Domination-Submission Workshop (DsW)

Workshop Summary

This 3-day workshop will help you understand and explore the world of domination and submission (D/s play), which is an aspect of BDSM.

Through direct instruction, playful exercises, and abundant practice with your fellow participants, DsW will help you explore your interest in D/s in a judgment-free environment. You'll learn how to make sense of the many options of D/s play, find and attract play partners, introduce D/s play to existing relationships, and fully embrace your role as a Dom, sub, or switch.

A powerful side benefit of DsW (and all workshops offered through this website) is that you'll make new friends right at the workshop. Even if you consider yourself to be fairly shy (which is especially common for subs), DsW provides many structured social exercises to make it easy for you to connect with people. And who knows... you may even meet a new play partner right at the workshop.

Some attendees report that at least 50% of the value of these workshops comes from the amazingly positive social environment and the new friends they make.

What You'll Learn

  • How to make sense of the different worlds of BDSM (D&S, B&D, S&M)
  • How to understand the psychology and power dynamics of a D/s relationship
  • How to determine whether you're primarily dominant or submissive
  • How to clarify boundaries and play safely, including the proper use of safe words
  • How to introduce an inexperienced partner to D/s play
  • How to use D/s language and communication to boost the intensity of your connection
  • How to explore bondage, costume play, ageplay, and other fetishes with your partner
  • How to decide whether to go public or semi-public with your lifestyle or keep it private
  • How to transform a vanilla relationship into an intense D/s-based one
  • How to affirm your special relationship with collars, tattoos, and more
  • How to explore 24/7 "lifestyle" D/s, from short-term trials to long-term commitments
  • How to effectively deal with the judgment and criticism of others regarding your lifestyle

For Doms...

  • How to identify potential subs who are ready and willing to submit to you
  • How to project an aura of authority, confidence, and control
  • How to develop your own unique style as a Dom
  • How to appropriately discipline your sub when necessary, including correct spanking technique
  • How to deal with chronically ornery or disobedient subs
  • How to get your sub to fully submit to your dominant will
  • How to break in a new sub
  • How to train your sub to instantly obey your every command
  • How to condition your sub to anticipate your desires and take the initiative to please you
  • How to confidently command your sub to pleasure you without guilt or shame
  • How to create and enjoy a strong bond of love with your sub
  • How to reward your sub for good behavior and compliance
  • How to resolve common problems, such as a sub trying to top from the bottom
  • How to use the alphabet list to command your sub efficiently
  • How to implement a D/s threesome with two subs

For subs...

  • How to find a trustworthy Master or Mistress you can fully submit to
  • How to accept and embrace your submissive nature and release any related guilt or shame
  • How to empower your Master/Mistress to feel loved and appreciated
  • How to completely devote yourself to the service of your Master/Mistress
  • How to encourage your Master/Mistress to reward you and express appreciation for you
  • How to recognize and release lingering resistance to your partner's authority
  • How to playfully invite your Master/Mistress to discipline you when you desire such attention
  • How to encourage your Master/Mistress to share more of his/her fantasies with you
  • How to communicate your desires to your Master/Mistress without overstepping your bounds
  • How to use the "slave eye" technique to seduce your Master/Mistress in seconds
  • How to find other subs that you and your Master/Mistress can enjoy together, without risking your special relationship

For switches...

  • How to tell if you're actually a Dom, a sub, or a switch
  • How to determine when you're primarily in Dom mode or sub mode
  • How to smoothly transition between Dom and sub modes within a play session (if desired), and signal your partner to follow your lead
  • How to explore your Dom and sub polarities without succumbing to watered down experiences
  • How to balance a relationship with a Dom on one side and a sub on the other
  • ... and much, much more

Add More Intensity to Your Relationships

If you've found vanilla relationships unfulfilling -- or if you'd simply like to experience more intensity in your sex life -- then DsW can help. This workshop will teach you to embrace and accept your true desires and create a relationship style that leaves you feeling happy, fulfilled, loved, appreciated -- and most of all, fully ALIVE.

Register for DsW today, and consciously attract and enjoy the intensely loving relationships you desire.

Registration: $597

Workshop Details

June 22-24, 2012
Tropicana Hotel
Las Vegas, NV

9:00am - 5:30pm Fri & Sat
9:00am - 4:00pm Sun


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