Today’s Live Call on Love Alignment

Today, July 11, 2024, I’m hosting a 2-hour Zoom call on Love alignment, which is about summoning new levels of harmony, cooperation, flow, and oneness into your life. I invite you to join us. The live call is 10 AM to noon Pacific Time, and you get the recording too. Even if you can’t attend live, it’s well worth it.

We’ll cover this from the vibrational level all the way to practical actions. Today’s call is a concentrated, lively, co-creative deep dive on loving your body, loving your work, inviting a loving flow of financial support, creating loving relationships, and more. This has a lot to do with your ability to receive. This isn’t about earning, striving, or achieving.

This call is part of our 4-day Bases Loaded series this week, which covers getting your life into alignment with the 4 most powerful harmonizing frequencies: Courage, Love, Trust, and Joy. We covered Joy on Tuesday and Courage yesterday. So today will be Love, and Friday’s call will be about Trust.

It’s only $42 for the whole 4-part series, and you can attend the remaining calls live or watch the recordings at your leisure. The recordings on Courage and Joy are already published. We’re getting the recordings posted to the Bases Loaded member portal about 3 hours after each live call ends, so it’s easy to follow along regardless of your schedule.

I can say that the first two calls have gone fabulously well – lots of participation and such beautiful mutual support for people who are going through potent shifts. If you appreciate authenticity, intimacy, and real human feelings being expressed, we have that space inside each day, and if you attend live then I ask you to help us hold that space as well.

Get the details and come join us. It’s not too late to flow into this with us. It’s a super friendly and supportive community inside. Lean into some Courage here. I confident you’ll be glad you did.