Personal Development and Subjective Reality

What does the mindset of Subjective Reality have to do with personal development?

Your own path of personal development will proceed in accordance with your thoughts and beliefs. It can proceed no other way. Hence, you will enjoy and experience the most growth if you choose to hold the most empowering beliefs you can in this particular present moment. If you expect to grow rapidly, to grow peacefully, and to enjoy the process, then that will be your experience. If you expect this web site to help you grow, then it will.

As you endeavor to grow then, it is important to pay attention to two things:

1) You can grow by honoring your expectations.

It makes no sense to take any action that you expect will produce a negative result. If you expect that reading this web site will be a waste of your time, then you should not read it. Never read a book just because you feel you should if you honestly don’t expect to benefit from it. Never go to a party you expect you won’t enjoy. Do not attend a class if you expect you won’t learn anything. Honor your expectations.

Avoid resisting your negative expectations, but do follow the path of your most positive expectations. If you expect that reading a particular book or web site will help you a lot, then by all means do so. If you expect that joining a certain organization will help you, do it. If you expect that asking for a very desirable date will yield a yes, then ask for the date. Again, honor your expectations.

Make your behavior congruent with your expectations. Don’t fight your own manifestation. That would be utterly pointless and will only yield frustration.

2) You can grow by changing your expectations.

In addition to honoring your expectations, you can also grow by changing your expectations. The Subjective Reality Q&A 3 post explained how to do that.

Take control over your thoughts, and consciously change what you are manifesting.

Use #1 and #2 as guideposts on your path to growth. When you feel that working in accordance with your expectations is yielding wonderful results, follow method #1. When you start running into walls because you keep manifesting what you don’t want, switch to #2 and change what you are manifesting. In this manner you alternative between manifesting and experiencing what you’ve manifested, which ultimately yields the most growth and the richest life experience.