DAI Course – Impact and Results

After completing a big project, I like to conduct a postmortem. Maybe that term sounds overly morbid – I picked it up from my game development days – but it means doing a thorough review of what worked, what didn’t work, and lessons learned. The purpose is to identify actionable ideas to improve future projects.

I essentially shared a postmortem of the Deep Abundance Integration launch process in an earlier post called Creating a Heart-Aligned Offer (and the Results).

As part of the postmortem for a project with a public aspect, I like to gather lots of feedback and then review it and take notes. For the first group of DAI participants who signed up in August, I invited them to fill out a Google survey, so they could share feedback about their experiences.

There were 92 responses, many of them pretty detailed, so this provided the equivalent of a small book’s worth of feedback.

If you’re curious to know what participants thought of the DAI course, I’ll delve into their feedback here. Some people gave pretty detailed responses that I’ll keep private by default, but I can share plenty of detail in summary form that should give you a pretty accurate picture.

Course Completion

The first question was mainly to give me a sense of how many of the lessons people had completed when filling out the survey. About 2/3 had finished all 30 of the lessons, and 95.6% had finished at least half of the course when they took the survey.

So this told me that about 1/3 of people were still going through the course when they took the survey. In fact, with some of the ratings, people noted that they were likely to increase their ratings as they went through more material, so it was good to know that I should take that into consideration.

One survey isn’t enough to get a complete picture, but combined with other feedback avenues, it can help.

DAI Lessons Completed

What does this tell us about the overall course completion rate? I can’t discern that from this data because it’s going to be biased towards those who completed the survey. However, after checking other data sources like the video views, I’d say that a 2/3 completion rate within about a month after purchasing the program is in the general ballpark. And more people are going through the course at a more leisurely pace.

I can’t provide a truly accurate picture since some people prefer to download the lessons and go through them on their own devices, such as listening to the audio versions while commuting. But I’m pretty confident in saying that most people who’ve bought the course are indeed completing it within 30 days. I’m happy to see that.

I thought that because of the flexible nature of the course and the self-pacing option, many people would take longer than 30 days to complete it, and of course some do, but I’m impressed that most people are indeed doing the course as a daily deep dive for 30 days straight. Based on the email feedback I received too, it appears that a lot of people really liked the immersive aspect of this 30-day deep dive. The time commitment didn’t scare them.

DAI was designed to be easy to consume. There’s a lot of material – more than 36 hours in the core lessons – but these are delivered in a conversational, enthusiastic, and often playful style. So all that’s needed to complete the course is to keep pressing play. There’s a time commitment of course, but strain and effort aren’t required, just watching and/or listening.

Overall Ratings

There next part of the survey asked people to rate 4 aspects of the course on a 1-5 scale: content, delivery style, transformational effect, and overall value.

These ratings were very positive, as you can see below.

DAI Overall Ratings

The content received extremely positive ratings with every survey participant rating it good, very good, or excellent.

The delivery style had a few fair ratings in the mix too but was otherwise similarly well received. This was higher than I expected because it was a very conversational and informal style throughout. Based on further feedback shared about this, I think we really nailed the right vibe for the delivery, which was friendly, down to earth, and enthusiastic. But I think we can improve in terms of the structure and tightness of the delivery. I’ll bet that if I invited separate ratings on the vibe and the structure, the vibe would have gotten the higher ratings of the two.

Assessing the transformational effect is tricky because sometimes people need more time to figure out how the course is affecting them. Given the expansive nature of the topic, the results can be subjective or objective and not always easy to measure. So there’s more variance here but still skewing very positive. Also, some people noted that they were still going through the course while taking the survey, so they said they were rating this a bit lower (like good) since they hadn’t had enough time with the material to measure strong effects yet. On the other hand, some people reported pretty powerful effects and opted to give the course an excellent rating even though they still had many lessons left to go. I lean on other forms of feedback to help fill out the big picture here. Even so, it’s good to see that many people believe this course has had a positive transformational effect on their lives, although the magnitude of the effect varies from person to person. That isn’t too surprising.

Clearly many people are getting strong value here, so for future course offers, I want to refine the presentation of the offer a bit, so as to do an even better job of attracting people who will appreciate the experience.

Participant Results

The next part of the survey included some open ended questions with free-form text boxes, so people could share as much or as little feedback as they wanted. Responses ranged from one-line answers to in-depth replies of several paragraphs.

The first question I asked here was: What results have you achieved from participating in DAI so far?

DAI covers a lot of ground, and it’s meant to help people get practical results, so I wanted to get a better sense of what people gained from participating. I was struck by the sheer variety of results that people got.

For my own notes, I summarized the key types of results that people got into a single list. This strips out the details and personal info, but I think it serves as a good summary of the gains people reported.

  • Better connection with a spouse, especially from doing the course together
  • Making a lot more money
  • Feeling more centered
  • Taking more action
  • Got past blocks
  • Feeling more trusting of the simulator
  • Offering more to friends
  • Made extra money out of the blue
  • Made more friends
  • Have had a better mood
  • More at peace with pursuing interests
  • Feeling more confident
  • Stopped eating animal products
  • Seeing an increase in income
  • Feeling more peace, joy, happiness, and calmness
  • Feeling more conscious, awake, and aware
  • Restored a dialog with reality
  • Made one of the biggest decisions of my life
  • Made fun and play top priorities
  • Found out what’s really important to me in life
  • Changed my morning routine
  • Experienced many synchronicities (sometimes mind-blowing)
  • Made peace with my past scarcity and struggles
  • Restored my faith in the universe
  • Feeling stronger
  • Changed the way I think about my life and problems
  • Started meditating again
  • Significantly improved my mood management
  • Reduced my anxiety
  • Feeling more playful and positive
  • Feeling a surge of creative flow
  • Feeling driven to share more creatively
  • Finally understood the relationship between anxiety and trust
  • Feeling more internally resourceful
  • Gained more clarity
  • Gained more courage for taking action
  • Gained new professional contacts
  • Dreaming about abundance
  • Making abundance my dominant way of thinking
  • Replacing fear and anxiety with a cleaner, clearer form of energy
  • Feeling like I can face whatever happens
  • Finally seeing a destructive and unnecessary pattern for what it is
  • Reevaluating how I structure my days
  • Feeling good about taking more time off
  • Learning how to recognize my abundance vs. scarcity thoughts
  • Reminded me of powerful truths I’d forgotten
  • Feeling aligned with who I really am
  • Knowing how to make abundance-aligned decisions in life
  • New opportunities showing up
  • Perhaps the best month of my life so far
  • Noticing improvements in my health
  • Improving my daily focus
  • Feeling more organized
  • Feeling more fulfilled
  • Knowing that the universe has my back
  • Understanding the power of social support
  • Understanding the power of consistency
  • Feeling more optimistic
  • Feeling inspired to create more
  • Confirmation that I’m on the right path
  • Clearly seeing why things weren’t working for me before
  • More self-confidence
  • Internal shifts
  • Creating new income streams
  • Becoming more social
  • Having more travel opportunities
  • New job
  • New relationship
  • New perspective on existing job / relationship
  • Increased income
  • More social abundance
  • A new way of thinking about reality
  • A changed mindset
  • No longer feeling blocked
  • Seeing opportunities everywhere
  • Noticing what type of work feels aligned
  • Being more discerning
  • Setting and maintaining clearer, stronger boundaries
  • Reframed old attitudes
  • More trust in my feelings
  • Clearer vision
  • Feeling more content
  • My fear is dissipating
  • Feeling more courageous and determined
  • Feeling creatively inspired
  • Increased sense of self-worth
  • Being able to say no to what feels misaligned
  • Manifesting progressively larger sums of money
  • Feeling like a veil has been lifted
  • Understanding my past patterns that weren’t effective
  • Understanding why my past ideas didn’t pan out
  • Depression lifting
  • Seeing my situation more objectively
  • Literally experiencing an overnight change for the better
  • A powerful change in perspective
  • Huge shifts in perspective
  • Learning new mental models
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs
  • Reversed a downward trend in my income
  • Increased my passive income
  • Gained clarity on my relationship situation
  • Restored some good habits
  • Testing going vegan / raw vegan
  • Shifted to a plant-based diet
  • Making clearer offers
  • Accomplished my goals
  • Had a productive, focused, resistance-free month
  • Met a new relationship partner
  • Hosted parties
  • Became more of a giver
  • Connecting better with the opposite sex
  • Feeling more hopeful
  • Had people treat me to meals
  • Received unexpected gifts
  • Dropped some misaligned activities
  • Completed some projects I’d been putting off
  • Going to aligned business and social events
  • Meeting new people
  • Dropping people who drain my energy
  • Deepened my trust in the universe
  • Having more control over reality
  • Being more authentic
  • Expressing myself in a more lively way
  • Exploring music more seriously
  • Buying a new house
  • Raised my energy levels
  • Realizing that I want to do co-creative projects with others
  • Reinterpreting the past
  • Doing lots of writing
  • Learning more about the true nature of reality
  • Started a new career I’ve thought about since childhood
  • Deeper understanding of my patterns and habits
  • Feeling in control of my success
  • Developing abundance strategies
  • Enjoying more sensual and sexual abundance
  • Being unashamedly myself more often
  • Stepping out of my comfort zone
  • Feeling more aware of my old scarcity patterns and behaviors
  • Generating positive ripples
  • Starting a blog
  • Gained new ways of looking at life
  • Gained new tools for overcoming difficulties
  • Noticing and appreciating the good things that are already in my life
  • Lots of new creative ideas
  • Opening doors to new possibilities
  • Started writing a book
  • More open to using the subjective reality lens
  • Having a lot more fun in life
  • Seeing reality respond with warmth and welcoming
  • Quit my job and launched a new website
  • Moved into a new living space
  • Seeing challenges as gifts instead of obstacles
  • Leaning into more action
  • Finally getting into action after being weak on power
  • More appreciation of the abundance I already have
  • Receiving extra money
  • Having a more conscious mindset towards life
  • Declining partial matches in friends
  • Making playfulness more important in my life
  • Feeling an uplift and flow in my work
  • Illuminating a self-defeating process I’ve struggled with for years
  • Having more self-compassion
  • Understanding the many voices within me
  • Being excited about my present and future

Reading through these responses, especially the longer ones, was rewarding to say the least, and it was also humbling. It’s an incredible privilege to bring people together to work with this kind of transformational energy. I may facilitate the experience, but I don’t control how this energy affects people, and I couldn’t have predicted all of these different outcomes in advance.

Some of these results are interesting secondary gains, such as feeling closer to a relationship partner by taking the course together. Rachelle and I often experience a similar effect when we enjoy educational or transformational experiences together.

Several people reported significant reductions in their feelings of stress or anxiety – and not just related to money. For some it seemed to be a lightening or releasing of long-term feelings of existential angst. I didn’t think of DAI as a potential anxiety-reducing deep dive, but in retrospect it’s easy to see how creating a more trusting relationship reality could have that effect. I actually felt pretty moved by this kind of feedback. It’s a beautiful gift to know that this course can provide some relief from long-term stress and anxiety for certain people.

Another commonly reported outcome was that people felt better about investing in new creative pursuits like writing, music, or other art forms. Taking such risks is easier if you can trust reality more. So a secondary result is that we’re likely to see more music, books, websites, and other creative works spinning up from people who took the course.

During the program we did a couple of sessions on defining and maintaining personal boundaries, and these proved more powerful for some people than I anticipated. Some people had serious a-ha moments regarding how they’d been letting others violate their boundaries, and they resolved to put a stop to that. A number people shared how powerful it was to finally connect the dots between scarcity and boundary violations – and between abundance and strong boundaries.

Several people said that one of their top results was gaining a fresh perspective on their past struggles. Some reported “oh duh!” moments of clarity when they finally surfaced an unconscious pattern that had been sabotaging their results for years. Even before they replaced the pattern with something better, just seeing the old pattern for what it was made a big difference to these people.

What People Liked Most

What did you like most about DAI? What gave you the most value?

Here’s another summary of the types of responses people gave to these questions:

  • The vibe it generated for me
  • The content
  • Actions I could take
  • Reminding me of past lessons I’d let slip
  • Having the audio versions for ongoing reinforcement
  • Thinking of reality as a simulator
  • Asking reality for what I want
  • The numerous exercises
  • The different ways of framing reality and situations
  • Seeing you go more in-depth than you can in a blog post
  • Getting a really thorough “brain dump” from you on the topic
  • Doing the course in video / audio
  • The woo woo stuff
  • Day 25’s lesson about abundance vs. scarcity behaviors
  • Getting both deep and broad content
  • Having a live call every day
  • Feeling the energy of a deep commitment from everyone involved
  • When you shared explicit examples from your life
  • The lens of story / seeing my life as a story progression
  • Consistency
  • Using the objective and subjective lenses
  • New perspectives
  • Being reminded of valuable perspectives
  • Having a resource to prime my mind for transformation
  • No pressure to perform exercises, just invitation
  • The many different examples on each topic
  • Being able to listen to the course while I drive to/from work
  • Feeling that I was a part of the energy
  • The format
  • The easygoing manner
  • The playfulness
  • Being able to see reality through different lenses
  • Using lenses as tools, especially for problem solving
  • Day 5’s lesson on making winning offers
  • Day 12’s lesson on maintaining personal boundaries
  • Understanding why I don’t struggle with money but my friends do
  • Better understanding how to help my friends who are in debt
  • Doing a better job of setting boundaries, including with my own self talk
  • Envisioning new possibilities outside my usual box
  • Gaining confidence in what I could achieve
  • Eliminating scarcity thinking
  • Listening to you live
  • Participating in the chats
  • Feeling immersed in abundance for a month
  • Having a strong sense of community from seeing others going through the course
  • The casual and welcoming atmosphere
  • The daily format
  • Feeling excited before each call started
  • The daily rhythm of the course
  • Knowing that I’d have that dose of positivity/growth every day
  • Training my body and mind to be in that heart-aligned space
  • Having flexibility in using different lenses to interpret scenarios
  • Finding the fun
  • The fun visualizations, like the aliens throwing popcorn at me
  • The subjective reality model surprisingly (which I initially saw as too woo woo)
  • All the different lenses and possibilities for framing life situations
  • Understanding the importance of trusting the simulator
  • Consistent and steady support to create a new reality for myself
  • The shift of energy to a higher vibration
  • Feeling like I was being reminded of ideas I’d long forgotten
  • The bonus content / gifts
  • Approaching the topic from different angles
  • Listening to you talk about new ways to view my life
  • Your honesty, openness, and creativity
  • Gaining new lenses and perspective shifts
  • Having a deep dive with a generous teacher
  • Daily abundance reinforcement
  • Sharing the growth experience, the honesty, and the tools
  • Loved that there was no upsell
  • The idea of win-win
  • Having this information available for a lifetime
  • Knowing that you’ll do more courses in the future
  • Reframing
  • Building your character’s story
  • Asking the universe for what you want
  • Going above and beyond expectations
  • Amazing content every day
  • The course being good timing for me
  • Data backed examples with explanations of how to apply
  • My relationship with the universe and keeping it the best possible
  • The mindset shift
  • The positivity
  • The energy
  • The community / family feeling
  • The 30+ hours of material to motivate me
  • I liked everything
  • Getting good insights from some ideas I was already familiar with
  • Seeing my negative past events through the lens of character building
  • Having this content all in one place
  • Speaking from the heart without a script and without censorship
  • The exercises you shared and the clarity I got from doing them
  • Day 10’s lesson and its many practical tips for letting go of resistance
  • The content related to subjective reality
  • The advice about getting rid of negative mental chatter
  • Actionable ideas
  • The boost of energy that you gave
  • Seeing what abundance looked like and that it was possible
  • Being more aware of the need to build loving relationships with myself, others, and my reality
  • Powerful key phrases like “as you wish” and “how’s that working for you so far?”
  • Just having such a deep experience focused on the topic / vibe
  • Participating in the chat and seeing so many solutions
  • Feeling more confident that there’s a solution for my problems
  • Feeling really supported and less scared
  • The practical techniques and lenses that I could immediately try with action
  • Believing that reality is friendly
  • Making better offers that are win-win and not just focused on my results when manifesting
  • Being a part of a like-minded community
  • Grateful for the price point, which allowed me to participate
  • Feeling reassured
  • Gaining confidence to know I’m on the right track
  • Reaffirming what I need to do to move forward
  • The timeliness for me
  • Having you accompany me on my journey for 30 days straight
  • Co-creating this course with polls, chats, emails
  • Real-life examples
  • The video bonuses
  • Your authenticity and passion
  • The “how” part of the sessions
  • Your explanations with different terms, from the woo woo to the practical, and not valuing one side over the other
  • Your presence and ability to teach stress-free and with humor
  • The idea of not creating a boring character
  • The tools (easy to remember and use)
  • Character sculpting
  • Rachelle’s involvement
  • The depth of content
  • The incredible value for the price
  • Lots of “aha” moments
  • Feeling inspired to take action that I otherwise wouldn’t have
  • The very intimate and personal view into your life
  • The option to participate live
  • The objective / subjective contrast
  • The spontaneity and not knowing what’s next kept things exciting
  • The idea of trusting reality, even if we can’t know its true nature
  • Just listening to you share your thoughts and ideas
  • The great examples
  • The many perspectives and different ways of looking at abundance
  • The 4 levels with the relationship with the universe being the most important
  • The idea of living an entertaining life
  • Feeling I have permission to live more as myself
  • Releasing a lot of attachments I had
  • The practical applications
  • Touching on so many different topics and connecting the dots
  • The concept of heart-aligned work
  • The focused nature of committing to the 30 days
  • Being able to listen over and over and get new inspirations each time
  • Feeling connected to others during the live calls
  • The closing 90-day challenge
  • The conversational style presentations
  • Your natural approach to your work makes it easy
  • The opportunity to listen in our own time and having this for life
  • That it’s so accessible and that there are so many options to access it
  • Being able to do this when it suits me
  • The light-heartedness
  • That you have so many examples to substantiate your ideas and suggestions
  • The presentation style and demeanor being personable, relatable, heartfelt, congruent, and delightful to engage with
  • Your personal responses to contact
  • That I now have access to this immense and abundant resource
  • The video format, like we were sitting in a room face to face having a conversation
  • Being able to see your raw emotions and feeling moved by that
  • The phenomenal scope and depth of the content
  • The fascinating topics
  • Entertaining the aliens
  • The value of play
  • Having the live experience with others across the world
  • Hearing others input and ideas through the chat channel
  • Commenting in the chat
  • The interactivity (occasional polls, asking questions for us to answer in the chat)
  • The focusing effect
  • Hearing stories and examples from your life
  • The casual banter (nice that it wasn’t too serious all of the time)
  • Tuning into the energy of the group
  • Feeling my perception of possibility shifting
  • So many aspects of it
  • Looking forward to each day’s session
  • Having my mind jolted awake, pushed, challenged, made uncomfortable, energized
  • So much food for thought and opportunity for growth
  • My life is different today than it was prior to the course
  • The surrounding effect of all the different angles, ideas, approaches, and facets of abundance
  • Set a new bar for what I’ll look for in taking a course
  • Like being in the photo pit at a great concert
  • Boosting time abundance
  • Physical and mental energy abundance
  • Riding the wave of inspiration with everyone and co-creating a powerful growth experience that transformed us all
  • Connecting with you directly and feeling a deeper connection than with your writing
  • Seeing great growth opportunities
  • Recognizing the challenges that reality is bringing me
  • The value of a path with a heart
  • Appreciating the lessons from some difficult moments I’ve lived and the associated growth
  • Gave me a reboot kind of effect and I feel as a new person
  • The interesting topics, new ideas, and encouragement
  • Way more perspectives and tools to address problems than I expected
  • The inspiring talks and ways to see this world
  • The daily check-in habit of the live calls
  • Lifting my spirits
  • The contagious effect of the positive energy
  • The movie references
  • The free flowing nature of the content
  • The unique fun aspect

A lot of people shared that they liked the positive, enthusiastic, and playful vibe of the calls, which they often found infectious.

One person noted that by going through this course, he was in a better position to help out some friends who were stuck in scarcity challenges due to their mindsets – another interesting secondary effect.

If you’re wondering about the alien-related items on the list above, they refer to a playful visualization exercise we did. It involves aliens in an interdimensional movie theater, watching your life unfold and throwing popcorn at the screen whenever you make misaligned decisions. Many people really liked this exercise and found it memorable and useful – I’m still getting some thankful emails about it.

This feedback also shows me that the format of this deep dive worked on many levels. It was a good way to share key ideas, provide some interactivity and connection, and to convey the emotional side of this work. I’m glad that it worked because I really enjoyed the deep dive format too. I can continue to refine it, especially based on feedback from the next section, but it’s good to know that it worked so well as-is.

Improvement Suggestions

What suggestions do you have for improving future courses?

Same deal here – my summary list based on the replies:

  • Many said they were perfectly happy with it as-is / nothing to improve
  • Sync the chat window timestamps with the actual video, so it can be used as a subtitle track (to emulate a live replay with the real-time chat)
  • Some comments on connecting to the live video shortly after it started and missing some words from the beginning
  • Having a better idea of the call duration in advance
  • Improving the audio quality
  • Repetition and over-elaboration
  • Send multiple call reminder emails or SMS
  • More Q&A
  • Shorter sessions with some quick Q&A at the end of each
  • Eliminate the chat
  • Fewer polls during sessions (could do via email instead)
  • A different format for the live chat
  • Have a vote to choose topics for each session
  • Shorter, more condensed classes
  • Remove the distraction of setting up a forum for members
  • More concise videos
  • Fewer examples
  • A bit more structure or doing some super structured calls
  • Do fast, formal reviews of the material every 10 days
  • Could do a more in-depth survey of the whole group by soliciting questions people want to know about the others and then doing it by email and sharing the results with everyone
  • More Q&A sessions
  • Too long (30 days was exhausting)
  • Background of the videos was a bit dull
  • Loved the chat but also found it distracting (consider a pre-call or post-call chat session)
  • Have Rachelle teach too, so we can get a female perspective
  • Might be a little too advanced to recommend to friends who aren’t already into this sort of thing, so maybe some lighter material for newbies
  • Add lesson titles to downloadable files
  • More woo woo
  • Less woo woo
  • Less intro conversation and a faster jump into the core material (mostly in the first week’s sessions)
  • Vary the time of the live calls
  • Have a fixed length for each lesson
  • Q&A that we can submit beforehand
  • A more course-like format with exercises at the end of each chapter to review
  • Do a live version of your book
  • Have a private RSS feed for the audio versions
  • Have a singular ZIP file to download all of the audios
  • Make it even more interactive (more polls, more Q&A)
  • Add a workbook or worksheets to follow after the call (like homework)
  • Include concrete action steps at the end of each lesson
  • More interaction with the forum
  • Finding ways to get us more involved live
  • More advance notice of the start date
  • Consider pricing it higher to have fewer participants on the live calls
  • Have homework / tasks along the way
  • Offer a quick written outline of each lesson the same or next day for easy review
  • Include an interactive quiz, assessment, or other gamification of the ideas
  • Even more concrete examples for specific situations
  • Have more interactivity with the live chat / more bidirectional communication
  • Tighter formatting
  • Change the order of the recorded calls
  • A summary of each call posted together with the video in the portal
  • Close each call with at least one voluntary exercise
  • Share the theme of each day in advance

Some of this feedback is actionable, and I’m already making improvements to the next deep dive based on what people shared. I look forward to refining how we do these based on future rounds of feedback too. I enjoy the co-creative aspect of making this even more win-win as we go.

Many suggestions are expressions of personal preference. Some people wanted adjustments in one direction while others wanted the opposite. This tells me that there’s room to experiment with the format, especially in terms of how we balance the structure of the calls with the casual presentation style. This also signals the importance of communicating expectations up front, so people can make an informed decision about whether the style and format is likely to resonate with them. This program wouldn’t be a good match for someone who loves PowerPoint slides since there are no slides, for instance. It’s better for people who appreciate a conversational style rich in examples, stories, and application ideas.

One actionable improvement I can make for future deep dives is to address the obvious areas for tightening up the structure. There were some calls where we could have shaved off 10+ minutes without losing anything consequential, such as by addressing logistics issues via email instead of during the calls. I think the structure improved as we went along, but for a future deep dive we can make it tighter from the beginning. I think we achieved a pretty solid signal to noise ratio in this program, and now I see better ways to tighten up the looser bits and make the segments more efficient. I just want to make sure we don’t go too far and lose the vibe and playfulness in the process.

Likelihood of Participating in Future Courses

What’s the likelihood that you’ll sign up for another Steve Pavlina course?

DAI Future Course Likelihood

It was good to see that most people who filled out the DAI survey are looking forward to future courses. Only 3 people said that it was unlikely or very unlikely while 83 people said it was likely or very likely that they’d join another course. So that’s overwhelmingly on the positive side.

I can understand the neutral ratings because for many people, the decision to participate in another course will depend on several factors: topic, timing, price, personal relevance, etc.

Regarding the few misaligned people, I see this as more of a marketing issue than a content or delivery issue. Based on their feedback, I concluded that they really shouldn’t have signed up to begin with. This course was designed for certain types of people, as I shared in the intro video on the DAI web page. For such aligned people, the value received was pretty solid. But when someone who noted their misalignment with these descriptions and joined with a “Well, I’m probably not a match for this, but I’ll try it anyway” attitude, the outcome wasn’t as good. Overall I think I did a pretty good job of discouraging misaligned people from joining, and I think the survey results reflect that, but I could probably tighten this part up even more for future deep dives. I just want to be careful not to overdo it by scaring off people who might not fit the core avatar but who may still get good results.

It’s good to see there’s solid demand for future courses. I look forward to exploring a variety of creative deep dives in the years ahead.

Future Course Topics

What topics would interest you for future courses?

  • Relationships (initiating, 4D, poly relationships, heart-centered, many requests for this)
  • Subjective reality (simulator, nature of reality, lots of requests for this)
  • More on abundance
  • Trusting life (getting over trauma)
  • Starting a business
  • Heart-based entrepreneurship
  • Lucid dreaming
  • Detox
  • Passive income generation
  • Scalable income
  • Social abundance (building an empowering social circle, many requests)
  • Creating online content
  • Overcoming or dissolving inner resistance
  • Habits
  • Mind training (mindfulness, mood management, wellness)
  • Creativity (and boosting it)
  • Success (especially in business and money)
  • Power and taking action
  • Overcoming perfectionism
  • Self-confidence
  • Waking up spiritually and staying awake
  • White magic
  • Love
  • More focus on health, happiness, and alignment in future courses
  • Self-discipline
  • Addictions
  • Self-sabotaging behaviors
  • Building income streams
  • A course on personal growth fundamentals (like CGW)
  • Making money being yourself
  • Alignment (can combine with character sculpting)
  • Productivity, especially creative productivity
  • Learning new skills quickly
  • Finding your life purpose
  • Identifying and aligning with your values
  • Tapping into psychic / intuitive guidance
  • Trusting the universe
  • More woo woo
  • Walking the path
  • Achievement
  • Health
  • Recapturing motivation and enthusiasm and handling shifting values as you age
  • Conscious marketing
  • Confronting fears
  • Focus
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Writing
  • Interconnected world of energy
  • Starting out as a creative professional, building a following
  • Law of attraction
  • Creative abundance
  • Thinking really big
  • Power / authority

By far the #1 suggestion for a future deep dive was on the topic of Subjective Reality. That’s going to be our next one. I’ll share more about that later this month. I can say that it’s going to have a different format than the last one.

Continued Service

How can we continue to serve and support you going forward?

  • Keep doing what you’re doing
  • Visit West Africa
  • Offer a discount on future courses to DAI participants
  • Send follow-up emails to see how we’re progressing
  • Offer more deep dives
  • Keep CGC going
  • Just be yourself
  • Keep up the playfulness and humor
  • Keep being your authentic lightworker self
  • A periodic video blog with some reminders and follow-ups
  • Keep exploring and co-creating
  • Give us feedback on the feedback / survey results
  • A periodic revisit of past articles / topics
  • Add an affiliate program (multiple requests)
  • Check in on us in 6 months like with a simple question or survey
  • Remind us to keep making progress
  • Keep up the great work
  • Keep creating abundance
  • Keep responding to emails personally
  • Keep me informed of future projects
  • More of the same
  • An outline of the material so I can jump around lessons
  • Do similar events on a regular basis
  • Some sort of accountability and follow-up
  • Keep innovating
  • Make the DAI course more action-oriented in CGC like with action steps and reporting
  • Follow-up blog posts regarding topics we touched on
  • Do a follow-up 30-day experiment on subjective reality
  • Offer an opportunity for one-on-one chats / consults / personal coaching calls
  • More support in expressing my uniqueness
  • Find a way to keep us going
  • Ensure this continues to be extremely helpful and affordable for those that need it most
  • Have a short summary of each video
  • Keep blogging
  • Have a follow-up call after a few months
  • Keep me informed about CGC’s development
  • Keep sending abundance vibes
  • More heart-driven deep dives
  • Keep trusting your reality
  • Keep following your path with a heart
  • Keep offering flexible options for learning (like the self pacing and live call options)
  • Keep the door open for latecomers

The most common type of answer was of the “keep doing what you’re doing” type, along with more encouragement to keep following a heart-aligned path.

I wasn’t originally planning to share the DAI survey feedback publicly. I was just going to use it for improving the design and delivery of future deep dives. But since a few people suggested sharing it because they wanted to know how it landed with their peers who took the course, I figured why not. So that request inspired this post.

Public Feedback From Participants

If you’re willing to share any thoughts, results, or feedback that we can post publicly (especially to help others decide if DAI would be a good choice for them), please share them here.

With respect to this survey item, there was a ton of feedback that participants offered to share publicly, but at 6000+ words I think this post is long enough already. So I’ll share that feedback on DAI in a separate post later this week.

There were a couple other pieces of survey feedback related to CGC and general comments that I won’t share here since they don’t actually pertain to DAI, but I went over all of that too.

I hope you enjoyed this insight into what people thought of the Deep Abundance Integration course. I’m really glad it was such a positive experience for so many participants. I intend to keep DAI available as an evergreen course indefinitely, so you can still take the course if you’re interested. And if you’re like the other people who signed up, I’d predict that you have about a 2/3 chance of completing the course in the first 30 days. 🙂

October 1st, 2018 was my 14-year anniversary starting this blog and website. So we’re now beginning year #15. Can you believe it’s been that long already? Back in 2004 I had to face my own abundance alignment challenge by deciding to follow my path with a heart and transition out of a 10-year career in game development. While it’s great to make a living from personal development work, it’s also really nice to see such direct feedback that it’s making a difference in people’s lives.