The Purpose of Life

Here’s my attempt to write a short post, which for me means staying under 2,000 words. 🙂

Channeling my inner Seth Godin, here we go…

What is the purpose of life?

The purpose of life is to increase your alignment with truth, love, and power.

You are here to:

  1. Discover and accept ever deeper truths.
  2. Learn to love more deeply and unconditionally.
  3. Develop and express your creativity.

#1 leads to wisdom.

#2 leads to joy.

#3 leads to strength.

The point of life is to learn to be wise, joyful, and strong — all at the same time and without compromising or sacrificing any of these. In order to improve one, you must improve all three.

If these pursuits aren’t your life’s highest priority, you’ve missed the point of life entirely. You’ll have a better sense of that when you die, at which point you will lose:

  1. Your physical body
  2. All your stuff (money, home, possessions)
  3. Your positions and titles
  4. Your physical relationships

If there is an afterlife, it’s likely that the only element of your existence you can possibly retain is your consciousness. Therefore, if you seek to increase your alignment with truth, love, and power, you may have the opportunity to retain those gains even after your physical death because such gains are nonphysical. Everything else stays here.

On the other hand, even if there is no afterlife, the pursuit of truth, love, and power while you’re here will make your physical existence much more meaningful and fulfilling as you experience it. Physical life becomes significantly easier when you root yourself to the permanent instead of chasing the temporary. Truth, love, and power are permanent because they’re universal concepts. Wherever there is consciousness, these concepts have meaning.

Regardless of what happens when you die, if you center your life around the pursuit of truth, love, and power, you can’t lose. You’ll have done your best.

Whenever you turn your back on truth, love, or power, you distance yourself from experiencing wisdom, joy, and strength. This means you’ll experience confusion, unhappiness, and weakness instead. Whatever problems you currently face can be resolved by realigning yourself with truth, love, and power.




This is how you win the game of life.

Questions? Ask Seth. 😉