Let’s Do a Submersion Deep Dive Together!

I mentioned the idea of doing a Submersion course group deep dive experience together in my latest blog post about How to Shift Into a New Reality Faster. Submersion is a 60-day audio course with daily lessons and exercises to practice the perspective that you could be living in a simulation of sorts. I recorded Submersion in 2018 and 2019, and it’s been one of our most popular courses ever since (actually the #1 course in terms of sales). Submersion is ageless, so it’s just as relevant today as it was when it was first recorded. In fact, I recorded it with the intention that I would someday go through the course myself.

Here’s what I shared in that blog post:

I’m leaning towards going through Submersion myself this Fall, so I can do a concentrated deep dive into practicing the exercises every day. If other people are interested, perhaps we could make this a more social experience – do the exercises together and share our results. We could even do some group intention experiments along the way, much like we did with the fun and transformational Million Dollar Experiment. We never included a social layer with Submersion like we did with more recent courses like Amplify and Guild. I think I’m up for hosting a social version of the course if there’s enough interest – just let me know via my contact form if this appeals to you. Maybe we could have weekly calls as we go through the course together.

There’s clearly plenty of interest in this idea, so I say let’s do it! I can likely get this started within the next few weeks.

I’ll make this experience FREE for anyone who previously bought Submersion, including past and present members of Conscious Growth Club. I’ll email everyone in these groups to invite them to participate.

I still need to figure out the format for the group experience, but presently I’m envisioning weekly group Zoom calls with a pretty casual structure – lots of spaciousness for us to connect and share our experiences as we go.

I can share my own experiences of practicing Subjective Reality as well. I naturally practice this perspective every day, but it took a while to integrate it after I first got really into it about 20 years ago. I know that some people think it’s a bit “out there,” but I can’t complain about the results. The ideas in Submersion have created breakthroughs for myself and others where nothing else has moved the needle. It points us towards aspects of reality that give us a potent boost in the ability to create our realities.

I also think it would be wonderful to do some group intention experiences to help everyone in the group to manifest positive changes in our lives – such as financial abundance, relationship bliss, delightful adventures, beautiful growth experiences, and more. Let’s pool our collective energy to elevate everyone in the group and invite more yumminess into our lives. And let’s also devote some attention to intentions to elevate the planet as a whole – right now this world could surely use some of that.

For everyone else who hasn’t experienced Submersion yet, the cost to participate is nothing more than purchasing the Submersion course. More people have already done so since I shared this idea earlier this week, perhaps anticipating the group experience. But now I can say that I’m committed to it. I think it will be a fun way to connect, share, and encourage each other as we go through the course together. My heart, mind, and spirit all feel very motivated to do this.

I’ve never had the opportunity to go through one of my own courses as a student, so I’m really looking forward to this. I’ve been wanting to do this for years, and finally the timing feels right.

For this 4th quarter of 2022, I’ve been feeling drawn to explore a more spiritual direction, and I’ve noticed that many people are also resonating with the idea of focusing on a more expansive relationship with life – not just work, work, work. So I think the timing feels very aligned, and the Fall seems like a beautiful time of year to engage in this exploration together.

My intention is to help you create a more flowing, beautiful, and trusting relationship with life and reality. I expect this will be a very elevating experience for all who choose to participate. 💗💖💗