The Octo Intensive: The 8 Keys to Self-Motivation

We delivered this online workshop live October 29-31, 2021. We added the recordings to Conscious Growth Club's permanent library, so all CGC members (including future members) can enjoy the recorded version as part of their membership.

The Octo Intensive is an online 3-day workshop to train you to significantly improve your self-motivation skills. You'll receive an abundance of direct instruction and hands-on practice to help you permanently upgrade your ability to motivate yourself into action sustainably and consistently.

Please listen to the audio invitation first because it will explain what you need to know before enrolling in The Octo Intensive:

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October 29-31, 2021
$497 USD

Train Up Your Self-Motivation Skills

This is a one-time opportunity to be personally trained in self-motivation skills. Yes, self-motivation is a skill. Really it's a collection of skills – 8 core skills to be precise.

This isn't an informational workshop per se. Think of it like taking a driver's training class, except that you'll be learning how to drive your body and mind into action.

The purpose of this workshop isn't to motivate you temporarily but rather to help you gain and practice the skills to consistently and sustainably motivate yourself.

Your default biological motivation may help you eat, sleep, and survive, but it won't help you thrive. Today's challenges and opportunities require a different skill set – one that builds upon and leverages your natural abilities. It is much like learning to drive a car. Your body didn't naturally evolve to be able to drive a car, but you can learn to drive through direct training and practice, just as millions of other people have.

You wouldn't learn to drive by merely reading about driving – you have to get behind the wheel and practice. Nor could you build much skill at self-motivation by reading about it. You'll learn and develop this skill set through a combination of direct instruction and hands-on practice. The Octo Intensive gives you that opportunity.

These self-motivation skills are universal in nature, meaning that they don't depend on what specifically you want to motivate yourself to do. You can apply them to maintain consistent motivation to complete larger projects, such as writing a book. You can use these skills to make your daily workflow more satisfying and fulfilling. You could apply these skills to finally complete "open loops" that you'd really like to get finished.

This workshop is not about self-discipline. Our focus is on helping you genuinely feel like taking action, so you can bring feelings of positive motivation to bear whenever and wherever action is required. Once you gain the necessary skills, you can create motivation at will, just as you can drive a car at will. Then you can apply these skills to good effect in any areas of life that you desire.

This approach to motivation centers on harmony, not force. Instead of suppressing your feelings or trying to push through resistance, we'll show you how to align your emotions with the task at hand.

Self-motivation is a hugely important and meaningful skill that can benefit you for the rest of your life. Consider what you can accomplish and experience after you gain the ability to consistently and sustainably motivate yourself to take action.

Completing your tasks and projects with a sustainable flow of positive motivation is very satisfying. Once you learn to do this consistently, you can focus more energy on doing what you find most meaningful in life – both personally and professionally – because you'll be able to trust yourself to handle your other tasks and projects efficiently.

Additionally, strong self-motivation skills can give you the flexibility and resilience to intelligently maneuver in a world of increasingly rapid change. These skills help you "future proof" your life, enabling you to quickly adapt to new circumstances. Trusting that you know how to take action under a variety of conditions can help you stay centered and confident even in a sea of changes.

Workshop Schedule

All times are Pacific time.

8:00am - 3:00pm Friday & Saturday (October 29 & 30)
8:00am - 2:00pm Sunday (October 31)

We will have a 1-hour meal break 11:00am - 12:00pm each day.

The whole workshop is online (using Zoom), so you can connect from anywhere.

You Get The Recordings Too

The workshop will be recorded, and the recording for each day will be posted within hours after the end of day's session, so if you miss a day or part of a day, you can use the recordings to catch up before the next day begins. Ideally it's best to attend the whole workshop live – the audio invitation above explains why.


Your investment in The Octo Intensive is $497.

Honor Code

All of our courses and workshops, including The Octo Intensive, have a strict "no refunds" honor code policy because we need to know that you have some skin in the game. If you enroll, please do so because you're committed to applying the lessons to create real changes in your life for the better. I want you to get results, and you must feel invested for that to happen.

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Join us for a fun, memorable, life-changing experience this Friday through Sunday – October 29-31, 2021. Wake up on November 1st with the understanding that your life will be forever different.

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Enroll in The Octo Intensive 2021 workshop
October 29-31, 2021
$497 USD

With love and gratitude,

Steve Pavlina