Podcast #020 – Creative Self-Expression

Many people have been socially conditioned to believe that a career or job should be chosen based how well it pays and how qualified you are to hold it. This podcast will explain why that approach is completely backwards. Paradoxically by selecting a career based on money and skills, your financial and career results will be but a pale shadow of your potential. And even worse than that, you will virtually guarantee long-term unhappiness. Going to work each day will become something you only do because you have to, not because you want to, and staying motivated will be very, very hard.

The path for conscious human beings is to focus first and foremost on joyful, creative self-expression. That is far more important than money, skill fit, or even contribution to others. Your own creativity is the very mechanism by which you’ll achieve everything else you could possibly want — including financial abundance, superior talent, long-term fulfillment, and meaningful contribution.

This podcast is organized around the four-part model from the article Living Congruently:

  • Body (physical needs): What must you do?
  • Mind (talents and skills): What can you do?
  • Heart (passion and desire): What do you want to do?
  • Spirit (purpose and contribution): What should you do?

One of my greatest wishes is for you to enjoy a deeply fulfilling career that is an ideal fit for who you are, such that the very act of being yourself allows you to meet your needs almost effortlessly. In order to get there, however, you’ll need to release any disempowering beliefs that still hold you back.

Throughout this podcast I share my own career mistakes and successes in the hope they may help you understand how to apply these ideas in your own life. I explain why I switched careers in 2004 and how I came to that decision.

I recorded this podcast yesterday but didn’t have time to post it until today. Hence the date mentioned on the podcast is one day earlier than this post.

Enjoy the podcast.

Creative Self-Expression

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