Visualization-Meditation Exercise: Go To Your Room

This is a guest post from Erin.

It’s a visualization / meditation exercise for communicating with your subconscious mind (or your higher self, spiritual guides, a higher power, etc.). Feel free to adapt the paradigm she uses to fit into your current belief system. She taught me this about 11 years ago, and I’ve been practicing it ever since.

Go To Your Room

Wouldn’t it be great if your subconscious mind could leave you messages the same way someone might leave you a message on voicemail? How valuable would it be to receive a direct message from your subconscious or higher self? What if you could not only get a message but have a back-and-forth conversation with your subconscious mind?

When I was a teenager a friend of mine taught me a method for doing just that. I’d like to share it with you and see if you find it as amazing and valuable as I do. It’s a method I still practice today when I want to receive a direct message from my higher self. Here’s what you do:

You can do this lying down or in a comfortable chair. I usually do it at night before I go to sleep since I know I won’t be interrupted, and it also helps prepare me for sleep and interesting dreams.

Close your eyes and relax. Imagine you are walking into an elevator and the doors close. You are on the 21st floor, and you are on your way down. See the numbered display above the elevator doors, and notice that the light for the 21st floor is lit. Now you are going down the elevator, and you see the light for the 20th floor turn on. Breathe deeply in between floors. Next you see “19” and so on. Feel the motion of the elevator as you go down, see the numbered lights counting down, and count them in your mind as you breathe deeply once or twice in between floors. When you reach the first floor, the doors open. Step out.

Now you see a staircase, going down. There are exactly 21 steps. Imagine yourself walking down the staircase, but pause for a moment on each step, and take a deep breath before stepping down to the next one. Count in your mind, and really feel yourself walking down the stairs. When you reach “1” you are at the bottom of the staircase.

Now you see a door that is slightly ajar. You walk up to it, open it, and see a brightly lit corridor with dozens of closed doors along the way. A guardian is standing there, and you ask him or her to be led to “your room.” Imagine you are being led down the corridor to your room. Open the door.

What you see inside as you step into your room is entirely up to you and your imagination. Explore the room and take note of what you see in there. Is it cluttered or neat? Is it sterile or cozy? Does it look futuristic or antiquated? Is there furniture or is it bare? Whatever you see is fine. Just take note of it.

Find a place to sit down and ask to speak to your subconscious, or your higher self, or even your spirit guides. See who shows up. Have a conversation with them and ask them what they want you to know. Then listen. When you are through, thank them and exit your room. Be sure to close the door. Back track your way to the staircase and climb it, counting up from 1 to 21. Then step into the elevator and do the same, count up from 1 to 21 and step out. You’re done.

Now that is the setup. Later you can go back to your room any time and talk to whomever you find there.

Then experiment! When I go to my room, there is a chalkboard. And on that chalkboard is always a written message from my higher self. Perhaps in your room there is an answering machine, and you simply need to press play to hear the message. Or perhaps when you enter your room a phone is ringing, and you answer it and hear your message on the other end. Come up with a way for your subconscious or higher self to leave you messages that you can check when you don’t want to have a lengthy conversation.

You can use this method to get clarity on a problem by asking a specific question, then going into your room and seeing your answer on the chalkboard, or dry erase board, or hear it on your spiritual answering machine. Or you can use this method to have a long talk with your higher self or subconscious mind.

I’ve even gone so far as to lay down on the couch in my “room” and proceed to mentally enter another elevator and go down another 21 floors, then 21 steps, then into another corridor with another room! Talk about a trip! You could also try asking the corridor guardian to be taken to someone else’s room (perhaps a spouse or family member) and meet their higher self! See what happens and what their room looks like to you.

You can redecorate or make other changes to your room. If it’s cluttered, clean it up! You might find that your life is getting “cleaned up” by doing this. I’ve also done a room addition on mine so that now there is a cozy, comfortable bedroom for me to sleep in when I don’t feel like going all the way back up the stairs and elevator. ūüôā

The insights on this journey are invaluable. And the dreams you’ll have after doing this exercise may be a little more clear than usual. Pay attention to them and what they might be trying to tell you. And the next time you’re feeling unsettled or unclear about something in your life, just go to your room!

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