Recordings Available for The Spirit of Money and The Power of Spirit

Full recordings of the recent live events, The Spirit of the Money and The Power of Spirit are now available. Read the respective blog posts to learn more about them, and use the links within the posts to enroll in either or both experiences. I recommend starting with The Spirit of Money and then advancing to The Power of Spirit when you’re ready.

The Spirit of the Money, delivered live in September, delves into the spirit-level aspects of money, how to understand your existing karmic relationship with money and its purpose in your life, and how to create a supportive and thriving relationship with money throughout your life. This includes 4 hours of video, and you can easily watch it in smaller chunks to fit your schedule. This makes for a great complement for the immensely practical Deep Abundance Integration Course.

The Power of Spirit, which was delivered live last weekend, is a major deep dive into the realm of spirit and nonphysical reality, including messages about the afterlife and how to interface with your human life in a more spiritually fulfilling way. It guides you through a Fire Ceremony to release misalignments from your life and a Water Ceremony to cleanse and purify your energy and invite new desires into your life. It’s rich in instruction, personal stories, and examples. This is a one-of-a-kind experience unlike anything we’ve ever done before, totaling 8 hours and 15 minutes of video.

What’s especially unique about these events is that both were inspired by recent psychedelic explorations, and psychedelics were used to assist in delivering these experiences as well. Consequently, there’s a tremendous amount of deep, honest, and uncensored sharing in these two programs. You may find that they serve to remind you of what you’ve intuitively sensed within yourself but haven’t fully trusted yet, encouraging you to put even more of your inner wisdom into practice.

When editing the videos, I carefully switched between speaker and gallery views when it felt right to do so. I think you’ll find that these recordings do an excellent job of capturing the spirit and energy of the live experiences, allowing you to immerse yourself in the community aspect as well. Along with the recordings, you get the full chat logs from each event as well, so you can see what people were sharing along the way.

Enjoy the recordings! 💫✨🌟