30-Day Delegation Challenge Coming in May

Since this is a skill I very much need to work on, I’m planning to kick off another 30-day challenge next month, most likely starting on Monday, May 14. For 30 days in a row, I’ll work on delegating and outsourcing tasks (both personal and work-related) in some fashion, so I can lean further into team building.

This will be a social challenge with other groups involved, including members of Conscious Growth Club. So far about a dozen CGC members have expressed a desire to join the challenge, and at least two dozen non-CGC members said they want to join in as well. The plan is for us to share ideas, actions, and results along the way; hold each other accountable; and basically encourage the heck out of each other.

Delegation and outsourcing are skill sets that many people struggle with, whether they’re entrepreneurs or not. Many of us, myself included, have some limiting beliefs and inner game shifts to work through in order to access the full benefits of delegation and do a better job of leveraging our core strengths. So the goal of this challenge is for us to make a big push forward by facing our various delegation blocks through direct action. This will create further positive ripples by up-leveling the impact we can have.

Most likely I’ll commit to a specific minimum standard for this challenge, such as assigning at least one task per day to someone else or working on delegation and outsourcing for at least an hour per day. I think it makes sense for each participant to define their own minimum standard based on their situation. I’ll probably go with the one-hour approach since it gives me more flexibility. Some days I may invest more than an hour.

In CGC we’ll be using the member forums to coordinate the daily sharing with members who are participating. I also intend to publicly blog about this challenge as we go along, sharing my own experiences and any interesting lessons we learn along the way.