Join Us for Amplify’s First Live Call on March 10

Our first live group call for the new Amplify course on improving your creative flow is this Wednesday, March 10 at 10am Pacific time. So if you’d like to join me live, I encourage you to enroll in the course within the next few hours.

This call will include group sharing and abundant Q&A with me. It’s a great opportunity to amp up your creative motivation and inspiration. You’ll get to hear what other people are experiencing as they go through the course, which can help you gain extra tips and insights.

If you’re just joining us now, I recommend going through lesson 1.1 before you attend the first live call. It’s only 14 minutes of audio. It’s still okay though if you haven’t done any lessons before the call.

Each group call will be recorded and published to the Amplify portal, so you can still watch the recordings afterwards.

Module 1 of the course is now complete (all 10 lessons), and I just posted the first lesson of Module 2 today. Module 1 covers many powerful foundational ideas to improve your creative flow. Some people have already reported big shifts from those lessons.

The theme of Module 2 is Opportunity, so in the next group of lessons, we’ll explore how to spot the right creative opportunities for you, including how to prevent excess pivoting and shiny object syndrome.

We’re currently at 156 sign-ups for the course with more people enrolling each day, so this should make for some lively group calls. We have a diverse group with people from all around the world. Some are creative pros, and some are just starting to lean into their creative journeys – and everything in between.

I hope you’ll choose to join us for this exciting adventure! 😃