Do a 60-day guided deep dive into Subjective Reality

Subjective Reality is the perspective that you may be living in some kind of simulation or dream world, like in the moviesĀ The Matrix or Inception. This is not as wild as it seems, especially since the objective model of reality is actually an assumption that's impossible to prove. The benefits of exploring the subjective lens are numerous, including manifesting money and relationships, summoning greater courage, and experiencing incredible creative flow guided by synchronicities. In this new 60-day, co-creative deep dive, you'll enjoy daily lessons to practice and integrate the subjective lens, permanently changing the way you related to reality. This is a highly original course unlike anything you'll find anywhere else.

Deep Abundance Integration

Significantly improve your abundance alignment with Steve's most popular 30-day course

This 30-day video course dives deeply into the core principles, mindset, heartset, action steps, practices, tools, and habits to escape stuckness and progress to a life of freedom, balance, growth, and abundance. This was recorded live in August 2018 and includes more than 36 hours of highly original advice, reframes, insights, and examples covering all major aspects of abundance: financial, social, creative, and more. It's priced for accessibility, including for people who are still struggling financially. It also includes many bonus gifts to help you integrate these principles and practices for life. I think you'll agree that the value packed into this course is extraordinary relative to the price.


Upgrade your life story in this guided character sculpting deep dive

Stature is an immersive deep dive into character, identify, values, behaviors, and self-expression. Who have you become? Who are you becoming? What misaligned habits, memories, and thought patterns are still holding you back? What greater being within you is trying to break free? This course guides you through a structured process with intimate audio lessons and introspective exercises to find and connect with deeper sources of self-acceptance, courage, and confidence within you, ultimately helping you to develop a character that you love to play.


Enjoy the best creative flow of your life

Replace creative anxiety with productive play, finish bold creative projects reliably and consistently, receive the daily appreciation of an encouraging audience, and enjoy a free-flowing creator's lifestyle in our new deep dive course on creative productivity. Whether you're already a creative pro, aspire to be one, or simply want to finish your side projects, Amplify will guide you through a deep and immersive journey to permanently improve how you connect with your creative flow, your creative projects, and the people you serve.


Create a vibrant social circle full of energizing relationships with growth-oriented friends

It's said that 80% of our happiness in life comes from our relationships, yet many people struggle with misaligned social circles that don't fit their values and goals. In the Guild course, you'll learn to upgrade your social circle to align with your path of growth. Discover how to attract and enjoy energizing and rewarding, full-range relationships with growth-oriented friends. Turn social anxiety into free-flowing social ease and mutual appreciation. Join us for this unique 30-day deep dive into social realignment. You deserve a magnificent social life.