Bases Loaded - Recorded Live July 9-12, 2024

Update: The recordings for our recent Bases Loaded event are now available – more than 9 hours of video. The whole experience went beautifully – so much love, support, and caring all the way through. It's only $42 for the recordings, so please do yourself a favor and indulge in an immersive deep dive into shifting your vibes into much greater harmony and flow with Life.

Here's the original invitation below...

Okay, let's do another fun and lively Zoom event together! This one is called Bases Loaded, and it's all about life balance. But it's not anything on life balance you've ever seen or experienced before. This is all new, freshly downloaded from Spirit Space.

You see... balance isn't about time. It's not about prioritizing. It's not about coming up with another "rule of three" item to complete this triplet. It's not about neglecting balanced quadruplets.

Balance is about harmonizing. Balance is vibrational – very vibrational – not mechanical, at least not for spirit-humans like us.

The key to balance is to invite and embody harmonizing frequencies into your life. Stabilize those frequencies – and there are only four of them that you really need to get right – and they'll automatically pull everything else in your life into harmonious balance with them because that's what they require.

Your job is to focus on the frequencies and align yourself with them. These frequencies are beautiful and delightful, but they also have a super challenging core. Working with them isn't for the timid.

I'll tell you all four frequencies now. They are Courage, Love, Trust, and Joy.

They are so intensely integrated that you can't possibly have any one of them operating in your life at full strength without the other four powerfully present as well.

If you keep reading, I must warn you now that these frequencies will start summoning you even as you continue, now that you're consciously aware of them and focusing on them. They have the potential to turn your life upside down and inside out – if that's what it takes for your human life to fully harmonize with them. So only proceed if you're feeling brave and ready.

This leads right into our first frequency. Courage. It doesn't get preceded by a colon (:). It needs a strong period on both ends. Courage is first base. It's the gateway that opens all the other harmonizing frequencies and their subtle and nuanced sub-harmonies.

You'll need Courage to attend this series, so you may want to start accessing that part of your energy now. We're working with fire energy here. The frequency of Courage sees right through you – through all your self lies and deceptions and falsehoods. It sees you as you are – always – as pure, dauntless, indomitable Spirit. It gives no quarry to your excuses; your hidden agendas; and your fears, worries, and concerns.

Second base is Love. This is the domain of your Third-Eye powers – your intuition, your inner knowing, your awakening connection to your most divine and immortal (yes, immortal) innate inner being. As humans incarnated, we flow in and out of connection to this part of ourselves. I'm very in tune with this part of myself right now, and I'm letting that part of me write this for me. I assure you that AI didn't touch a word of this. If I used it here, your Spirit would have known immediately.

Love is connectedness, belongingness, wholeness, oneness. It is the flow and harmony that you've been seeking for a long time, truly for all your human life up to this point as we both know.

In the space of Love, you know no loneliness, disconnection, despair, regret, guilt, shame, anxiety, fear, worry, or any other kind of human distress. Love is the absence of all those lesser vibes. Love is your most natural, inborn, Yin Superpower.

But this isn't the kind of love you'll see expressed on a Netflix special – no, not even Bridgerton, although that was worth the popcorn – it's the Love that you cannot generate at the human level. This kind of Love just is. It's the background hum of Spirit Space, and it's always playing all the time. You just have to attune to it. Then let it retune you to stay in harmony with it.

Aligning with Love will gradually unfold, untwist, untangle, unwind, and untie all the vibrational flotsam and jetsam of your energy. Then it will release whatever doesn't belong.

The ultimate alignment here for a human is to become a shining beacon of Love yourself, radiating Love into other people's lives wherever you are.

Third base is Trust. This is a biggie. Trust is the pathway to growth. Without Trust – in a teacher, in human-level science, in Spirit, in gravity, in the Sun's continuing to shine – we cannot grow. Trust is our spirit-level water. We sense we need it as humans, but we don't really know where it comes from.

Some call it faith, but it isn't faith. Faith is akin to hope. Faith and hope are frequencies of not knowing.

Trust is the frequency of knowing and choosing to know. It's the frequency that aligns with remembering who and what you really are, how you came to be here, what your purpose is – Yes, you have one. We all do, Silly!

When you begin to harmonize with Trust, you crack open more of real reality and invite it into your human matrix. It's not easy to see this happening when it starts. You've already seen this happen more than once when you were tinkering around with your consciousness, didn't you? 😉

Let's shift your life as much as we can during these calls from low-trust to High-Trust. Do you want that? I'm speaking to you from a place of High-Trust right now. Can you feel that? Do you want more Trust in your life?

Imagine what you could do with more Trust – Trust that life and Spirit really have your back at all times. That's the kind of Trust that you must lean into to quit the misaligned that's been stuck in your life for far too long. You have to Trust that on the other side, you'll be okay.

Trust is what helps you realize that you're always okay, even when you think you're not. Your spirit self is invulnerable to human thinking.

Our fourth and final base – home plate on the baseball diamond – is Joy. This is the most magnificent and powerful of all harmonizing frequencies. Joy is pure, unadulterated bliss.

Joy doesn't need a reason. It doesn't need to be earned. Like the frequency of Love, Joy just is.

You can invite Joy in right now, but it will eject you rather quickly if you don't simultaneously invite its companions as well. You cannot circumvent Courage, Love, or Trust to get to Joy. If you try that, Joy will just spit you back out. It doesn't respect that approach. It's the same deal as confusing faith for real Trust.

We're actually going to start with Joy on the very first call. That's our home plate. It's our destination. When your life is aligned with Joy, everything is in harmonious balance as well.

Want a formula? Why not...

Balance = Courage x Love x Trust x Joy

And these four harmonizing frequencies aren't independent variables. Raise any one, and the others will rise in prominence in your life too.

The price for this is $42. We don't really need a price at the spirit level, but you humans expect it, and Steve likes his raw, organic produce.

Forty-two was the jersey number of Jackie Robinson, the first black Major League Baseball player. You may have seen the movie 42 about him. In honor of Jackie, let's donate some of the money to support causes Jackie would have liked. Can you imagine how much Courage it took for him to show up to the plate again and again?

There are no refunds. Jackie didn't get a guarantee, so you don't get one either. Show up and do the work. It's hard but worth it. These calls may crack a few humans, namely the ones that really need a good crackin'.

I'm only asking you to show up to the plate four days this week, just for two hours each time. I'll be hosting every call personally, with assistance from my lovely human-spirit wife Rachelle.

The live calls happen July 9-12, 2024. Same two-hour span each day: 10 AM - Noon Pacific Time. Four calls. Four bases. Four frequencies.

You'll get the recordings too, and we'll post them day by day – just allow a few hours after each call for them to be posted. You'll get the videos, audio versions, and copies of the text chat logs too. So if you need to skip one or more calls and use the recordings, feel free. You don't have to attend live, but live is always better than recorded because you'll sync up better with the group energy that way. Live is more potent.

I anticipate a powerful and moving experience. After all, it's fire energy we're working with here. Your invitation is to start burning off what no longer aligns. If you've read this far, you're clearly ready.

I don't "hope" you'll join us. You know what's best for you.

With Courage, Love, Trust, and Joy, let's play ball!

Steve Pavlina