All Amplify Bonuses Now Available

The popular new Amplify course on creative flow is now 100% published, with all of the remaining bonuses available in the Amplify member portal.

Amplify is a truly monumental course on creative flow that has already changed many people’s lives. It contains 30 years worth of lessons on creativity and productivity condensed into 63 bite-sized pieces. Each lesson is just 17 minutes on average.

The course is very rich in heart, humor, compassion, and playfulness of spirit. It doesn’t just address the mental side of creativity. It delves deeply into the emotional side too, which is perhaps even more important to get right, especially if you want to experience consistently high creative motivation and clarity about what to do next.

Amplify is basically the opposite of the advice to push through resistance with force and effort. The core focus here is on finding creative flow by going deep into identifying and resolving alignment issues that get in your way and slow you down. Replace force and pushing with naturally high motivation, fun, and enjoyment – it’s so much easier to create lasting positive results that way. What’s tricky, however, is transitioning yourself over to this kind of alignment – Amplify will guide you there lesson by lesson.

Seven new bonuses were created just for this course, including:

  • Project Design Doc Template – A 12-page design document template to use for beginning a new creative project
  • Submersion Design Doc – The 16-page design document I created for the highly original Submersion course on Subjective Reality
  • Dweep Design Doc – The 6-page design document for the award-winning PC game my game studio created in 1999
  • Project Postmortem Template – A step-by-step template for conducting a project postmortem to help you capture your most insightful lessons from a completed (or failed) project
  • Deep Abundance Integration Postmortem – A 9-page postmortem of the popular Deep Abundance Integration course
  • Dweep Postmortem – A 10-page postmortem analysis of a successful video game project
  • Course and Launch Checklist – My detailed 13-page checklist of action steps that I use to create and launch a new online course

Just the last bonus could be worth the whole price of the course since it could save you a great deal of time, especially if you’re interested in creating your own online courses or launching similar creative projects.

These bonuses are all super practical since they’re based on real templates and documents that I’ve used for actual published creative works.

Amplify includes many other pre-existing bonuses as well. There’s 130-page workbook that includes one-page summaries for each lesson and well as personal exercises to practice the ideas in every lesson. All of the audio lessons have full text transcripts, so you get a copy of the whole course in written form too. And on top of that, you also get the recordings of all 8 live group calls that we did in March and April.

So if the timing is right for you, join the course, and amp up your creative flow like never before. 😃