Million Dollar Experiment

The Million Dollar Experiment was an intention-manifestation experiment that ran from Nov 2005 to Feb 2007.

The goal of the experiment was to attempt to use the power of intention to manifest $1 million for each person who chose to participate. It was 100% free with no costs of any kind.

The basic experiment was outlined in two blog posts: Million Dollar Experiment and Million Dollar Experiment 2.0.


A total of 1730 people participated in the experiment publicly, although not everyone started at the same time. Those people reported manifesting a combined total of $1,247,929.17 in extra money.

The Intention

Each person who chose to participate agreed to consciously hold the following intention:

In an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way, in its own perfect time, for the highest good of all, I intend $1,000,000 to come into my life and into the lives of everyone who holds this intention.


Participants were provided with the following instructions:

Consciously think about the intention above for just 60 seconds per day. Sometime each day remind yourself to pause, take a deep breath, review the intention, focus your creative conscious energy on it with the expectation that it will manifest, and then release it completely. Allow the universe to handle the details. You're always free to do more, but commit yourself to at least 60 seconds each day for as long as you wish to continue the experiment. Treat it like an item on your daily to do list, or establish a regular time to make it a habit.

Spend time each day thinking about this intention. You can write it down, post it on a wall, recite it aloud, memorize it, visualize it happening, sing it, express it artistically, blog about it, discuss it with others, meditate on it, pray it, or otherwise put some positive thought energy behind it. Tell the universe to "make it so" in whatever way you feel is a good fit for your current belief system.

You don't have to physically do anything until and unless you feel intuitively guided to do so. Allow the universe to handle the details, and don't be concerned with how the money will manifest. Just focus on the intention while remaining detached from any particular outcome. Stay on the lookout for synchronicities (i.e. unusual coincidences) and new opportunities that may come into your life as a result of this experiment, especially within the first 48 hours. And when a new opportunity comes to you as a result of this intention, take advantage of it if you feel inspired to act.

Reasons to Join the Million Dollar Experiment

  • Help participate in a global thought experiment to experience the power of intention.
  • Focus your thoughts on the goal of attracting wealth in a way that serves the greater good.
  • Possibly become a millionaire yourself.
  • There's no downside other than investing a fraction of your time each day in holding the intention.
  • If there is a superconscious effect to this experiment, you will be on the receiving end of other people's positive intentions.
  • Even if the effect is purely subconscious in nature, you may become more attuned to financial opportunities in your life right now.
  • It's 100% free.
  • What if it works?

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