Music Complete

Why the heck didn’t anyone tell me that New Order came out with a new album last year? I just found out this week. I suppose that’s what I get for ditching social media.

It’s called Music Complete. And apparently this year they released a remix album called Complete Music. I’m listening to the latter now while reading through a few hundred emails related to my last blog post on turning weaknesses into strengths. Both albums are really good!

New Order is my second favorite music group. My favorite is the best band of all time, which is obviously Depeche Mode.

New Order is helping with my musical detox, which I really needed after being immersed in 30 days of Disneyland last month. I’m still haunted by some of those Disney tunes endlessly echoing in my mind.

Anyway… I’m learning tons by reading through these emails. Y’all certainly have some interesting problems and challenges on your plates!

Any interesting synchronicity – a few people mentioned wanting to improve their alignment with unconditional love, and the lyrics from New Order’s song “Stray Dog” on their new album begin with this line:

The secret of our happiness is unconditional love.