Million Dollar Experiment – Tips for Manifesting Money

The Million Dollar Experiment has been receiving a wonderful reception across the web. We now have 214 public participants who have manifested a total of $3767.19 so far. So far 32 participants claim to have manifested money via this experiment, ranging from $0.02 to $1000.

Last month, before I ever used the words “Million Dollar Experiment” on this web site, I did a Google search on that term (in quotes) and saw that it returned 398 results. Today when I search on “Million Dollar Experiment” on Google, it says there are 18,200 results.

I appreciate the apparent honesty of those involved with this experiment. To date I have received no submissions that seemed downright implausible. Most people have been including comments to explain where the money came from — an unexpected refund, finding money on the ground, joining a new affiliate program, etc. I have no way of validating everyone’s reports though, so this is certainly not a controlled experiment. I do think, however, that the type of person who’d be interested in publicly participating in such an experiment to begin with is likely to be honest about their results. There’s no incentive to be false, and in fact that type of attitude would be in conflict with the intention to do this “for the highest good of all.” To the degree it’s possible, I will follow up with people who seem to experience a big spike, partly to see if they’d like to share their story publicly via this blog.

I made some improvements to the results page yesterday, so now you can sort the list of participants alphabetically, by join date, by last update, or by current total. The default is to sort by last update, so the latest updates are always refreshed to the top of the list. The “current total” view makes it easy to see how many people have manifested money and in what quantities.

Starting Small

Starting small is perfectly fine. As you can see by the results, many people are beginning to manifest fairly small amounts of money. If you’ve never used the intention-manifestation model to create money, you may have some conflicting beliefs as to whether this whole thing is even possible. According to this model, those conflicting beliefs will only block your intentions from manifesting. However, as you begin to manifest small amounts of money in increasingly unusual ways, it will help you relax your beliefs a bit, opening yourself up to a greater flow.

Let me explain how this process has been playing out for me, since my money manifestation attempts also began with pennies.

I started experimenting with manifesting wealth earlier this Summer. Initially it seemed like nothing was happening, but I kept putting out the intention and doing my best to permit myself to believe it was possible to manifest money. Then I started finding pennies on the ground. At first I dismissed those finds, but they gradually increased to the point where I was finding pennies almost every time I left the house. I thought to myself that maybe there just happened to be a lot of pennies on the ground, and this experiment was simply conditioning me to notice them.

So I began intending to start manifesting other coins. And it worked. I began finding nickels, dimes, and quarters in addition to pennies. I would go for runs or long walks each morning, and 80-90% of the time I would return with coins I’d found. I usually alternated between three different running routes, and I’d keep finding new coins along the same paths. One time I found two quarters, a nickel, and three pennies, spread across six different locations. Another time I was out for a walk, not even thinking about finding money and I felt the urge to look to the left. There on the ground, four feet off the sidewalk sitting in some rocks was a penny. Either my subconscious was highly attuned to noticing coins and bringing it to my conscious attention, or something more was going on. Suffice it to say this whole notion of manifesting money began to take root.

When my wife and I would go out on dates during this time, I’d demonstrate my new “power” to find coins anywhere we went. Then she became “infected” too and started finding coins with me. One time after I found a penny, she said, “Wait a minute. Why are we focusing on pennies here? I want to manifest a dollar.” Later during that same date as we walked back to our car, she found a dollar bill in good condition lying flat on the ground in the parking lot — it was directly on the way to our car. We were stunned to say the least.

So we pushed harder. On our next date, we went out to the Strip, and my wife and I set the intention of manifesting a black casino chip that we could have. Black chips are worth $100. So the whole time we’re on this date (at the MGM Grand Hotel), we’re scanning the ground as we try to find this black chip. We found two pennies fairly quickly, and then as we were heading back to our car through the shops area, my wife found a penny and then I also found a penny a few feet away in the same location. And as I looked up after picking up the penny, my eyes fell upon a whole bin full of black casino chips right in front of my face. They were fake souvenir chips being sold in one of the shops. I grabbed my wife and we were shocked. Even though the chips were fake, we had to laugh because it was exactly what we intended — a black casino chip. The chips were sold for $0.50 each, so we bought one. But get this… I had two quarters in my pocket that I found earlier, and the four pennies we found on that date covered the sales tax exactly. So I paid for the chip with $0.54 of manifested money — the exact amount I had on me at the time. I now keep this chip in my office as a symbol of the power of manifestation.

But of course this wasn’t satisfying enough. There were still some doubts, and after the fake chip experiment, we almost felt we were being toyed with. To call this a coincidence seemed unreasonable, but with a stretch I could label it the effect of subconscious programming. I could have subconsciously noticed the bin of black chips as my wife and I walked into the casino. But to manifest exactly the purchase price of the chip and to find two pennies on the ground directly in front of the bin of chips — That makes it harder for me to swallow that this is merely subconscious programming at work.

I wanted to try some bigger tests and put even more conscious energy into this. I built a little “wealth shrine” in the corner of my office (the wealth corner according to the ba-gua map of feng shui). It includes a fountain (for flow), some bamboo plants (for growth), and various other symbolic items, including the black casino chip. I spent some time meditating on manifesting greater wealth, with no specific dollar amount in mind. Within 24 hours I received a $75 state tax rebate check in the mail, and I found $40 cash I didn’t even know I had. And within a week I had somehow manifested over $4000. But again, these were borderline explainable as the result of subconscious programming. I definitely had a hand in taking the actions to get that $4000, but these were actions that required me to notice something I’d never noticed before, and then it was only minutes of action required to get the money.

To say my curiosity was piqued would be an understatement. I decided to launch the Million Dollar Experiment, first just with the intention of manifesting $1 million in my own life, and then I expanded it to a group experiment, so that others who had similar inklings could join me. I love that others are getting involved in this experiment. If anything I think that only makes success more likely because it increases the energy we’re putting into this intention.

While I’ve already reported receiving over $900 since the start of this experiment, I actually have another $5500 in the process of manifesting. All of it is at the “check is in the mail” stage, but I won’t include those figures in my total until I actually receive the money. $1000 of it was seeded before I officially launched the MDE, so I won’t count that money towards this experiment. The other $4500 is all from advertising sales, and in each case the other party came to me, and we were able to work out the details quickly and easily. It probably took about 60-90 minutes of my time to close these deals.

I’m not counting Google Adsense revenue in this experiment, but yesterday was my best Adsense day ever. And my wife just received a pallet of books from her printer last week, so her second book (a cookbook called Vegan Family Favorites) is now selling. Financially, this is clearly going to be our best month of the year.

I’m starting to believe…

Follow the White Rabbit

There’s a scene at the beginning of the movie The Matrix where Morpheus tells Neo to “follow the white rabbit.” Soon some people show up at Neo’s door, and after a transaction they invite him to go out with him. At first he declines, but then he sees a white rabbit tattoo on one of them. This makes him reconsider, and he changes his mind and goes out with them, where he eventually meets Trinity and sets off a long chain of events.

Intention-manifestation works much the same way. While you may find coins on the ground or receive checks in the mail, I haven’t seen any evidence that it’s possible to conjure money out of thin air. The money will flow to you through the rules of our current matrix of reality. But fortunately that’s not as severe a limitation as it may seem.

In some cases money may just arrive at your door. Several participants in this experiment have reported receiving checks from unexpected sources. But in other cases, you will initially receive something other than money. What you’ll receive is the white rabbit. This is the trailhead of a path that will lead you to money, but you have to actually follow the trail to collect it.

White rabbits are synchronicities, unexpected coincidences that temporarily wake you up and boost you to a higher level of consciousness where manifesting money becomes possible.

When you find a white rabbit, you will know it. Here’s the rule: If you think you may have found a white rabbit, you’ve found one.

A white rabbit may take the form of a new opportunity that comes to you out of the blue, or it could appear in the form of a new idea that excites you. Trust your intuition. Allow yourself to momentarily suspend disbelief, and follow the trail if for no other reason that to satisfy your curiosity and have fun with it.

Remember that our intention includes the phrases, “in an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way.” You should never have to do anything that feels dangerously risky in order to manifest this money. The only real risk you’ll encounter is that your perception of reality will expand tremendously as you begin to see evidence that something is definitely happening, but you can’t quite get a handle on what’s going on. And this can be a very unsettling feeling. Believe me — I know.

In most cases when you see a white rabbit and logically consider the risks of following it, you will see that there is little, if any, downside to doing so. At worst you might have a stretch beyond your comfort zone a bit, but it won’t feel physically or financially dangerous to do so. If the path doesn’t seem easy, relaxed, and healthy, and if your intuition is telling you no, then it’s the wrong path. Wait for another one to appear.

Be Patient

Be patient with yourself. If you find yourself getting frustrated or losing hope, realize that those thoughts will only further inhibit your results. Try to remain as detached as possible from achieving any specific results. Just take some deep breaths and go back to the original intention, putting as much positive energy into it as you can muster. Remember especially to focus on manifesting money “for the highest good of all.”

Be Grateful

When you do manifest money, even if it’s only a penny, be grateful for it. You can direct that feeling of gratitude towards whatever source you feel brought you the money, or even nowhere at all. Simply allow yourself to experience the feeling of good fortune, and feel happy about it. Feel that this is “good money” that has come into your life. Notice yourself tapping into a force that goes beyond cause-and-effect. Begin to acknowledge the existence of that force through the feeling of gratitude. It’s been my experience that the feeling of gratitude will only increase your ability to manifest.

I’m excited about this experiment. Who will be the first to manifest $10,000? Who will be the first millionaire?

Remember to put some energy into this intention every day — do it right now if you can:

In an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way, in its own perfect time, for the highest good of all, I intend $1,000,000 to come into my life and into the lives of everyone who holds this intention.