Million Dollar Experiment – Open Your Money Doors

Here are some of the ways people have reported they’ve manifested money in the Million Dollar Experiment so far:

  • Finding new ways to monetize assets they already own (several people have started making money with Google Adsense or Chitika eMiniMalls)
  • Unexpected checks arriving in the mail (rebates, tax refunds, etc.)
  • Finding money (usually coins; one person reported finding a $20 bill on the ground)
  • Joining a new affiliate program
  • Interest rate changes (getting a lower interest rate on debt or a higher rate on Savings)
  • Taking advantage of an opportunity for easy money that comes to them out of nowhere
  • Selling “worthless junk” on eBay
  • Saving money (receiving unusual discounts or freebies)
  • Receiving fresh income from previously “dead” sources
  • Even a small lottery win!

When I began attempting to manifest money simply by thinking it, it began with finding cash. First I started finding coins on the ground, and eventually I found $40 cash that had been hidden in my office for more than a year. As I became more open to the possibility that this could actually work, I began receiving from four more of the pathways listed above. So far the “easy money opportunities” have been the biggest single source, mostly from selling advertising I never would have otherwise considered, which for me also monetizes my existing assets.

Open Your Money Doors

Remember that if you want to manifest money, then you need to have an open door through which the money can arrive. First, this means that you need to keep an open mind and loosen up on your previous beliefs about how you’re capable of making money. Make it possible in your mind for money to just randomly appear. Secondly, in practical terms the money will come to you through the physical world, and somehow it must end up in your possession. The more financial “open doors” you have in your life, the more ways money can reach you.

Consider for a moment that there is money somewhere out in the world with your name on it, and it’s desperately trying to reach you. Will it be easy for the money to find you, or will it have to sneak up on you from behind? Your financial open doors include your job, your skills and talents, your business(es), your communication channels (mail, email, phone, instant messaging, etc), your web sites, income-generating programs you belong to such as affiliate programs, accepting donations, your assets, your investments, all the people who know you, the time you spend outside which makes new interactions possible, your skills and talents, etc.

If you find you have very few financial open doors, try opening a new door this week. Create another pathway for money to find you. Make it even easier for money to come to you.

You can even mix and match the above to create new opportunities.

Small is Beautiful

Even if you just manifest a few dollars, don’t discount it — celebrate it! Remember that even $5/day will become $1825/year. If you can manifest $5, then you can surely manifest $10, then $20, then $50, and on up. So small amounts of money are an excellent start. I started with finding pennies and gradually moved up to four-figure sums over a period of 3–4 months.

Share in the Abundance

Find a way to reward yourself for manifesting. Make a game out of it. Is there something you’d like to buy that you wouldn’t want to spend your hard-earned salary on? Set a goal to manifest the money you need from a whole new source. Ask the universe to buy it for you.

I decided to allocate 10% of the money I manifest to spend on treating myself, and the rest I’m allocating to savings and for reinvestment in my work. This helps remind me that there’s plenty of abundance in the world if we learn to first create that abundance in our thoughts.

If you’re open to it, you might also consider tithing a certain percentage of the money to a cause you feel is worthy (10% is common). Some people absolutely swear by this. Tithing can help you to manifest even more money if you’re supporting a cause that’s very important to you. And tithing also helps you overcome scarcity thinking and develop a greater sense of abundance.