 hours of material.

You can stream and/or download the entire course

You get the recordings of every call (video and audio, streamable and downloadable). Go at whatever pacing works for you since the course is entirely self-paced. Watch video lessons whenever you want, or listen to the audio versions while you commute. Mix and match formats however you like. Guild will accommodate any schedule.

Chat logs from every call

Learn from your peers too. Chat logs from the live calls are included, so you'll get a copy of all the insights, recommendations, feedback, and commentary that live attendees shared in the chat window along the way.

A caring and encouraging growth experience

Guild invites you to experience a gentle, supportive, growth-oriented, and playful style of engagement. There's no shame or guilt here. We focus on depth of understanding, practical solutions, motivational alignment, and improving your results – while having loads of fun and sharing plenty of laughs together. 🙂

Upgrade your social flow with real practice

The live version of Guild was a hands-on, highly interactive deep dive, and course participants shared their own insights on the calls each day. You may be surprised at how empowering it is to link up with like-minded, growth-oriented people for 30 days in a row, especially if that sort of experience is far from your current reality.

Thorough and comprehensive

Day by day for 30 days, we'll challenge and upgrade the mental models and frames you use to approach your social life and relationships. As you discover new frames and social behaviors that are more effective than your old ones, you'll gradually release crusty habits that were previously holding you back. Give your true social self the opportunity to take center stage in your life.

A co-creative experience

We co-created the Guild experience together. Near the end of each call, we included a co-creative segment to openly invite and consider suggestions for what to cover on the next day’s call. Decisions regarding topics were based on where the collective intentional energy of the group wanted to flow next. This format makes for a very special kind of course that beautifully adapts to the flow of the learning experience, one day at a time.

Social Alignment Upgrades

Here are some key upgrades you'll explore in Guild:

1. Growth-oriented friends

  • Enjoy dynamic relationships with people who actively seek growth opportunities.
  • Co-invest in helping each other grow, and celebrate your gains together.
  • Connect with people who care about you and who are willing and able to challenge you.
  • Build intimacy with a growth-oriented primary partner.
  • Embrace people who introduce you to fresh ideas and possibilities.
  • Mastermind with your friends on creative and business projects.

2. Full-range friendships

  • Replace shallowness with range and depth.
  • Replace mono-dimensional compatibility with multifaceted compatibility (more value per person).
  • Replace lukewarm relationships (“friendly but not friends”) with warm, heart-centered ones.
  • Enjoy holistic body-mind-heart-spirit connections (connect mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually).
  • Invest in like-minded people with similar priorities, values, and interests.
  • Enjoy multiple activities, experiences, and modes of connecting with the same people.

3. Energizing and rewarding relationships

  • Feel restored and renewed from your social time, not drained.
  • Anticipate social time with enthusiasm and excitement.
  • Enjoy a low-maintenance, self-sustaining flow of desirable invitations.
  • Keep your social life fresh and pleasantly stimulating (not boring or overwhelming).
  • Replace a fatiguing invitation or coordination process with an aligned and motivating approach.
  • Enjoy camaraderie and fun with others as a normal part of your lifestyle.
  • Ensure that your social rewards amply justify your social investments.

4. Social and personal integration

  • Replace multiple masks with shameless self-expression.
  • Practice discernment to build intimacy with aligned matches.
  • Discover the hidden strengths behind social awkwardness.
  • Enjoy forgiving, anti-fragile, resilient relationships (not flakiness or skittishness).
  • Love who you are and who you’re becoming because of your friends.
  • Merge your character growth with your social growth.

5. Free-flowing social abundance

  • Build up your social bandwidth and capacity.
  • Develop an abundant yet manageable social moat through which aligned connections bubble up with relative ease.
  • Upgrade from a mismatch-rich environment to an alignment-rich environment.
  • Replace neediness and social scarcity with a heartset of social abundance.
  • Know how to satisfy your social needs without being needy.

So this really is the ultimate social alignment deep dive. ❤️

Core Topics Covered

Here’s the main list of topics that we covered in Guild:

  1. Welcoming & Social Joy
  2. Your Social Why + Finding Matches
  3. Social Resistance
  4. Trust Wounds
  5. Boundaries
  6. Social Expansion
  7. Depth & Intimacy
  8. Deeper Depth
  9. Belongingness
  10. Invitations
  11. Social Time & Energy Management
  12. Social Gravity
  13. Social Realignment
  14. Social Leadership
  15. Social Visibility
  16. Rejection
  17. Conflict Resolution
  18. Masterminding
  19. Humor
  20. Romantic Connections
  21. Social Interfaces
  22. Inner Relationships
  23. Social Courage
  24. Flirting
  25. Managing Expectations
  26. Sex
  27. More Sex
  28. Awkwardness
  29. Receiving
  30. Transitions & New Beginnings

Truthfully we covered many more topics than are listed here. This is just the main list of core topics for each day of the course. Lots of ideas were shared organically and spontaneously as well since it was a very co-creative experience. Interestingly this list wasn’t created in advance. It emerged organically based on the flow of what participants wanted to cover each day.

Powerful Intentions

Here's an additional intention experiment that you can do while enjoying the Guild course:

In an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way, in its own perfect time, for the highest good of all, I intend and invite a beautifully aligned, growth-oriented, and mutually appreciative social circle to flow into my life. I intend positive results and prosperous journeys for the other participants of this deep dive as well – past, present, and future.

I'm holding this intention with you, so let's co-create some beautiful social upgrades for the whole group.


Your investment in the Guild deep dive course is $497.

It's one price all-in. There aren't any tiers, scholarships, payment plans, or refunds.

Honor Code

All of our courses, including Guild, have a "no refunds" honor code policy because we need to know that you have some skin in the game. If you enroll, please do so because you're committed to applying the lessons to create real changes in your life for the better. Our courses are for doers, not dabblers. I want you to get results, and you must feel invested for that to happen.

To buy the course without a money-back guarantee, you have to trust me, and you have to trust yourself to follow through. That's the standard I want. I want you to trust me, and I want you to trust yourself. So you only have to make one decision here: Are you in?

The bottom line is that you'll get better results if you go all-in with a genuine commitment, and I'm a lot happier to work with this caliber of people. For those who need a money-back guarantee to tip them into enrolling, you're welcome to enjoy all the free content this site has to offer for as long as you like. This course will remain available indefinitely, so it will be here for you when you're ready to invest.

Note that you can repeat our courses again and again for many years, so you'll have abundant opportunities to extract good value from your investment. This site has been online continuously since 2004 to give you an idea of its longevity.

Course Supplements and Bonus Gifts

Guild includes abundant supplementary material and extra gifts to further enhance your social upgrades. Some of these are free resources available elsewhere on this site, and some are created just for this deep dive. I've assembled them into one convenient collection for you.

Guild Summary Guide (PDF)

Enjoy a 30-page summary guide of the main ideas, tools, and practices in the Guild course. Use it as a convenient refresher whenever you like. Each day of the course is nicely summarized on one page.

Empowering Social Reframes (PDF)

Learn quick and easy reframes for a variety of social situations and challenges, so you can stay resourceful and take effective actions. Stop giving your power away to old, socially conditioned frames that no longer serve you. Did you know, for instance, that being social awkward actually gives you an advantage?

Guild Builders (Audio)

Each audio in this bonus collection walks you through a straightforward social alignment exercise. The purpose is to help you continue developing and refining your social skills after you've completed the main course. These audios are much shorter than the main lessons, so they're great to use for long-term practice. I recommend listening to one a day for an extra 30-day challenge whenever you desire to re-engage with Guild's transformational energy.

Conscious Transitions (Video)

This 3-part video series gives you practical strategies to successfully navigate career, social, and lifestyle transitions. It's great for shifting out of stuckness.

Be Your Own Authority (Video)

This video shares how to summon the courage to stand up to authority when you know you're in the right.

Extraordinary Gratitude (PDF)

Here's my special guide to up-level your appreciation and gratitude, so you can create a more flowing and abundant lifestyle. This one will stretch you to think differently. It also serves as a great companion to the Empowering Social Reframes bonus.

Your Spirit Is Strong (Music)

Enjoy 5 minutes of my own positive affirmations set to music to help you feel strong whenever you need a quick motivational boost. Stream it online, or download a copy to keep.

Join Us – You'll Love It!

I invite you to join us in this unique adventure of social discovery. Immerse yourself in a 30-day guided journey of empowering lessons, unique experiences, and encouraging practice. Step into the beautiful new social reality you've been longing for. Imagine how different you'll be after 30 days of thoughtful social upgrades, one gentle step at a time.

Are you ready to join now? Is this your path with a heart?

If you're a match for this one-of-a-kind experience, click the "Join Now" button, sign up for the deep dive, and begin your rewarding journey into a purposeful and satisfying new social life.

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With love and gratitude,

Steve Pavlina