This article continues our exploration of Polarity. If you haven’t yet digested the first article, you’ll probably want to do so before reading this one, since now we’re going to extend those concepts even further.

A quick review

Every thought has two components: content and energy. Content is the data portion of a thought, and energy is the carrier that gives a thought the power to manifest. Think of each thought as being like a radio wave. The electromagnetic radio wave is the energy component, and the information being transmitted is the content.

Our bodies behave like energetic receiver-transmitters, translating the energy that flows through us into emotional states. High-energy thoughts generate intense emotional states. Low-energy thoughts generate little or no emotion.

Thought energy has a polarity. That polarity is either in-flowing or out-flowing. In-flowing thoughts focus on receiving and acquiring. Out-flowing thoughts focus on creating and giving.

The thoughts with the greatest power to manifest are those which are highly polarized, meaning that your attention is primarily focused on inflow or outflow but not both. It is possible for the energy component of a thought to have a mixture of both in-flowing and out-flowing polarities, but those opposite polarities will cancel each other, and the thought will have significantly less power to manifest. Electromagnetic waves at the same frequency can interfere with each other, so even though the overall energy of each signal is high, the content of both signals ends up as garbled static. Thoughts behave similarly.

The manifestation of a highly polarized thought can occur through motivated action or passive synchronicity or (usually) a combination of both. Ultimately the intentional energy is what sparks the chain of events leading to the eventual manifestation.

To improve your ability to manifest an intention, make a choice to use either in-flowing or out-flowing energy but not both. As you will soon see, that choice is much more significant than it appears at first glance.

What goes around comes around

As you might suspect, the flow of energy never stops. It is always circulating. Consider the basic patterns of polarized energy flow.

Polarized outflow: In this situation you focus your attention on the outflow. Your intention is aligned with creating, giving, or contributing. Your outward flow of energy causes an associated energetic response from the universe, so the energy flows right back to you again. It may flow back to you through other people, through money, through loving relationships, etc. But there will always be a compensating return flow. The best way to receive that return flow is with gratitude; then send it back out again to generate more outflow. The rule for this polarity is: Giving is its own reward.

Polarized inflow: In this situation you focus your attention on the inflow. Your intention is aligned with getting, acquiring, or achieving. Your inward flow of energy causes an associated energetic response from the universe, so this energetic debt must flow back out of you again. In this case the compensating return flow will be some kind of payback. It may be an outward flow of money, work to be completed, the manifestation of competitors, etc. The rule for this polarity is: we live in a competitive world, and you have to look out for number one.

Mixed flow: Attempting to mix the two flows together will generally create an energetic mess. Instead of building a strong, steady flow in one direction, you will manifest chaotic turbulence. Your job is to focus on one end and let the universe handle the return flow. This is what it means to “go with the flow.” If you focus on giving, you will receive too. If you focus on getting, you will manifest a compensating outflow. But if you send out energy in both directions, you will have to deal with the summation of both return flows. This constant shifting of your energy will make your life seem far more random and accidental than it really is, but you’re really just be tossed around by the wake of your own thought waves.

Creating energetic chaos by constantly shifting polarities is something you’re always free to do. If you wish to be tossed around by the currents of life, go ahead. In fact, most people do exactly this. But it’s a mistake to blame outside forces for your current situation when you’re only dealing with the natural reflections of the energies you’ve produced in the first place.


The concept of karma is easy to explain in terms of polarized energy flow. The energies you put out will always come back to you. The polarity of outflow generates positive karma, while the polarity of inflow generates negative karma (i.e. karmic debt). If you heavily favor one polarity over the other, it’s easier to observe the karmic reflections. However, if you frequently switch polarities or mix them together, you’ll have a hard time connecting the dots between your experiences and the thoughts that spawned them.

I want to emphasize that negative karma isn’t necessarily a terrible thing if you’re willing to accept the karmic reflections and pay them willingly. Karmic debt is much like financial debt. It can be used constructively, or it can overwhelm you. Those who are skilled with the polarity of inflow learn to accept the karmic debt created by their intentions and pay it willingly rather than resisting it.

Understanding inflow and outflow

In the previous article, when I explained the polarities of inflow and outflow, I failed to do them justice. As I scanned the feedback (via email and forums), it was clear that many people thought I was describing two sides of the same coin, like yin and yang. Some suggested the best option would be to balance the two polarities. But these polarities are not something you’d want to balance. Saying that you should balance the polarities of outflow and inflow is like saying you should balance your good deeds with evil ones… or that you should punch as many people as you hug. In this case balance is not a desirable quality, unless you want to be a very conflicted individual.

The confusion was my fault for selecting terms like inflow and outflow that imply an inherent balance. How can you have inflow without outflow, and vice versa? The difference between polarities is more extreme though, and I’ll attempt to do a better job distinguishing between them here. Instead of inflow and outflow, I’ll use different terms to describe them: fear (instead of inflow) and love (instead of outflow). These terms are probably more accurate labels, since they imply fundamentally different ways of relating to life. They are polar opposites, but they aren’t the kind you’d want to balance or blend together.

Let me describe these two energetic polarities in a slightly different way now, this time using the labels of fear and love.


Fear (inflow) is the energy of survival, power, and control. It is associated with intense emotions such as greed, victory, or lust. Fear energy seeks expression through the acquisition of power. It wants to overwhelm, to dominate, to conquer, to possess. When you fantasize about dominating or controlling others or your environment, you’re summoning fear energy.

If you want a great role model for mastering fear energy, picture the Emperor character from Star Wars.

Fear is a specific way of relating to life that says, “I am inherently vulnerable, and the more power I have, the less vulnerable I become.” Life is a competitive venture, and ultimately you can’t trust anyone but yourself. The point of life is to increase your power. The part of you that believes you need to acquire more power, more money, more status, or a better position is the part that resonates with fear energy. If a fear-polarized person could pick a magical power, s/he would choose something to increase his/her dominance over others or the environment, probably something like mind control.

The peak emotion of polarized fear energy is that of feeling unstoppably powerful. When you build a certain intensity of fear energy, you will feel incredibly powerful and dominant. This is how those who polarize with fear energy connect with God or Source. They strive to become gods unto themselves.


Love is the energy of connectedness, creation, and service. It is associated with intense emotions such as joy, peace, and oneness. Love seeks expression through giving and creativity. It wants to connect, to heal, to unite, to inspire. When you intensely desire to serve the highest good of all, you’re summoning love energy.

If you want a great role model for mastering love energy, the best example I can think of is Jesus Christ.

Love is a specific way of relating to life that says, “No matter what happens, I am perfectly safe.” You relate to life from a state of fearlessness because you know that on a fundamental level, nothing can truly harm you. The point of life is joyful self-expression. The part of you that believes that everything is already perfect and that you are here to embrace and enjoy the experience is the part that resonates with love energy. If a love-polarized person could pick a magical power, s/he would choose something to increase his/her ability to serve the greater good, probably something like the ability to heal people.

The peak emotion of polarized love energy is that of experiencing complete perfection and undeniable beauty in all things. When you build a certain intensity of love energy, you will radiate gratitude, joy, and unconditional love. This is how those who polarize with love energy connect with God or Source. They dissolve all barriers between God and themselves, so that Self and God become one.


The reason you find yourself living as a human being in this physical universe is so you can experiment freely with both polarities at relatively low intensities. Eventually you must choose between them, meaning that you yourself must polarize.

It makes no sense to attempt to balance fear and love energies because they cancel each other. They are two fundamentally different ways of relating to existence. Either you believe you’re fundamentally safe here (love polarization), or you don’t (fear polarization). Those of us who find ourselves living as human beings are still working to address this fundamental question. Once we make that choice and come to terms with it, we begin the next stage of our existence.

Mixing love and fear energies is the result of not having made this choice yet. We aren’t certain what to believe. We don’t even know how to make the choice. But ultimately that’s exactly what it is — a choice to be made of our own free will. Although you likely have a pre-existing moral bias about this decision, in the grand scheme of things there is no right or wrong answer. You can choose to polarize with fear, or you can choose to polarize with love. The whole point of your human existence is to help you come to terms with that decision and then to actually make it.

Polarization and levels of consciousness

What’s the relationship between polarization and your level of consciousness? While people often bias their descriptions of those levels to favor love orientation, it’s entirely possible to have a fear orientation at any level as well.

Those who choose to polarize with love become lightworkers. Those who choose to polarize with fear become darkworkers. The more conscious and aware you become, the more easily you’ll observe the role of polarized energy, and the more pressure you’ll feel to polarize one way or the other. Your level of consciousness doesn’t dictate your polarity, but it does help you come to terms with the importance of this decision.

At each level of consciousness, there are fear-based and love-based manifestations. For example, there is a form of courage that’s rooted in fear, and there’s another form of courage that’s rooted in love. The fear-based courage will entice you to conquer your fears, while the love-based courage will motivate you to transcend your fears. As another example, at the level of peace, there’s a certain peace that comes from a sense of oneness, and there’s another kind of peace that comes from wielding a sufficient amount of power.

Consider the Emperor character from Star Wars. He was highly conscious and aware (not suffering from depression, apathy, grief, or shame), but he chose to polarize with the dark side of the force (fear orientation). His consciousness combined with his polarization made him extremely powerful — this made it easy for him to turn Anakin to the dark side, since Anakin was less conscious and more conflicted. Although Star Wars is fiction, the concepts of the light side and dark side are very similar to the polarities of love and fear, respectively. If you want to master the force (i.e. energy flow), you must eventually polarize. Those who never polarize are largely powerless and will simply serve as pawns of those who do.

Making the polarity choice

Erin has done a few intuitive readings for highly conscious people who are facing the polarization decision. These people struggle with what is the biggest decision of their lives, and they’re often on the fence about it. They’re usually leaning one way or the other, but they can still see both alternatives as possible. They have the feeling that once they decide, there’s no going back.

Having made this choice myself, I can say that it is not remotely easy. When you first begin to understand the fundamental nature of this choice, it can take many years to come to terms with it.

Ultimately the way I made the decision was to ask this question: Which reality do I wish to experience? I knew that once I made the choice, I’d begin attracting a reality that would reflect my choice. I’d eventually be surrounded by the corresponding reflections that matched my energetic output. When I looked at the choice through that lens, it was easier for me to decide (but still not easy). I consciously decided to polarize with love, since that is the reality I wish to experience.

Now you might be thinking, “Who on earth would want to polarize with fear energy? Obviously love is the only proper choice.” If that’s your thinking, then I would say you haven’t yet come to terms with your own shadow, and you aren’t ready to polarize. Before you can make this decision consciously, you must understand the appeal of both polarities because that’s the whole point of human existence.


After you decide to polarize you still have access to both energetic polarities, but one of them will become dominant over the other. This change doesn’t happen instantly. Most likely it’s a very gradual progression as you rely on the non-dominant polarity less and less and on the dominant one more and more.

As you learn to use your dominant energy more frequently, your ability to manifest what you want increases. It’s like you finally have your batteries plugged in the right way, so a strong current is able to flow. The energetic waves that come back to you are magnified because your energetic output begins to form a resonance pattern. It’s like pushing a child on a swing. If you push at random intervals, the child won’t swing very high because some of your pushes will cancel each other. But if you push with the right rhythm, the child will swing higher and higher. In each case your total energy output is the same, but the results are very different. When you stick with energy of a single polarity, you’re finally pushing with the right rhythm, manifesting greater results without working any harder. If you used mixed energy and try to improve your results by working harder, you’ll only manifest more frustration.

Over time it becomes harder to rely on your non-dominant polarity when you know it’s going to reduce your effectiveness in the long run. An intensely selfish person who one day shows heart-felt mercy just ends up weakening himself, and an intensely giving person who acts from obsessive lust does the same. If you use your non-dominant energy after you’ve polarized, it will absolutely, positively weaken you in some way.

Consider Darth Vader’s story. He’s tooling along, successfully building his empire with highly polarized energy. Then at the end of Return of the Jedi, he suddenly switches polarities to save his son. Boom! He and his mentor both wind up dead, and his glorious empire goes down the tubes. All of his power gone in an instant. Now if he hadn’t made that stupid mistake — stupid from a fear-polarized perspective, that is — he’d have killed Luke and the Emperor too, making himself the most powerful person in the galaxy.

Polarization comes with the responsibility to be consistent in your energy usage. You can’t keep switching sides every day like people do before they polarize. You can’t be forgiving one day and then plot revenge the next. Sticking to a single polarity for a sufficient length of time will increase your capacity to create flow. Once that flow reaches a certain level, you can’t reverse it mid-stream without serious energetic consequences. You’re too likely to manifest an energetic explosion.

The consequences of polarization

At their fullest intensities, both polarities are extremely powerful. But until you polarize, you don’t have access to the full range on either side. On a scale of -10 to 10, you maybe get to operate in the -3 to +3 range before you polarize, and that’s a logarithmic scale. After you polarize you gradually get access to the rest of the range… but only on one side or the other.

Again Star Wars has a great analogy here. The force is polarized energy. It has a light side (love) and a dark side (fear). If you want to master the force, you must pick a side. The purer your polarity, the greater your ability to use the force. The more polarized the character, the greater his/her ability to use the force. Those individuals who hadn’t yet polarized, such as Han Solo, couldn’t use the force to do anything special, even after watching others use it. Whether in Star Wars or the real world, undecided skeptics remain largely powerless, serving as pawns of the polarized.

After you polarize and learn to use your dominant energy with greater intensity, there will be major consequences. These include clearer thinking, stronger and more accurate intuition, increased psychic development, and a greater ability to manifest your desires. Overall life will become much easier for you because you’ll have a greater capacity to use intentional energy. It’s like being 10x stronger — everything you pick up feels lighter.

That increased capacity comes with a price, however. You’ll feel a greater responsibility to use it. For a darkworker the responsibility is to increase your positional power, to become more dominant in your primary undertakings through competitive superiority. For a lightworker the responsibility is to expand your capacity for unconditional love and creative expression. As polarized energy courses through you, it seeks to increase its flow and to increase your capacity as an energetic medium.

Polarized momentum

Once you begin favoring a single energetic polarity, the feedback you receive will encourage you to keep heading in the same direction. This is because the energetic feedback will eventually align itself with your dominant polarity. In essence when you use fear energy, you’ll attract more reasons to use it. The same goes for love energy.

For example, if you devote your life to serving the highest good of all, you will receive an enormous return flow from the universe. The more you give, the more you will receive. This return flow, especially when received gratefully, will only encourage you to continue giving. The joyful emotions you experience will do likewise.

On the other hand, if you center your life around conquest, acquisition, and victory, the energetic feedback will tend to reinforce your competitive posture, since the universe will always be pulling the energy back out again. You’ll manifest enemies and competitors that you must constantly defend against, and as you gain more positional power, they’ll become stronger and more resolute in their attempts to drain your energy. The more powerful you become, the more powerful your opposition becomes, and the less you can afford to let your guard down. The emotions you experience as a result of this energy flow will further reinforce your focus on strengthening your position and striving for greater dominance.

A person who hasn’t yet polarized will manifest mixed and chaotic feedback. Since their energy output is scrambled, it can’t build any momentum and will tend to remain scrambled. Such people have very little power to manifest their desires, so they usually end up as pawns (servants, employees, followers, etc.) of those who are more polarized. This isn’t a bad thing per se, since it provides important experience, but eventually it’s necessary to make the polarization choice consciously and deliberately.

Final words of advice

Don’t worry about polarizing your entire being right away. Start with small decisions, and observe the consequences. When you tackle a particular problem or goal or put out an intention, consciously decide which polarity you’re going to use, and stick with it. For example, suppose you want to resolve a problem with a certain co-worker. Will you attempt to dominate and gain power over the other person to get what you want, or will you unconditionally forgive and accept that person and attempt to do what’s best for him/her? Either approach can work, but they have very different consequences, and those consequences will tend to reinforce the original polarity choice.

Notice how these different energies feel when you apply them consciously. And notice how much more effective it is to use a single polarity instead of haphazardly mixing them together. This will help you gain experience with both polarities, making it easier for you to eventually decide which polarity to align yourself with.