Charity Water

One charity I like supporting is Charity Water because 100% of my donations go directly towards water projects, mostly in Africa. They cover all of their admin costs through other sources like institutional donors.

I’ve been doing automatic monthly donations to them since last year, and I get occasional emails about the new water projects they’re doing. They’ve already funded almost 30,000 water projects to help more than 8 million people.

While there are many controversial charities, helping people get access to clean drinking water seems like an easy one to support. More than 660 million people still don’t have a water source as good as municipal tap water.

This is a problem we can actually do something about with today’s tech and resources. For $30 you can give someone access to clean water for life.

I saw the founder of this charity, Scott Harrison, give a talk last year, and he recently came out with a new book called Thirst.

So if you’re looking for a worthy charity support, please check out Charity Water, and consider joining me in donating to them. Even a small monthly donation can mean access to clean water for more people every year.

Watch the video on their website to learn more about what they do, and go from there…

(I don’t get any commission whether you donate to them or not. I’m just sharing this because I think this is a good cause to support.)