Amplify’s 63 Lessons Are Fully Published

All 63 audio lessons for the new Amplify course on creative flow are now fully published. So if you did one lesson per day, you could do a major deep dive into creativity over the next 9 weeks. Many people have now finished this course and found it life-changing.

The recordings of all 8 weekly live Zoom calls to support the course members are published as well.

I will be adding some additional bonuses to the course this month, but otherwise all the core material is fully complete.

This is a super in-depth course and highly original. It has been transformational for many people so far. The feedback on it has been stellar.

Our final live call for the course went for nearly 5 hours and got pretty emotional near the end. This course really has a lot of heart energy in it. It definitely has the 4 H’s in abundance: head, heart, heavy duty, and humor.

If you haven’t done the course yet, I encourage you to watch the invitation video to see if you’d like to enroll. If you do any sort of creative work (or would like to), this course will change your life. I don’t see how anyone could go through this course and not be deeply affected by it. It’s really rich in unique insights on creativity and productivity, and it will reconfigure the way you think, so you can enjoy much better flow with greater ease. There are no lessons about pushing yourself with force or discipline.

I estimate that it took me about 500 hours to create the core material for the course… after about 25,000 hours to gain the experience needed to create it. This is easily one of the top 5 creative projects I’ve done in my life. 🙂