TikTok Exploration

I’m currently attending a one-day workshop on TikTok led by my Transformational Leadership Council friend Raymond Aaron. I’ve never used TikTok before, so I’m just leaning in to explore divergently.

As part of the workshop, we’ll be recording and posting our first TikTok videos today.

My new TikTok account is @StevePavlina.

Update: The workshop is going well. I now have 4 new videos posted to my account. 😎

Another Update: I have no idea why, but TikTok permanently banned my account less than 48 hours after I posted my first video there. I only posted some pretty basic self-development videos, most of them only 15 seconds. Perhaps something triggered a false positive in their system. At least now I know that TikTok isn’t a match for me to invest in. I can’t even use my new account as a user to watch videos there either. Oh well!

Here’s a blog post about my TikTok banishment experience: Banned From TikTok in Under 48 Hours.