Intention Experiment: Emanating Passion ❤️‍🔥

For anyone who likes intention-manifestation experiments:

In Conscious Growth Club (our online self-development community, now in its 7th year together), we have a monthly Zoom call where we co-create a group intention and infuse it with energy. We just did our latest Intention Infusion call and opted for the intention: Emanating Passion.

So our July intention is about communicating and broadcasting more of what lights us up – creatively, socially, behaviorally, etc.

We also select an intentional tracer each time, and for this one we went with heart tattoos. 💗

Think of the tracer as an extra symbolic breadcrumb that we invite reality to inject into our perceptual fields as a bonus synchronicities, which can be useful reminders to keep aligning with the intention when we suddenly notice them (often in surprising ways).

We always extend the intentional energy of our monthly experiments to anyone who wants to align with it. So if the idea of “emanating passion” resonates with you in any way, please consider holding this intention with us, both for yourself and for the highest good of anyone else who desires to emanate more passion, curiosity, enthusiasm, wonder, etc. (as opposed to hiding what they care about).

If you start noticing heart tattoos popping up in your reality, especially in unusual or synchronous ways, consider interpreting it as a receipt from reality that you’ve opted in, and you’re pooling your energy with us as part of this group experiment.

For some additional context, the Million Dollar Experiment is an example of an intention experiment we ran from Nov 2005 to Feb 2007 with 1730 people participating. It was a straightforward experiment to hold the intention to manifest money for everyone involved. No one got the full amount, which was to manifest $1M, but lots of participants reported extra money flowing into their lives throughout the experiment, sometimes in the form of significant sums or financial breakthroughs, often in mysterious ways they didn’t expect.

Whether it’s the placebo effect or something beyond, I can’t say, but since the placebo effect works too, such experiments can be effective ways to bring forth different kinds of results and stretch ourselves out the box of default mode thinking.

Would you like to channel and emanate more passion during July and beyond? If so, reach out and connect with the energy of this month’s experiment, adding your energy to the flow that we’re co-creating together. Just decide to opt in, and you’re in. ❤️‍🔥