Top 500 Blog

Not long ago this blog reached the top 500 on the blog search engine Technorati, out of more than 20 million blogs indexed. Its current rank is #420 (last week it was #469). According to Technorati, this blog has over 2200 incoming links from over 900 other blogs. That’s an average of about 6 new links appearing every day since this blog first launched. And that only includes links to the blog and its content, not to other pages of the site.

While I know there are many blogs whose traffic dwarfs this one, I’m delighted to see a personal development blog make it into the Technorati top 500, especially an independent one that isn’t part of a blog network and which provides its own original content.

Total number of articles posted to this blog: 274
Total amount of money spent marketing this blog: $0

In case other bloggers are curious, my strategy for building traffic to this blog has been to focus on providing value first and foremost, which translates into doing my best to create high-quality, original content that will positively change the way you think and behave. The #1 factor in growing traffic to this site over the past year has been word of mouth. What I like about this strategy is that it’s independent of technology. Since I focus primarily on people instead of computers, I’m not worried about changes to search engine ranking algorithms or other uncontrollable technology factors. I try to write timeless content that will still have the potential to provide value 10-20 years from now. I imagine that in 2015, people will still be interested in ways to build their self-Discipline, to live a more purposeful existence, to reach a new level of performance, etc.

I’m grateful for all the support the blogging community has bestowed upon this site over the past year. It’s wonderful to find so many like-minded people who are willing to assume full responsibility for their lives instead of blaming external circumstances.