Last Chance to Join Us Live for Deep Abundance Integration

Tomorrow (August 30, 2018) will be our last live video session for the new 30-day Deep Abundance Integration course. A huge thank you to the 766 participants from nearly 70 countries who joined us for this amazing deep dive together!

The average call duration has been about 73 minutes, and the total amount of video we’ve created for Days 1-29 comes in at 35 hours, 22 minutes, and 46 seconds. This means that the full course will easily surpass 36 hours of material. That’s a huge treasure trove of lifelong reinforcement for your alignment with abundance, covering an incredible range of tools from the objectively grounded to the subjectively playful.

It’s hard to fathom that anyone could go through this much material and not be positively transformed by it. I doubt you’ll find such a thorough, thoughtful, and deep exploration of abundance anywhere. We’re talking enough material to fill about four books.

In this course we cover financial abundance, social abundance, time abundance, your relationship with the universe, your hero’s journey, healing trust wounds, creative abundance, meeting your needs, overcoming resistance, building momentum, maintaining boundaries, character sculpting, motivation, money skills, following your path with a heart, the value of play, abundance strategy, sexual abundance, resilience, abundance behaviors, pivoting, harmony, and tons more. And we connect so many dots between these different aspects of abundance that you’ve probably never connected before.

Anyway… the door remains open if you’d still like to join us for the last live video call on August 30th, just in case you’ve been living under a rock this whole time. 😉

You’ll still get access to the recordings of all previous sessions (video and audio, streaming and downloadable). Many people have been downloading the audio versions to their mobile devices and listening while commuting. So while there’s only one live session left, you get to keep the whole course no matter what… along with an extensive collection of extra gifts too. I just added a few more gifts to the DAI portal today.

After August 30th the live calls will be done, and this course will remain available indefinitely in evergreen mode, so you can still access the recordings. But there’s something special about the live calls, so if you’re free tomorrow at 11:11am Pacific time, here’s your last chance to join us and see what you’ve been missing.

The DAI group has also spun up their own private forum to stay connected going forward, so you’ll get access to that too when you join. Get connected with other abundance-minded people from around the world, share your journey, and get some extra social support as you up-level this part of your life.

Last chance to join us live for Day 30: Deep Abundance Integration