Going Facebook-Free for 2021

This week I closed my Facebook page and profile and deleted the app, so I’m no longer on Facebook. I’m looking forward to a Facebook-free year.

I had left the service before but rejoined about 4 years ago to participate in a paid one-year coaching program, which led to more paid programs that involved Facebook groups. The last of those ended in December, so this seems like a good time to return to being Facebook-free.

I’m not intending to be active on any social media this year.

If you want to connect socially, I’m active every day inside Conscious Growth Club, which will open for new members in April. I suppose it’s no surprise that this is the most aligned online community for me.

When it’s safe to do so, we’ll add some in-person workshops to the mix as well. It will be wonderful to create more opportunities for people from this community to connect face to face. That’s always a lot of fun! 🙂

Update: I deleted my Instagram account too. I opened an account there a few years ago to see if I’d like it, but I didn’t get into it much. I’m not a photographer and don’t care much about memes. It feels good to close that account and to free up that energy.