Amplify Invitation Video Feedback

I’ve actually received more compliments on the Amplify invitation video than perhaps any that I’ve done for previous courses. People really like how it speaks to them about their creative journeys. So I have high hopes that you’ll like it too. It’s a very unique invitation.

Get the details, watch the invitation video, and sign up here:

Amplify: Creative Productivity Deep Dive

So far 222 people have joined this deep dive, which is awesome, especially for a topic that’s so useful and beneficial throughout our entire lives. Imagine what a higher and more consistent creative flow could do for you over the next few decades – all the creative projects that you’ll finally finish and share with the world. Picture a whole bookshelf (or virtual bookshelf) filled with your creative accomplishments.

What will your creative legacy include?

Whenever you’re ready, I invite you to join 200+ creative adventurers in Amplify.

I’ll see you inside! 😄 ❤️❤️❤️