The Octo Intensive: The 8 Keys to Self-Motivation

This weekend only (Friday-Sunday, October 29-31, 2021), I’m hosting a one-of-a-kind online training to help you improve your self-motivation skills, with a combination of hands-on teaching and individual practice.

Over the course of 3 days together, I’ll show you how to engage your self-motivation as a collection of 8 key skills. You’ll practice these skills one-by-one as you learn them. Then I’ll show you how to combine these skills in various ways to create even stronger motivational effects, and you’ll practice the combos too.

To get the details, just listen to the audio invitation:

Join me this weekend, and you’ll get a whopping 17 hours of direct instruction and practice to upgrade your self-motivation skills. Learn how to motivate yourself to take action sustainably and consistently, and gain enough practice to apply these skills for life.

Listen to the audio invitation first, and then enroll here:

The Octo Intensive: The 8 Keys to Self-Motivation