Discover Clarity: Illuminate Your Way to Happiness

Are you seeking more clarity and direction in your life? I recorded this new video to share insights and guidance on how to let go of confusion, ambivalence, and resistance, empowering you to create a clear path forward. I put a lot of thought into it – I hope you enjoy it!

If you watch the video, I invite you to post a comment on YouTube to let me know your thoughts about the role of clarity in your life.

I enjoyed the creative process of making this one and recorded the whole 20 minutes in a single take – no retakes. That made the editing especially easy. I used Stable Diffusion to create the forest background in the thumbnail image.

I’ve been working hard on improving my video production skills, including investing in some upgrades to my home studio. I felt that lighting had long been my weakest area, so I’ve been seeking to patiently transform that into a strength through many hours of experimentation. I actually used 7 different lights to make this one. This is especially challenging since I’m color blind, but Rachelle helps me out with with picking the colors, which I very much appreciate. 😀