Conscious Heart Workshop (CHW)

Between controlling behavior and random impulsiveness, there is a place of power.

Many of my readers share three major desires, which I can summarize with this short list:

  1. Abundance
  2. Freedom
  3. Self-Expression

First, they want to live in a state of abundance. They want to enjoy the goodness that life has to offer. This isn't necessarily because they want to become very wealthy and have lots of possessions. More often they simply want to let go of unfulfilling work or financial stress, so they can devote more attention to creative pursuits and lifestyle desires.

Second, they want more freedom. Financial abundance will grant some freedom of course -- like not having to worry about bills or rent -- but this second item is about the freedom to explore. Many of my readers are very curious. They'd like the opportunity to explore their personal growth interests more deeply. More freedom means more exploration, more opportunities, and more fun.

Third, they want to express themselves creatively. More often than not, they feel drawn to creative work such as writing, programming, music, film, theater, etc. They often feel best when they're creating. Some of their biggest challenges include staying focused, staying motivated, and overcoming procrastination with respect to their creative work.

One way to restate these core desires is to say that my readers want to experience flow.

Flow is productive. When we're in a flow state, we can plow through enormous amounts of work. Creative solutions come easily. We feel motivated, energized, and alert.

Flow is powerful. In the flow state, we feel strong, confident, and capable. We overcome problems and solve challenges with ease and lightness. Our limited egos get out of the way, and a greater creative power energizes and motivates us.

Flow is peaceful. It's gentle, soothing, and harmonious. It feels good to be in a flow state. The mind is alert, awake, and aware while the body is calm and relaxed.

If we spend enough time in the flow state, we gain the three core benefits as side effects. Those benefits -- abundance, freedom, and self-expression -- are natural consequences of flow.

Do You Struggle to Feel Motivated?

What happens when you're not in flow?

You struggle to feel motivated. You push yourself to work but procrastinate instead. You lose focus and distract yourself. You may experience flow in short bursts, but it's an infrequent companion. Problems pile up and desires are delayed because you're spending too little time in that highly beneficial and productive flow state.

If the flow state is so beneficial and feels good too, why do people struggle to experience it consistently?

Often this happens because we mistake two other states for flow. These other states trap us in erroneous thinking and prevent us from creating flow.

The first mistake is to confuse flow with impulsive behavior.

You may think that if you go with the first idea that pops into your head and take action on it, then you'll be going with the flow. But often your first impulse will be to do something trivial and unimportant, like checking email or social media.

These impulsive behaviors usually aren't productive inspirations. Most of the time, they're pointless distractions. They can run you in circles for hours as you bounce from one time waster to another. These behaviors won't help you create the results you desire.

Impulsive behaviors may give you some temporary relief from bigger challenges, but over time they increase tension in your mind and body because very little productive work is being done. In the long run, you end up feeling disappointed or stressed when you behave this way. It's especially common to feel like you're falling behind, which can stress you out even more.

There are important differences between thoughtful and inspired ideas vs. distracting and impulsive behaviors. The inspired ideas that produce the beneficial flow state are not the same as the impulsive urges that produce distraction and delay.

The second mistake is to confuse flow with an unrealistic need for control.

Instead of acting impulsively, now you do the opposite. You become a perfectionist and try to get everything right the first time. You pressure yourself to meet unreasonably high standards, even when you're just a beginner.

The control mindset will trap you in endless circles of preparation, training, and getting ready. Instead of flowing into action with ease and lightness, you bring heaviness and seriousness to your work. You want the end result, but the path to get there isn't peaceful, enjoyable, and inspiring. Now you've created something that requires massive amounts of self-discipline and endurance -- way more than you can muster most days.

This mindset can lead you to become an information junkie, like the so-called writer with a bookshelf full of books on writing skills, but who barely writes anything. You always need to read one more article or one more book... and then, finally, you'll be motivated enough and knowledgeable enough to sit down and create your best work. The flow state remains a fantasy that's always a few weeks away.

Sometimes this mindset initially stems from outside pressures like bills to pay or people urging you to "get serious" about your life. Other times it results from putting pressure on yourself to perform better or to catch up to your peers.

This mindset is ultimately self-defeating. Either you have to push through a lot of resistance to get yourself to work, or you procrastinate to avoid dealing with the pressure. It's very difficult to motivate yourself to take action. Instead of flow, you experience lots of self-sabotage and delay.

You may even oscillate back and forth between impulsive phases and controlling phases. Unfortunately, neither approach will help you experience flow consistently. You may enjoy short bursts of flow now and then, but these bursts will be difficult to create and hard to predict.

There are other ways to block yourself from flow, but these two mistakes are the most common I've seen among my readers.

Creating Flow

What if you could enjoy the flow state consistently? What if this could be your normal mode of living?

When we're in the flow state, life supports us. We attract harmony and cooperation.

When we spend sufficient time in the flow state, we can create plenty of value for others. This makes it relatively easy to generate income and to enjoy financial abundance. And this in turn leads to ever-increasing freedom and attracts greater opportunities for self-expression.

You can meditate on abundance all you want. You can start your own business. You can set goals and work hard. But your life won't improve much until you learn to consciously engage the flow state.

I credit much of the goodness in my life to spending time in the flow state. This has added tremendous richness and abundance to my life, whereas I previously experienced a great deal of struggle.

In the past decade, I've written more than 1300 published articles. I'm credited as the author or co-author of more than 50 books on a variety of topics, which you can easily verify if you search on my name on During the 1990s I also designed and programmed several computer games, including one that earned some industry awards.

Producing a large body of creative work has yielded many benefits -- a high-traffic website, an abundant lifestyle, plenty of freedom, plenty of money, supportive friendships, international travel, and most of all, time to explore my desires and interests without needing a regular job.

All of these benefits trace back to the core skill of spending time in the flow state. How much time? Usually 3-5 hours at a stretch, a few times a week at most.

High-output creative people -- especially writers, artists, designers, and musicians -- usually don't work long hours. Typically they work no more than 3-5 hours per day. But when they work, they work with great focus, motivation, and clarity. Consequently, they'll produce more valuable output in a few hours than many people do in a week.

So how can you create and experience genuine flow? And how can you do this with reasonable consistency, so that you can enjoy and experience the wonderful benefits of flow, including abundance, freedom, and self-expression?

The Conscious Heart Workshop

To really understand flow and to learn how to create it at will, I think you need to see and experience it firsthand. Reading about it will only get you so far. So I invite you to explore the flow state with me in the form of a live, in-person experience.

This is where the Conscious Heart Workshop comes in.

For three days straight, you'll learn how to create and experience inspired, heart-centered flow. You'll also learn to tell the difference between impulsive behavior, controlling behavior, and genuine flow.

I have three core intentions for CHW. These intentions are to help you:

  1. Overcome fear, hesitation, and stuckness and enjoy the powerful state of flow, so you can access your greater intelligence to create the results you desire
  2. Increase your power, courage, self-trust, and confidence
  3. Transform scarcity and lack into abundance, freedom, and self-expression

In order to demonstrate the amazing power of flow, I'll conduct this workshop in alignment with the flow state -- by being fully present with you, by inviting you to co-create this workshop with me, and by following our inspiration wherever it takes us.

This means that CHW will be co-created with you. As a CHW attendee, your intentions, desires, feedback, and questions will help determine the specific topics we explore, the exercises we do, and the overall direction of the workshop.

When I speak of co-creation, I mean this in a very down-to-earth and practical way. This is your opportunity to immerse yourself in a weekend of growth and transformation with like-minded people. Throughout the weekend, feel free to ask questions and share what's coming up for you. Let me know what's been challenging you, frustrating you, or blocking you, so we can work through it together.

If you know what you desire and what you'd like to improve in your life, you can choose to influence the flow of the workshop to make sure we cover what's most important to you. Or you can sit back and absorb the lessons that arise from the flow of co-creative inspiration in the room and from other attendees' input and feedback.

Feel free to come up and talk to me during the breaks and at the end of each day. I'd love to hear what's coming up for you as we go along. If you'd like to share your questions or feedback anonymously or privately, you can also write a note and drop it in a suggestion box at the back of the room. I'll review those notes throughout the weekend and use them to guide what we cover at each point.

Workshop Themes

Here are some of the themes we'll explore together at CHW:

  • How to create flow instead of stuckness
  • How to trust the universe and make it your greatest ally
  • How to align your personal desires with an expansive vision of contribution and service
  • How to feel fully supported by life
  • How to summon inspiration and motivation at will
  • How to achieve your desired results faster and more easily
  • How to access your personal genius and tap into your greater intelligence
  • How to become a prolific, heart-centered creator
  • How to enjoy a positive and supportive relationship with reality
  • How to feel strong and centered without clinging to control
  • How to let go of perfectionism and practice self-compassion
  • How to summon courage, power, self-trust, and confidence when you need it
  • How to stop struggling with money and align yourself with the flow of abundance
  • ... and lots more

Be a Part of This Unique Event

Come to the Conscious Heart Workshop with the intention of helping us co-create powerful growth experiences for all attendees.

Come with the desire to tap into your creative genius and to align yourself with the flow of abundance.

Treat yourself to the immersive benefits of a positive, supportive, and motivating environment for three full days with like-minded people.

Register for CHW today, and begin the transformation you've been longing for.

And have a ridiculously fun weekend too! 🙂

With love and gratitude,

Steve Pavlina

Registration: $597

Workshop Details

May 29-31, 2015
Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, NV

9:00am - 5:30pm Fri & Sat
9:00am - 4:00pm Sun


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