Our Next Deep Dive (Not for Muggles)

Even before Deep Abundance Integration finished on August 30th, people were already asking about the next deep dive and suggesting topics for it. I also asked about this in the closing survey for those who took the course.

The feedback on the DAI course was super positive, and there were lots of suggestions for future deep dives, but there was a clear winner that was suggested more than any other topic, and that was Subjective Reality. This is the perspective that we could be living in a simulator or a dream world.

This didn’t surprise me too much. We integrated the subjective perspective into the DAI course quite a bit, especially in terms of creating a trusting relationship with reality. Trust wounds are a major cause of scarcity, so we had to address that.

The DAI course was very balanced, connecting the dots between the objective and subjective, so the course could appeal to a wide range of people with different modeling preferences. But there were a lot of people who wanted to delve more deeply into the woo woo side, the nature of reality, manifestation tools, and Subjective Reality in particular.

So let’s explore the possibility of doing our next group deep dive on Subjective Reality…

My Thoughts on This Topic

A key lesson I learned many years ago is that if I’m to be fully engaged with my work, my work has to stay aligned with my path of growth. If I try to do work that feels out of sync with this path, it kills my motivation and enthusiasm.

I loved doing the abundance deep dive because it was beautifully aligned with some ideas I wanted to explore at this time. Because of that I think my enthusiasm for the topic and the shared group experience really came through. Many people noted this in their survey feedback, comments throughout the 30 days, and in follow-up emails. I felt super engaged with this topic, largely because I was careful about making an aligned choice to begin with.

Subjective Reality is another topic for which I can summon a lot of enthusiasm, but I have to be careful with how I approach it. I began exploring SR in earnest at least 12 years ago, and I’ve written a good bit about it already, so I wouldn’t be interested in doing a deep dive on this if it just means rehashing what I’ve already explored in the past.

What would excite me today would be a deep dive into SR that links with other ideas that have been fascinating me lately. One is imagination. Among my biggest challenges these days is expanding and improving my imagination – my ability to dream up new possibilities and to explore the “what if” space. The SR perspective helps a great deal with this, but it really just gets you started. How can you dream up something radically new, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before? How are we limited by the current boundaries of our imagination, and how can we shift those boundary lines?

Another fascination that connects with SR is conscious spirituality. I moved beyond religion decades ago and have explored a lot in the space of spirituality, including a variety of woo woo directions. It’s a big part of my life but mostly in private, and it’s not something I’ve blogged about much. To me spirituality is the big picture framing I use to cultivate an empowering relationship with life, the universe, and everything. And this connects with SR in a huge way. I briefly touched on some spiritual tools in the DAI course, as those tools linked with abundance. Many people loved those segments, but I also felt that I had to give the more objectively minded people some extra warning when I used this perspective, so I kept the coverage of spirituality pretty limited in the DAI course.

Another aspect of SR that still fascinates me is using it to think big. In the DAI feedback, one participant described thinking big as a form of real magic. That resonated with me. We might label it as magic when it’s outside our comfort zones, but making those bigger asks aligns really nicely with SR too. Can we set goals and intentions where we can’t even imagine an objective pathway to the result?

Doing a straightforward deep dive into SR would feel too vanilla to me, but a more creative deep dive into SR, imagination, thinking big, and conscious spirituality – and seeking to connect the dots between those – sounds deliciously engaging and interesting to explore, especially with a group of like-minded people.

Presently I’m just leaning into this direction to see how it feels. I haven’t locked this down yet. But I feel drawn to this idea so far, and I think there’s a nugget of something awesome here. Do you think this idea has potential? Do you sense the seed of something cool here?

At this point I think it’s wise to open this up to some co-creative input and invite your feedback. If you don’t like this idea, there’s no need to tell me. I’m well aware that SR isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But if this excites or appeals to you on some level, please let me know any ideas you might have. In particular, I’d love to know two things:

  1. What are your biggest challenges and questions when it comes to Subjective Reality, imagination, conscious spirituality, and anything else in this space that you’d like to explore more deeply?
  2. What would make a deep dive into this space a win for you?

This type of experience would surely appeal more to the wizard types who like to creatively explore their relationship with reality. Most muggles wouldn’t get it, and that’s okay. This is likely to have strong appeal to people who’ve already explored SR to some degree and have seen some fascinating results from it, enough to know that this rabbit hole really does have rabbits in it.

So this wouldn’t be for people who are skeptical about SR or who need a lot of convincing about the value of such an exploration. I think this would work best if we attract an aligned group of people who want to collectively explore the imaginative spiritual space of possibility and power together. There will be other muggle-friendly deep dives ahead, but this one wouldn’t be one of them.

Catering to a more wizardly audience for this deep dive would allow me to drop any concerns about having to translate everything back into objective reality. I see this as an opportunity for us to delve into the Matrix together and see what’s really there. Dive into that space fully and expansively. Focus on the exploration and the possibility of it. Do some power experiments. See what we can learn and understand together. Connect the dots for ourselves. Don’t worry about how we’d explain any of this to the skeptical muggles who remain convinced that they live in a strictly objective universe. Fully enter the wizarding realm, and see what’s possible there. (If that last sentence doesn’t sit well with you, you’d be wise to sit this one out.)

On a limited basis, I’ve had the opportunity to hang out with people who are really into SR. Somehow this really seems to amp up the flow, the synchronicities, the power, and the magic. But add just one skeptic to the scene, and it limits what we’re able to experience, as if the full power of the simulator can’t break through the limiting beliefs of the skeptic and therefore must constrain the accessible possibility space, perhaps to avoid scaring the skeptic. For the most part, reality seems to allow us to experience what our beliefs allow through. How would you like to crack open that possibility space even more? Does that scare you? Excite you? Maybe a bit of both?

I think there could be something really wonderful, exciting, and expansive about doing a deep dive with something akin to a “not for muggles” sign on the entry door. Offer a deep dive that gently but firmly scares off the skeptics, so the people who actually participate will be genuinely curious explorers who want to stretch themselves and their realities, especially due to having prior experience with this type of rabbit hole.

Such a deep dive could still have a lot of structure. It could still include many powerful tools. And it could have immense practical value as well. But I’d prefer to frame it as a group exploration or deep dive, not a how-to course. The benefits of exploring in this way together would be unpredictable, although I expect they could be profoundly powerful for many people who are into it.

For these reasons I expect that this type of deep dive will appeal to a tighter, smaller subset of my readership than the previous abundance course. I’m sure there will be some overlap in these audiences, but I wouldn’t expect 700+ people like we had with DAI. Then again, why limit the possibility space in advance? Perhaps this is an opportunity to stretch my own assumptions as well. What if there are more wizards in my audience than I previously realized? It would be fun to find out who they are and to bring such people together.

The Format

For the format I’m not entirely sure – that remains to be decided – but I don’t think that re-using the 30-day format from DAI would be the right fit. I like the live video sessions, including recording them, but for this type of deep dive, I think we need more space between sessions. Give people some breaks to test ideas and report back. I also think we could go longer than 30 days for this one, like maybe about 2 months from end to end but with some breaks in between for us to experiment individually.

I can also see this one being more interactive and experiential, especially if it attracts a smaller and more intimate group than DAI. In particular I could see us doing some interesting group manifestation experiments together. If we pool our energy, what can we co-create?

I think the format should fit the deep dive, so I think this one could use more variety than DAI. I’m sure we can figure out an interesting format, but I’d like to hear from those who are most interested in this idea first, so we can pick a format that appeals to them. The better I understand such people and their challenges and desires, the easier it is to make related decisions.


We could potentially launch this as soon as October. I have other deep dives in mind for 2019, but I think it would be nice to do one more group deep dive for 2018.

For some reason this particular time of year feels like a nice fit for a deep dive into SR, imagination, creative power, and spirituality. Maybe it’s the combo of certain holidays. Maybe it’s the transition to cooler weather. Or maybe it just feels like a nice way to finish up the year by exploring with a kickass group of wizards. 🙂

I’m not in a rush to launch this, so it feels right to bounce this idea around a bit first and see how it evolves… to see how many people can sync with it. If the core idea generates some enthusiasm in people who feel aligned with it, the idea is likely to converge into something real.

If you often regard yourself as a non-muggle, woo woo, powerfully creative, or spiritual type, and you had the chance to do a deep dive with lots of like-minded people together for several weeks, what would you want to explore? What would make this an easy yes for you?