Personal Development for Smart People

The conscious pursuit of personal growth

"Probably the best book ever written on personal growth"
- reviewer

Personal Development for Smart People is a deeply insightful book about the seven universal principles of personal growth, written by Steve Pavlina.

Despite promises of "fast and easy" results from slick marketers, real personal growth is neither fast nor easy. The truth is that hard work, courage, and self-discipline are required to achieve meaningful results-results that are not attained by those who cling to the fantasy of achievement without effort.

Personal Development for Smart People reveals the unvarnished truth about what it takes to consciously grow as a human being.

As you read, you'll learn the seven universal principles behind all successful growth efforts, as well as practical, insightful methods for improving your health, relationships, career, finances, and more.

In the book you'll learn how to:

  • Become the conscious creator of your life
  • Enjoy a fulfilling career that honors your unique self-expression
  • Attract empowering relationships with loving, compatible partners
  • Wake up early feeling motivated, energized, and enthusiastic
  • Achieve inspiring goals with disciplined daily habits
  • ... and much more

With its refreshingly honest yet highly motivating style, this fascinating book will help you courageously explore, creatively express, and consciously embrace your extraordinary human journey.

The power of universal principles

The seven principles function as a powerful growth compass. You can use them to diagnose any problem or challenge you face, and they'll always point you in the direction of positive growth and change. Because the principles are universal, it doesn't matter if you're dealing with a health problem, financial problem, relationship problem, spiritual problem, or just general laziness or confusion about what to do with your life. These principles will help you gain a level of clarity you've probably never experienced before.

The great thing about universal principles is that once you understand how they work, you can apply them to solve an endless variety of specific, real-world problems.

Consider that as we discover the fundamental laws of mathematics and physics, we became empowered to solve a wide variety of practical problems. If we didn't discover those principles first, it would have been impossible for us to create rich structures such as the Internet.

While physical laws empower us within the physical universe, the laws of conscious growth empower us within the conscious universe.

If you're dealing with a major problem in your life right now, I guarantee that your specific problem can be redefined as a problem of alignment with one or more of these universal principles. When you understand which principles you've been violating, you'll also understand how to correct the mistake and get back on track.

As you continue to increase your alignment with these principles, you'll find that your life keeps getting better and better. You'll solve problems more easily, enjoy a flow of abundance, and have the strength and energy to tackle meaningful goals.