Money Is a Psychedelic Too

Money is actually psychedelic. Let me ‘splain…

Money isn’t as intense as the psychedelics you put directly into your body – physical consumption changes the intentionality – but money still behaves very much as a psychedelic substance.

Money responds powerfully to set and setting, the set being your mindset and the setting behind the environment of other relationships that you bring to your interactions with money.

When this realization popped in, I asked my higher self if this was true, and he said, “Bingo! Indeed it is.”

I see this very clearly in my own relationship with money as it changed over decades. For so long now it’s been a fun and playful friend. I no longer have the tension, stress, and worry in my relationship with money that I used to. I find it very easy to trust money because it seems silly to do otherwise – like how could I possibly have a good relationship if there’s low trust?

That doesn’t mean blindly trusting money to rescue me, but rather I trust it to guide me intelligently. I see that I’ve been relating to money very much like I relate to shrooms, like a wise Golden Teacher. :wink:

Your Relationship With the Spirit of Money

Have you been interfacing with a psychedelic spirit all this time and not realizing it?

Have you ever wondered how it’s possible that synthetic, plant, and fungi psychedelics all work so effectively? How can MDMA, LSD, magic mushrooms, and ayahuasca all connect us to spirit-level energies?

The human-level cover story is that this is due to the underlying chemistry. But of course that’s the false narrative that this reality matrix provides for the sake of humans who want to remain at least semi-dismissive of the spirit-level container that surrounds them. Such cover stories are important and necessary for human minds to stay rooted to the physical world. When a human no longer needs the cover stories, those stories can gradually glide out of the way.

What’s really happening here behind the scenes is that spirit energy chooses a substance as its interface into the physical world. Money, magic mushrooms, Peyote, MDMA, LSD, etc. were all chosen by different spirit energies to serve as their portals in this world. So a great way to think of these substances is that they’re all spirit guides. Consequently, I recommend that whichever ones you choose to interface with, do your best to treat with respect, and seek to build deep trust with them. To do otherwise is very unlikely to benefit you.

At their root these spirit energies are all the same, but at their tips they differentiate quite a bit, so people can have different experiences depending on which substances they choose. Note that choosing a substance and a dosage is part of the intentionality, so those aspects actually fold into the set (mindset) from a spirit-level perspective. If you take twice as much of a substance, the difference in your experience isn’t because of the greater amount affecting your brain differently – that’s just the cover story. The difference is due to your intentionality for a stronger or more intense experience. Same goes for choosing substances. If you consume a moderate dose of LSD, that invites a more intense experience than using money as your psychedelic of choice.

Also note that you can increase the psychedelic effect of money by increasing the dosage. If you receive or spend significantly more than your normal daily money microdosing regimen, you will surely feel some of those psychedelic effects kicking in, especially mentally and emotionally – and probably physically too. Since I live in Las Vegas, I can walk around a casino and observe the psychedelic effects of money first-hand, especially in overt displays of emotion on a Friday or Saturday night and particularly when people are interfacing with this substance socially. Side note: It’s interesting to think of a blackjack or craps dealer as a money shaman of sorts. I do think there’s more than a little truth to that.

Spirit Chooses the Substance

On the human side we add cover stories like discovery, invention, or evolutionary biology, but those stories don’t add up very convincingly. That’s because the spirit chooses the substance. When it spots an interesting plant or fungi or sees a human experimenting with intentional chemistry, that’s an opening to invite spirit to select a worthy interface and bond with it.

Now let’s circle back to money. Some spirit essence saw this instrument and chose to bond with it, thereby becoming the Spirit of Money. This is similar to when people talk about the Spirit of the Mushroom… or Mother Ayahuasca… or whatever they might label the Spirit of LSD – Does that one have a different name? The substance is the interface to link up with spirit energy. Money is one of those substances too.

Imagine doing a mushroom trip while bringing some very questionable and risky expectations to it, such as by demonizing people who enjoy super-high shroom abundance. What about lamenting your shroom scarcity? What if you felt threatened by your shroom debt? Anxious about your shroom bills coming due?

And then you decide to go do a shroom journey. Yeah… good luck with that. Recipe for a bad trip, right?

Have you ever had a bad trip with money? If so, look to the set and setting you’re bringing to the Spirit of Money, and it will probably be fairly obvious why. Then do your best to keep improving your set and setting. It’s especially important not to bring so much neediness to it – the Spirit of Money is very free-flowing and seems to repel clingy energy. I suggest bringing openness, curiosity, and a humble desire to learn instead. The Spirit of Money loves to teach, guide, and instruct.

I recently realized that one reason I’ve been developing such a lovely relationship with multiple psychedelics, especially during the past three months, is that I’ve been cultivating a similar relationship with the Spirit of Money very consciously for decades. I assumed I was inexperienced with psychedelics, but it turns out that I’m actually extremely experienced and capable in this space, the reason being that I’ve had lots of other psychedelic teachers. I just didn’t see the truth of that till recently. All of the skills and frames I learned through exploring a happy and vibrant relationship with money immediately transferred over to working with mushrooms, for instance. I think this is why I feel right at home now in working with mushroom energy. It’s like we became besties from the start.

Same goes for decades of exploring Subjective Reality and creating the Submersion course. I created that in 2018-2019, about a year before I did my first classic psychedelic, which was ayahuasca in late 2019. I didn’t know this at the time, but now I can see plain as day that Submersion is also a very powerful and immensely practical psychedelics training course. Substitute any psychedelic substance for the role of “Reality” in the course, and there you go. It can serve as a fabulous, richly detailed training course on how to interface with psychedelics. All the skills, frames, and methods I shared in that course have been immediately applicable to journeying with mushrooms, for instance. I wish I’d been able to see that sooner, but now I can see plain as day that I’ve been transferring all of that Submersion-related knowledge and skill to psychedelic explorations. I didn’t notice it right away because those skills have been second nature to me for many years. So I naturally took them into the psychedelic world without realizing that I was even doing that, and they worked beautifully.


One of the greatest keys to psychedelic exploration – possibly THE greatest – is trust. From my very first mushroom experience, I sought to build a deeply trusting relationship with it. That seemed like an obvious place to start, so that was #1 intention from my very first bite of shrooms. I wanted to shake hands with it, make friends, and start building trust. I also did my very best to avoid creating trust wounds. When my early experiences were difficult, I always sought the best framing to build more trust and to bond more deeply. Now I’ve bonded with the shroom energy at least as well as the best of my human relationships. I trust it completely, and I can tell that it trusts me because I always do my best to be completely honest with it. I keep trying to improve my intentionality with it. And our relationship is very fun and playful too.

I did the same with money, starting back in 1999 when I finally accepted that my old relationship with money clearly wasn’t working and was never going to work. I resolved to stop relating to money on the basis of neediness. I stopped treating it a power source or an external authority. Gradually I evolved my relationship with money into a friend I trust completely. I’ve had a beautiful, flowing, and empowering relationship with money ever since, and it’s still getting better because now I’m able to take what I’m learning from other psychedelic journeying and loop it back into my relationship with money more consciously.

The deeper truth, if you want to know it, is that everything – absolutely everything – in this reality is a psychedelic interface. That includes people, inanimate objects, your work, animals, etc. Yes, even plastic. How do you relate to plastic? Think about it… What is the Spirit of Plastic here to teach you?

The Power of Spirit (New Zoom Call)

I have way more to teach about this and many more aspects of how to understand spirit-level insights and apply them to your human life to create meaningful breakthroughs. So I’m going to host another Zoom call (actually two) like we did with the recent September 9 Spirit of Money call. This new call will be spread over two days: October 7 and 8 (Saturday and Sunday). It will be called The Power of Spirit. We’ll go from 10 AM to 1 PM+ Pacific Time each day. The plus sign is because the closing time is open-ended, like for extra Q&A. We’ll record the calls and give you access to the recordings too.

For the previous Spirit of Money call, I promised 2 hours plus, and we actually went for 4:20. After stripping out the breaks, the recording came out to 4 hours. The core call was was about 2:16, and the rest was additional Q&A and more insights that I shared, including 20 extra minutes about the afterlife. The feedback on this call has been stunningly beautiful – so much love, gratitude, breakthrough stories, and a lot of encouragement for more, more, MORE of this type of sharing. Okay, I get it… so I’m saying yes to that.

I didn’t choose The Spirit of Money call. It came to me when I was ready to receive it. The idea, the title, the timing, and even the $42 price were all given to me. During the live call, all the sharing and exercises flowed through me with ease. It’s fair to say that from end to end, the whole experience was channeled. Even the video editing felt that way.

This was a spirit-level gift that flowed through when it spotted an aligned place to go. I hadn’t realized that it would resonate so beautifully with so many people. But now it’s been made very clear that this spirit energy has chosen our community as a worthy interface, and I have no doubt it wants to bond more deeply with me and with us. You’re free to make your own choice here, but as far as the bonding aspect goes, I’m saying a big yes to it. Fortunately this energy is polyamorous and not at all jealous. :wink:

I don’t have a sign-up form available for The Power of Spirit yet. I probably won’t put one up till next week (in early October). So for now just mark your calendar if you want to reserve the time and be there live. We’ll make the recordings available for everyone too. The price will be $88. I didn’t choose that. I just recognized that it was the right answer. The number 8 is also an infinity sign, so 88 is infinite infinities. Another friend pointed out recently that in the Back to the Future movies, 88 mph is the speed that activates time travel, and we’ll be talking about the nature of time on the call (as one of many topics). In numerology 88 is a power number. Additionally this number is used by ham radio operators to mean “hugs” or “hugs and kisses,” which is a great fit since I’ve been doing a lot of work with love energy lately, and I anticipate this call having a very warm, loving, and caring vibe – yet also with some intense power flowing through. I’d love for you to feel that you’re being hugged, kissed, and empowered by spirit energy as you go through it.

Here’s one more suggestion: Use what you learned during The Spirit of Money call to invite the Spirit of Money to treat you. Don’t worry about $88 because the Spirit of Money would love to cover that for you, so consciously invite it to do so in whatever way feels intuitively right to you. I’m not going to give a process because then that would be my process, and with this energy it’s important for you interface with it in your own way. I’m just passing on the message that for this call, the Spirit of Money is actually offering to treat you, so let it bring you extra money ($88 or more) to cover the new Power of Spirit call, and open yourself to receiving its gift. Remember that money is a psychedelic interface that can bestow an immense abundance of gifts if you invite and allow it to do so. You don’t have to believe anything. Just be receptive to the possibility.

This is one reason for giving you more advance notice this time. The sign-up form doesn’t exist yet, so you can’t sign up for The Power of Spirit call even if you want to – not just yet. This is so you don’t try to cheat and use your own money for it. So now you have time to invite the money to show up. Even if $88 is easy for you, I still encourage you to invite the Spirit of Money to treat you – because it actually wants to treat for this one. You can do that in as little as a few seconds, so you might as well do it now. And if you’re still wondering about how to do that, you get to decide. I’m not giving you a process since that level of thinking would only keep you stuck in your head! Go talk to the Spirit of Money directly and figure out your own way of communicating with it. Trust it!

As a bonus (but not the fake salesy kind of bonus), if you used your own money to cover The Spirit of Money call, then I encourage you to also invite the Spirit of Money to retroactively treat you for that $42 as well, so that’s $130 total. Funny… I didn’t see this part coming since I’m just writing what I’m intuitively guided to write, but that 130 is a sync for me since I totally blew open a whole new world for myself on Friday when I did my first MDMA journey, and the amount I took was 130mg. Alright then… It’s 10 days till October 7th when The Power of Spirit would love to connect with you, and I can tell you now that it has a LOT to share. I’ll post more details about it as I’m guided to do so, but for now let’s begin with inviting the Spirit of Money to treat everyone who’d love to be there. (And if you wouldn’t love to be there, then obviously you won’t need to be treated to the extra $88 or $130.)

Just to leave you with some extra positive vibes, here’s one of my all-time favorite songs, which someone recently reminded me of. If you listen to it, I sense it will help you feel some of the vibes we’ll be inviting on the upcoming Power of Spirit call. Enjoy the song, and I hope to see you on the call.