Deep Abundance Integration Summary Guide Released

Earlier this month we added the new 62-page Summary Guide to the popular Deep Abundance Integration course, so all course participants can download it now or read it online. You’ll find it on the Gifts page in the DAI member portal.

This is included at no extra charge for DAI course members.

The summary guide is meant to serve as a convenient refresher of the main ideas, exercises, and practices. It can also help you identify which lessons you may want to watch or listen to again. The guide condenses each lesson down to 2 pages of text for easy review.

I actually re-watched all of the videos to create this guide. I smiled a lot in remembering the fun experiences we had along the way, and I even gained some extra insights here and there. It’s fascinating how we can work with certain universal tools for years and still keep discovering fresh perspectives. Even a relatively simple-to-explain idea like building a trusting relationship with reality has so many applications. The more you work with these tools, the more they reveal new ways to grow.

Enjoy the new guide! 🙂

And if you haven’t joined the course yet, we’re keeping it open, so you’re welcome to participate. You’ll find a full description of the course and a sign-up button at the bottom of the Deep Abundance Integration page. More than 800 people have already enrolled. At only $97 it’s priced to be accessible. You can also see lots of feedback from previous course alumni in yesterday’s blog post, so that will give you a good idea of what the experience is like. Join the abundance train when you’re ready!