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Free Workshop Bonuses

These bonuses were specifically created for the Conscious Growth Workshop (CGW). However, we're making them available to everyone since they can be useful for all of our workshops.

The bonuses are:

Bonus #1: The CGW User Guide

Written by CGW alumni, this 12-page guide (PDF format) will help you get the most out of your workshop experience.

The User Guide includes:

  • Explanation of the benefits you can expect from attending CGW
  • Travel tips and recommendations for where to stay in Las Vegas
  • How to take advantage of social opportunities with other attendees outside workshop hours
  • Advice for optimizing your overall workshop experience
  • Suggestions for pre-workshop, post-workshop, and after-hours activities
  • A restaurant list for people with special diets (i.e. vegetarian, vegan, or raw)
  • How to stay in touch with your new friends after the workshop and become part of the alumni community

The User Guide was created by CGW alumni Matty Blumenthal, Sonya Sidky, and Alex Wu, with some minor edits from me. It packs a lot of useful info into only 12 pages.

Bonus #2: Growth Accelerator Audio Program

This 88-minute audio program (MP3 format) will help you prepare for CGW by introducing you to the key themes.

This bonus will introduce you to the first 3 principles of growth -- Truth, Love, and Power. I share ideas to help you begin applying these principles right away, so you can benefit from this material even before you attend CGW.

At CGW you'll learn how to apply all seven principles of conscious growth. This bonus will introduce you to the first three principles, which are the most important of the seven.

You could listen to this audio bonus while traveling to your next workshop if you'd like. You could also listen to it after attending a workshop as a quick refresher.

Bonus #3: How to Make Workshops, Seminars, and Conferences Pay for Themselves

This 10-page e-book (PDF format) explains 10 ways you can make extra money from your workshop experience. With the right mindset and strategies, you could potentially earn more from the event than it costs you to attend.

The advice in this bonus comes from my experience attending many workshops, seminars, and conferences since the early 1990s.

By applying these techniques, I'm usually able to earn enough extra money from these events to cover all of my event-related expenses, including hotel and travel costs. I've even used the ideas in this e-book to recoup the full costs of attending retreats at 5-star island resorts.

You can use the ideas in this e-book for any workshops, seminars, or conferences you attend in the future. In the long run this can help you earn thousands of extra dollars to help cover the cost of those events... or even to earn back more than you paid.