DAI Course – Public Feedback From Alumni

This is a continuation of yesterday’s post on the impact and results of the recently created Deep Abundance Integration course, which was designed to help people shift from scarcity to abundance in many areas of life.

In the previous post, I shared some feedback in summary form as well as charts and graphs of people’s ratings. In this post I’ll share the direct words from course alumni who offered to share some public feedback about the experience.

My exact wording of the invite was:

If you’re willing to share any thoughts, results, or feedback that we can post publicly (especially to help others decide if DAI would be a good choice for them), please share them here. Also state how you’d prefer this item to be credited (i.e. with your name, your initials, or anonymously). If you’d like to record a video to share your feedback or results, just add a note about that here, and email a link to your video separately.

I didn’t ask people to write glowing testimonials, and I didn’t offer any reward for sharing public feedback. So this was just what people actually wanted to share about their experience.

Dozens of people offered to share, mostly in text form, and a few created short videos. I’ll share the text feedback first – there’s a lot! – followed by the video feedback.

When people shared multiple paragraphs of feedback, I’ll put those in a blockquote, so you can tell which paragraphs are from the same person. Otherwise if a standalone paragraph has no name attached, it’s from someone who chose to share anonymously.

DAI Text Feedback

Probably the most valuable online course I’ve ever purchased or participated in. – Michelle

It’s a great way to really dive deep into practically every aspect of abundance you can possibly think of and it is done with a playful and fun attitude and was a blast to be a part of. Please, don’t deprive yourself of all these invaluable lessons and ideas that could turn your life from scarcity to wonderful abundance. – Andrew Brunelle

You can write an article and post it on a web site. You can write it extremely well. But it’s no substitute for listening to a “journeyman explorer” talk daily for at least an hour on multiple aspects of a single topic. That’s what Steve did during this workshop; he talked and shared MUCH more in these recordings than he could ever hope to write in a single blog post or even a series of blog posts. He went way beyond what he could ever write in an article (and possibly a book) and the audio/video format is the right format for this deep-dive brain dump. I think there’s something for everybody in this workshop. – Tom

Surprisingly more than I thought it would be. It hit home multiple times and is already making a positive difference. I recommend it highly though it might not be appropriate for the timid. – Joey

The course had so much life-changing content throughout all 30 days! There was always at least one actionable idea or paradigm shift in every session, even in sessions that didn’t connect with me at this point in my life (but will at some point in the future for sure). Most sessions had multiple action ideas or paradigm shifts that instantly made an impact on my life and mindset. I will absolutely watch the sessions multiple times for many years to get every ounce of wisdom out of the course! – C.K.

I was stuck for a very long time in many areas of my life. Started to turn into a cynic, angry MOFO. Thanks to DAI I’m starting to open up again and feeling positive about my future. – I.V.

I have followed you for years in print, and after this course, I must say that I have been transformed by your real kindness, your humor, your authenticity and the fact that you share so freely! It has inspired me to want to share the course that I teach (on changing jobs and creating a new, heart-centered career) with people in the world that can not afford it (I am followed by ALOT of Africans!) and to stop worrying about ‘protecting’ myself. You don’t come across as a guru or an expert (“I have all the answers”): you are a fellow explorer who has given me the tools to explore with. You have also lit a spark in me that has shown me ideas about creating new content, new courses, and finally get out and share my gifts with the world on a whole new level! Thanks y’all!

If you have EVER felt stuck and not sure why or never want to be stuck again, this 30 day deep dive is the best solution anyone in the world can ask for – I have spent $100K on self improvement over the years and this was by far, light years ahead of everything else out there. The price of this content and all the bonuses would be worth it if you multiplied it by 100 – no question.

You continue to under-promise and over-deliver!!! – Bob Sisk

It’s worth taking the time to take this course. It’s helpful and it will be good for you. You’re going to get far more value from this course, than the amount you pay. If you’re feeling impulsive, buy it, right now. If not, take a breath or two, realize that this is a good thing that will help you in your life, that it is right at your fingertips, and that you’re ready to move forward. Now, buy it. – Melissa Patton

This was a mind bending course. Not only that I got to deeply understand what true abundance creation is all about, but I also deeply understood the consequences of my past actions which were preventing me from reaching the level of abundance I desired for myself.

This deep dive experience has been life changing. Over the 30 days of having my consciousness submerged in abundance I’ve received new opportunities for income generation, travel, and creative projects. It’s been an amazing experience! – Amanda

1000% value for money, learned a lot, will probably give better feed back when i see the results unfolding in my life as i apply the tools, the new framing and perspective. I learned to trust, that the path I am on is right, not to doubt the universe, simulator, God, grace, has my back, that I have value to give. To value my self, a lot of new awarenesses. – Deirdre Groves

I loved the organic brilliance of this course! There is no magic wand but Steve’s secrets are his stories and you come to realise that we all have the power to craft our own stories. Thank you for 30 wonderful days! – Jane from Sydney, Australia

This course really clarified my own arrived misconceptions of manifestation. It gave me a clearer vision of what I personally hope to achieve and a wider selection of tools to reach that goal. I also feel like I’m coming from this class with a more creative and optimistic outlook. – D.E.

My main goal in matter of personal development is to overcome fear. I don’t really remember when this started and what causes but for more than seven years now, I’ve been living with anxiety, a fear for no reason. And this is negatively impacting all areas of my life. I’ve been looking for solution for all this time. Surprisingly after about 3 day the DAI, the fear starts dissipating. On a scale of 0 to 10 with 0 be no fear at all and 10 be the worst, I came to 0 most of the time when I listen to the audio compare to an average of 7 to 9 before. During my days it will sometime increase to 2 to 3 but never cross 5.

My financial situation was not good when I read about this DAI so I asked myself if I really need to attend this event at this time. I was trying to convince myself that I don’t need it because I have all the articles, audio and video of your blog about the topic that I can access for free whenever I need. But an inside voice was telling me to attend it. So the night before the DAI started, I asked myself what am I going to lose by spending $100 on developing myself? So I signed up. It turned out to be one of the best decision I’ve made. Last time I was talking to myself and I said something like I’d miss a lot if I did not sign up for this event and I started laughing; why? Another part of my mind was asking if I would know what I missed without signing. – David

DAI is an amazing program that I would recommend to anybody! The daily live call became the highlight of my day for the duration of the 30 days and I’ll never forget the time while I was part of this. It’s a fun, upbeat, positive course that’s also packed full of life changing insights and practical tools that you can start using right away. I’ve done lots of various courses but this one was by far one the most priceless and valuable ever!! – Andreea

Take this course. Seriously. There is a ton of content here which is actionable. There’s nothing remotely woo-woo about it. Just feeling the vibe of Steve and the calls will push you from scarcity into abundance…old ways will no longer sit well with you. New ideas will flow. You will start taking baby (or giant) steps towards making abundance a reality! – Ranjana from India

It’s a total no-brainer at $97. Ideally you want to catch the sessions live, as it’s so much more immersive when you see the chat scrolling by in real time. The course is especially great for people who want more out of life than just make a bunch of money. If you’re into the concept of subjective reality at all, this course is for you. – Sebastian Rexx

This course shows all of Steve’s strengths of depth, integrity, spontaneity, heart, authenticity. He very generously shares his knowledge and experience to help us step up and live a fuller, more meaningful, warmer, more fun and financially more abundant life. Highly recommended boost for when you’re looking to step up your life. – Laurence Whelehan

This course is worth a thousand times its price. So many different topics were covered and there were so many insights I took from it, so if you’re wondering whether to get it – please do! It will help you with any challenge you’re struggling with right now and open up your eyes for many other things you might be missing. – Julia Hristova

Steve Pavlina’s 30-day DAI course was a profound experience, full of insights and resources for growth that even experienced explorers in the personal growth field will find valuable. Steve is a very authentic person and his desire to create ripples in the world and make a positive difference to people’s lives is very inspiring. The course contains some really original content that is both thought-provoking (extending well beyond normal concepts of ‘abundance’) and also actionable. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in understanding more about themselves and their relationship to abundance. – Tim

At the end of the course, I felt like Dorothy with the ruby slippers. My biggest conclusion is that I have had the power the whole time, but I have been looking for it in different places. I now have a vision, tools, and a plan, and I am working my plan. This course has tons of “golden nuggets” of wisdom and I will be going through it again and again.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who feels stuck in any area of life. You will get the tools to deal with your problems from many different perspectives. It will challenge you in a gentle and lighthearted way to think and rethink, to feel and then feel again. You’ll laugh and you’ll cry and you’ll be transformed. – Manal Ghosain

Whatever you think this course will be, it will be better! You will learn so many things, and it will help you throughout your life! – Scott

The value in the course far exceeds the price. Dive in! You’ll have many epiphany’s and get to watch Beardy’s beard grow. – A.H.

The Deep Abundance Integration course was monumentally inspiring to me, and it is already having ripple effects as I share my experience and insights with family members and friends. As a result of the course, I have been able to lean into a new career which has tugged at me since I was 12. I truly feel like DAI has changed my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. – A.L.

It’s a truly transformative experience – one which will last for years to come. – Simone

Steve has a beautiful way of connecting to the world through abundance in all areas of his life. Abundance is not number or something we will someday stumble across, it exists for all of us. Steve uncovers deep truths about why we may be lost and shares at least a million tools to get unstuck out of scarcity. This course has opened my eyes and heart. Living with abundance is a choice.

Do you feel like you have the time, energy, and creative power to do what you want in the world? – Zarathustra Goertzel

Thanks to Steve and Rachelle, I’ve found the courage to quit my soul killing job and have moved into a career path that feels heart centered and fulfilling. I can’t wait for the next deep dive! – Eric R. Blakeway

DAI is giving me great growth opportunities and strengths such as recognizing the challenges that reality is offering to me, taking my stand, trusting my reality and teach it all to other people.

The real result for me happened two days after DAI finished.

I was declaring to the Universe what I want; I took my stand, I abandoned the partial match offer that the Universe was serving for me.

And it just happened, literally overnight considering the size of it, although it took a week for all puzzles to come in its place.

More detailed, I’m living with a family in a tiny living space (four of us in 35 square meters), and we have already decided to live like that for two more years, to save more money, etc.

I’ve started to declare my request to the Universe already during the DAI, for us to end up in a big living space. I didn’t specify any date, but subconsciously, I was expecting it to manifest in two years, as we originally planned.

Then, boom, on the second day of DAI finish, all of a sudden, my wife’s relative convince her that we should do it now (sell our two small apartments and buy a bigger one, what was my proposal too, but my wife disagreed originally because we are receiving some money from our second apartment, a rent). My wife (not me), spotted a beautiful big apartment in the area we want, we go to see it, we love it, we agree on the selling of our two apartments to our first neighbors in both cases, and we give the advance payment for the big apartment and do all the pre-contract work in a week! Totally crazy, 2 years fast forward in a week! – Kristijan

Steve has shown me thorough DAI how scarcity and abundance can be two very good teachers for my own character sculpting and life path. Thank you Steve. – Raúl García

Deep Abundance Integration has offered an invaluable jumpstart for my new project and a wise reflection on past projects and relationships that did not go as planned. DAI is comprehensive, entertaining, and filled with rich, relevant material to help unstick us from common patterns of resistance. An engaged speaker, Steve communicates clearly and with great humor. This course challenged and uplifted me, and has given me an abundance of support while I now make my own deep dive into stuck areas of my life. Highly recommended.
– T.B.

I held the intention to be in the flow of financial resources to the point that living in Canada would feel cheap. I landed the biggest paying client in my freelance writing career during the first few days of the DAI calls. I’m good to earning $30,000 a month from the articles he’s assigning (and we’ve already worked on articles worth over $10,000 and he’s paid for them). He is paying my rates. No negotiations, discounts or money back guarantees. And even more exciting is that he is by far the easiest client I’ve worked with. He responds quickly to emails, pays on time, and my creativity space when working on his projects are almost boundless.

So my wife and I and the kids are planning on moving to Canada next year. We are Nigerians, but live in Senegal at the moment.

The second gain from the deep dive. Yes, I already enjoy my relationship with my wife (BTW we attended the DAI calls together) but we’ve seen some measurable improvements in our growth as the DAI progressed. For example, our discussions has been more growth oriented than it’s ever been. And those talks are spurring us to actions we’ve never considered before now. We’ve even come up with ideas and settled on one that’s going to generate us income while giving us some lifestyle freedom we’ve always wanted. We’d be actioning the idea starting from next week. We feel more centered, and have improved our abilities to get past mental blocks and take more action. – Nicholas G.

I’d say my main benefit is: peace. Peace with my past scarcity, my past struggles. It reinforced my faith in the Universe too, I realised it was weaker than I thought before DAI. I definitely feel stronger. – Karine

Meeting zillions of relevant professional contacts, feeling good about them. More courage for doing stuff. Fruit, fruit everywhere! Fun working at a nomad office.

I’d give dai credit for my new awesome job starting sept 4 but it was already determined end of July ^^ dai did produce some more confidence about it. – L.W.

I was reminded of a lot of truths I had known and lived in the past and that I had somehow ‘forgotten’/stopped living, so this course came at the perfect time for me. Most importantly, I feel like I’m back in alignment with who I am and have clarity about what I want and how I should be making decisions in my life. The tangible result of this is that a lot more abundance has come into my life this month. I estimate that adding up the total from new clients (I’m a health coach) and sponsorships (free gear and food-I’m a long distance hiker, about to depart on the Oregon Desert Trail), I’ve received well over $2500 in unexpected income/products. Of course, the foundations for a lot of this was set up before the course, but I believe being in the right heart space allowed me to receive this. Additionally, I’ve received opportunities to publish my writing in mind body green and be a regular guest on a podcast with 20k monthly listeners—platforms where I can expand my positive impact and hopefully help more people. I’ve also become aware of the places where I need to do some inner work or areas of my life where I’m lacking clarity and holding myself back. Having these things brought to my awareness is massively helpful. – Katie Gerber

I think I realize now that being more ‘trust aware,’ has a lot of power in life and is profound in practice.

I realize I’ve come away from DAI seeing my greatest challenges differently but also flexibly. For now, it’s as if it was boot camp. I can transition those lessons to radiate and overlap, and perhaps even transition and weave into, other areas of life that I had thought I was struggling around to (income generating, contribution, and even family, relationships, & the way my social life has evolved).

Btw, my favorite part is the fun that layered through the personal growth experience. I used to feel like life was more of a job and filled w/far too much responsibilities. Burnout was a common theme in my ‘driven’ life. I’ll be smiling for ages thinking about the DAI experiences and challenging myself to see how much fun I can integrate into my personal projects and growth experiences!

So when I said ‘Now the real work begins,’ I think the new phrase will be, “Now the real ‘fun’ begins.” 🙂

So a huge heart-felt thank you! Much love, gratitude… (and hugs!) for creating the abundance course, and for making it the unique experience it was! – K. Lynn

This could have been the best month of my life so far, things were aligned and perfectly timed. I was focusing on abundance in health, and I was particularly concerned with my reproductive health. I had my first period starting after 6 month of nothingness soon after wrapping up listening to the last video. Periods aren’t often thought of with fondness, but reproductive health is health too and was important to me to have this detox and get into the rhythm. The timing is a nice coincidence, me thinks. Sexual, mental, digestive health are also doing rather well. Life is good!

Thank you for the program. I appreciated the affordability. It was great value for the price. – Burak Bilgin

I really loved being a part of a like-minded community. I attended every day except for maybe eight sessions or so, and if I did miss I’d watch as soon as I got home (same day). I committed myself to doing this. The price point also allowed me to participate and I’m so grateful for that. I’ve been reading Steve’s blog for about 8 years now and there was a lot of material that I know he touched on there, but I appreciated going much more in depth through the course. There were also things he discussed that I have experienced myself and it was reassuring to know that my conclusions were similar, if not the same to what was being discussed (it’s not like you can bounce this stuff off of anybody you know? *haha*). It gives me confidence to know I’m on the right track. There were also topics/knowledge/information that I was on the fence about, and it was especially the last session, that just reaffirmed what I know I need to do to move forward. – Bridget

Following both the chat + what you say in live was hard sometimes. But the format (calls duration, live feedback with you, parallel discussions, etc.) was great for me. Listening to the recordings when I missed the live was surprising at times because you were able to express the emotion I was feeling (when speaking about Stephen Hawking for example). – Patrick

I have gained new ways of looking at life, and new tools which have helped me maintain a positive outlook on some of the difficulties I have been going through recently. I have had more abundance come into my life, especially on the social side, e.g. invitations to meet up, meeting new people, and receiving messages from friends I hadn’t heard from for a while. I have also learned to notice and appreciate the good things that are already in my life. As a result of the course content, and of ideas from the chat channel, I have had many new ideas coming to me, of projects that will help me to move from where I am now, to where I would like to be.

All the topics were fascinating, some of my favourites that really resonated with me were those about subjective reality, trusting the universe, creating good story (and entertaining the aliens!) and the value of play. It was great having the live experience, knowing that others across the world were listening too. The chat channel amplified this – I didn’t participate a huge amount in chat but it was great to hear others’ input and ideas, and to comment occasionally. I really enjoyed it when you made it interactive, e.g. the polls, and asking questions for us to answer in the chat – this gelled the call and the chat and I found the interactivity helped me to focus. Also, I love hearing stories and examples from your own life. And I enjoyed the fun / playful style and the casual banter e.g. the beard – it was nice that it wasn’t too serious all the time!

I am gradually working through the abundance gifts and have found them very helpful too. – Sophie Aynsley

DAI Video Feedback

Jana Haggard:

Jeff Cappleman:

Anne Ducroquetz:

It was a true delight to share this one-of-a-kind experience with so many wonderful, growth-oriented people from around the world – nearly 70 countries represented. A huge thanks to all who participated in the course so far! 🙂

If you haven’t yet taken the Deep Abundance Integration course, it’s still available at the original price of $97. I deliberately priced it to be highly accessible, especially for people who are struggling and would like to create a more trusting and abundant relationship with life. As you can see from the feedback that people shared, there’s a strong likelihood that you’ll find it worthwhile. If you get it today, you’ll probably be a changed person (for the better) 30 days from now.