Deep Abundance Integration Remains Open Indefinitely Now

I’ve decided to remove the signup deadline for Deep Abundance Integration, so you’re now free to sign up whenever you want. Here’s why…

The original signup deadline was midnight Pacific time last night (July 31st), but I’ve decided to leave the signups open for anyone who still wants to join – indefinitely in fact. So even if someone wants to sign up later this month and join us for the remainder of the live calls while using the recordings to catch up (or just use the recordings only and go at their own pace), they can do so. I’ll even keep it open beyond the 30-day experience, so people can sign up August 31st or later when the whole thing is over, so they can still get all the recordings. I imagine the price will stay the same since we’ve packed in so much value for this already.

This decision wasn’t pre-planned. The truth was that I really didn’t have a clear plan in place for what to do after midnight. I figured I might leave the DAI web page up but remove the signup links… or something along those lines. But more people kept signing up shortly after midnight, so that idea felt off to me. I also wanted to go to bed by that point, so I figured I’d leave it open a while longer and tune back into a heart-aligned place in the morning to consider options.

There were also a few people who requested more time to join later this week, such as waiting for a paycheck to come through. It touched me that someone wanted to join but still had to wait for the money, even if it’s just $97. I remember when I only had $70 total to my name, and I’d have needed to wait to afford $97 too. These are people I want to include and serve in this experience, so it doesn’t feel good to turn them away for arbitrary logistics reasons.

The real reason for the midnight deadline was to make sure we didn’t get a flood of last minute signups right before the first call. I’d never made an offer like this before, so it was new territory, and I wanted to make sure we’d still have plenty of hours left before that first call to handle any important support issues if necessary. I also wanted to get a good night’s sleep and be well-rested.

Additionally, I needed to be able to predict how many people we’d have on these calls (rough estimate at least) since we’d need to upgrade our Zoom account to accommodate a bigger group. The account we use for CGC is on a plan that can handle 100 people, and we’re way past that with DAI. So it was inevitable that we’d have to upgrade, and it’s easy to do that. I just wanted some extra time to make sure we upgraded to the right level based on a reasonably accurate count.

I also wanted to be sure we’d have sufficient time to help anyone who might have had issues getting signed up. As it turns out, most of the emails were from people sharing ideas, suggestions, and lots of enthusiasm and appreciation for this experience we’re about to have. The signup process has been going very smoothly, and we’re staying on top of it to make sure that everyone who wants to register for the live calls is getting approved for that. So far, so good.

So the reason for the midnight deadline was basically to allow some fudge factor just in case we needed it. I think it was a wise approach and well-intentioned, but it’s now 10+ hours past that initial deadline, and more people are still signing up every hour. Another person just joined while I was typing this.

So this puts me more at ease about how everything is going tech-wise and support-wise. And it feels right to leave the door open for anyone who wants to join.

So if you’re coming to the party a bit late, you’re still welcome to join us in Deep Abundance Integration at any time.