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Guild CGC Purchase Credit

Mar 31, 2022

As we did with the Amplify course last year, we’re offering a full purchase credit for any Guild course members who wish to join Conscious Growth Club during our 2022 enrollment period in the last week of April. This means that you’ll get a reduced price on a CGC membership, subtracting the cost of your Guild course from your CGC dues.

A CGC membership is $1997 per year, so your dues will be discounted by your full purchase price for the Guild course. You aren’t obligated to join CGC, but the credit is yours if you want to use it. When CGC opens this year (around April 25 – May 1), I’ll send all Guild customers a special ordering link they can use to apply the credit.

Since the Guild course is delivered live and many CGC members intend to participate, joining this course is also a nice way to get a great preview of CGC’s members and culture.

So far 45 people have enrolled in Guild. We begin the first live session in less than 24 hours, so if you’re thinking about joining us, now is the time. πŸ™‚

New Guild Course Is Open for Enrollment

Mar 29, 2022

The new Guild course, which is about creating an aligned social circle, is now open for enrollment. I invite you to discover what’s included and sign up.

We’re delivering the entire course LIVE on Zoom, April 1-30, 2022. So if you want to attend the live calls, be sure to sign up by 9am Pacific time on Friday, April 1st since that’s when we start.

You can also get your full purchase credited towards a Conscious Growth Club membership this year. CGC opens during the last week of April, and we begin Year 6 on May 1st. We offered this last year with the Amplify course, and it was a very popular deal, attracting many fabulous new CGC members, so we’re doing it again this year.

I’ll add a video invitation to the Guild page within the next day as well, but all the key details are shared in the text, so I wanted to make sure you knew that we’re open.

See you inside – this is going to be very immersive journey! ❤️

Octo Intensive Recordings Are Now Part of CGC

Nov 9, 2021

Our 3-day October workshop, The Octo Intensive: The 8 Keys to Self-Motivation, was a beautiful success with more than 100 people registering for it.

Although we’ve done 16 3-day workshops, this was our first-ever online workshop, so we had people attending from all around the world, and no one had to travel to Las Vegas this time.

The workshop was recorded, and the recordings have been made available to everyone who enrolled in the live event.

We’re not planning to release the recordings as separately; however, they have been added to Conscious Growth Club’s permanent library, along with all of our courses and many other resources, so anyone who joins CGC during our next enrollment window in April 2022 or in any year thereafter can watch them.

In CGC we’re continuing to practice using the 8 keys, such as referencing them on coaching calls. Those keys have become a very nice addition to our personal growth repertoire.

The Octo Intensive: October 29-31, 2021

Oct 27, 2021

I’m hosting a very unique online event this weekend to help you train up your self-motivation skills, including a blend of hand-on instruction and direct practice.

This isn’t an informational workshop per se. Think of it like taking a driver’s training class, except that you’ll be learning how to drive your body and mind into action, consistently and sustainably.

First listen to the invitation below:

And then visit this page to learn more and enroll:

The Octo Intensive: The 8 Keys to Self-Motivation

Stature Builders Bonus Added

Jun 8, 2021

I’ve added a new bonus to the Stature course called Stature Builders. Course members will find this bonus on the Gifts page in the Stature portal.

This is a collection of 15 short audios (1-3 minutes each) for ongoing character sculpting practice.

The purpose of these Stature Builders is to help you continue developing and refining your character after you’ve completed the main course. These extra audios can help you with ongoing reinforcement of some key character sculpting principles and practices.

Each Stature Builder invites you to do one straightforward character sculpting exercise. Some can be done within minutes. Others are intended as a special theme to stretch across the span of a day.

You could listen to one Stature Builder per day for a 15-day challenge, or you could cycle through each Stature Builder twice for a 30-day challenge. Use them whenever you want to give your character sculpting practice an extra boost.


All Amplify Bonuses Now Available

May 24, 2021

The popular new Amplify course on creative flow is now 100% published, with all of the remaining bonuses available in the Amplify member portal.

Amplify is a truly monumental course on creative flow that has already changed many people’s lives. It contains 30 years worth of lessons on creativity and productivity condensed into 63 bite-sized pieces. Each lesson is just 17 minutes on average.

The course is very rich in heart, humor, compassion, and playfulness of spirit. It doesn’t just address the mental side of creativity. It delves deeply into the emotional side too, which is perhaps even more important to get right, especially if you want to experience consistently high creative motivation and clarity about what to do next.

Amplify is basically the opposite of the advice to push through resistance with force and effort. The core focus here is on finding creative flow by going deep into identifying and resolving alignment issues that get in your way and slow you down. Replace force and pushing with naturally high motivation, fun, and enjoyment – it’s so much easier to create lasting positive results that way. What’s tricky, however, is transitioning yourself over to this kind of alignment – Amplify will guide you there lesson by lesson.

Seven new bonuses were created just for this course, including:

  • Project Design Doc Template – A 12-page design document template to use for beginning a new creative project
  • Submersion Design Doc – The 16-page design document I created for the highly original Submersion course on Subjective Reality
  • Dweep Design Doc – The 6-page design document for the award-winning PC game my game studio created in 1999
  • Project Postmortem Template – A step-by-step template for conducting a project postmortem to help you capture your most insightful lessons from a completed (or failed) project
  • Deep Abundance Integration Postmortem – A 9-page postmortem of the popular Deep Abundance Integration course
  • Dweep Postmortem – A 10-page postmortem analysis of a successful video game project
  • Course and Launch Checklist – My detailed 13-page checklist of action steps that I use to create and launch a new online course

Just the last bonus could be worth the whole price of the course since it could save you a great deal of time, especially if you’re interested in creating your own online courses or launching similar creative projects.

These bonuses are all super practical since they’re based on real templates and documents that I’ve used for actual published creative works.

Amplify includes many other pre-existing bonuses as well. There’s 130-page workbook that includes one-page summaries for each lesson and well as personal exercises to practice the ideas in every lesson. All of the audio lessons have full text transcripts, so you get a copy of the whole course in written form too. And on top of that, you also get the recordings of all 8 live group calls that we did in March and April.

So if the timing is right for you, join the course, and amp up your creative flow like never before. 😃

Amplify’s 63 Lessons Are Fully Published

May 3, 2021

All 63 audio lessons for the new Amplify course on creative flow are now fully published. So if you did one lesson per day, you could do a major deep dive into creativity over the next 9 weeks. Many people have now finished this course and found it life-changing.

The recordings of all 8 weekly live Zoom calls to support the course members are published as well.

I will be adding some additional bonuses to the course this month, but otherwise all the core material is fully complete.

This is a super in-depth course and highly original. It has been transformational for many people so far. The feedback on it has been stellar.

Our final live call for the course went for nearly 5 hours and got pretty emotional near the end. This course really has a lot of heart energy in it. It definitely has the 4 H’s in abundance: head, heart, heavy duty, and humor.

If you haven’t done the course yet, I encourage you to watch the invitation video to see if you’d like to enroll. If you do any sort of creative work (or would like to), this course will change your life. I don’t see how anyone could go through this course and not be deeply affected by it. It’s really rich in unique insights on creativity and productivity, and it will reconfigure the way you think, so you can enjoy much better flow with greater ease. There are no lessons about pushing yourself with force or discipline.

I estimate that it took me about 500 hours to create the core material for the course… after about 25,000 hours to gain the experience needed to create it. This is easily one of the top 5 creative projects I’ve done in my life. πŸ™‚

Today (May 1st) Is Last Day to Join CGC for 2021

May 1, 2021
Conscious Growth Club

Today (May 1st) is your last day to decide if you’ll join us for Year 5 in Conscious Growth Club.

Presently there are 86 members from 20+ countries enrolled in CGC for Year 5 (fantastic!), and this will surely go up today. You can see the current sign-up count at the top of the CGC Invitation Page.

I know that many people carefully consider this decision right up until the final hours – last year more than 25% of CGC members enrolled during the last 7 hours on May 1st. Presently we have about 10 hours to go, so you still have time to decide.

I wrote a new blog post this morning to help you make this decision thoughtfully and intelligently:

How to Make an Aligned Decision About Joining CGC

In this article I share my favorite frames and processes for making important, life-altering decisions. I think you’ll appreciate how much clarity you gain from it, especially if you have pending decisions to make in other areas of life. Read it over, and try some of the simple methods.

Here are some links to other CGC-related resources to help you decide:

Please do check out the article I shared above, and then make an aligned decision today about whether you’ll join us in Conscious Growth Club this year.

I’d love for you to join us for a fabulous year of CGC! ❤️😀❤️

Public Q&A and “Meet the Members” Call for CGC

Apr 27, 2021

To help people who are thinking about joining CGC this year make a good decision, I’ll be hosting a Public Q&A and “Meet the Members” call this Thursday, April 29, 2021 at 11am Pacific time.

You’re welcome to attend if you’re interested in CGC.

Here’s the link to register for the call if you want to join us:

Register for the Q&A Call

After you register, Zoom will send you the link to join the call.

I’ll answer people’s questions about CGC, and CGC members are also invited to join the call and share about their experiences and tips for new members. They can offer their own perspectives on what CGC is like and who’d be a good match for it.

So this is an opportunity for you to gain a little more perspective on what CGC and the members are like.

We’ll record this call too, and I’ll share it on my blog afterwards, so if you can’t make the live call, you can still watch the recording.

My intention for this call isn’t to try to convince anyone to join, so it’s not going to be salesy. My intention is to help people make the right decision for themselves and for CGC. I know that each year, some people really sweat this decision. If someone is a terrific match for CGC and would likely gain a lot from joining, then everyone is well-served by helping them to see that. And if someone wouldn’t be a healthy match for CGC, then it’s also in everyone’s best interests that they see that too.

If you do feel aligned to join CGC already, then I invite you to visit the CGC Invitation Page and join us. The new CGC year runs through April 30, 2022, and your membership starts immediately when you join. So if you join now instead of waiting till May 1st to decide, you’ll get several extra days for your one-year membership (the rest of April 2021), and you can begin engaging with the community right away.

Conscious Growth Club FAQ Updated

Apr 26, 2021

I updated the Frequently Asked Questions page for Conscious Growth Club, which answers many questions about CGC and its members for those who are thinking about joining. Check it out here:

Conscious Growth Club FAQ

We’re only about 24 hours into CGC’s once-a-year launch, and we’re already up to 31 members enrolled for Year 5 (33 if you count Rachelle and me), which is terrific for this early in the launch. That’s significantly more than last year at this time. We even have some prior members who skipped Year 4, and they’ve rejoined CGC for Year 5. Perhaps they missed us! πŸ™‚

This year I’ve only been sharing the CGC invitation with my core audience of blog readers and email subscribers. Last year I advertised CGC on Facebook ($6K worth of ads) and promoted it on social media. The ads were profitable, but this year I’m not doing any advertising for CGC. I’m not even mentioning CGC on social media. I deleted my Facebook and Instagram accounts in January.

It’s fine to talk about CGC in other places – this isn’t Fight Club! – but I encourage you to be selective about sharing the invite with people outside of this community. We’ve really evolved a beautiful culture inside CGC with a lot of compersion (i.e. feeling happy for each others’ successes and happiness), and I very much want to protect and build upon that.

On the CGC invitation page, I’ve also added some extra clarifications to help people see if they’re a good match for CGC’s culture, values, and international membership.

Instead of trying to go for more reach, I’m focusing on even stronger alignment for Year 5. CGC was really designed to serve this core community, so those are the people we’re focusing on. Y’all are just too awesome! πŸ˜‰