Submersion Group Deep Dive 🤿

Starting on Tuesday, November 1, 2022, I’m hosting a group deep dive with live calls for our popular Submersion course on Subjective Reality.

The purpose of Submersion is to help you construct a more trust-based relationship with reality, which can bring power, centeredness, and new capabilities to all areas of your life. It’s our second most popular course (after Deep Abundance Integration). I’ve received a tremendous amount of positive feedback about it since it was first published.

I just sent email invitations to all Conscious Growth Club members and previous Submersion customers to join this group deep dive for free since they all have access to the course. So that’s going to be a pretty big group already.

If you haven’t done the Submersion course yet, I’d also like to invite you to join us for this experiential deep dive at no extra cost other than getting the Submersion course itself. If you’ve been thinking about taking this course, this is the perfect time to do it with lots of other Subjective Reality enthusiasts.

Many people have gone through Submersion individually. This time we’re making it a group experience, adding weekly live calls to connect, share, and do reality-bending experiments together.

The recommended pacing for our group Submersion experience is to listen to one audio lesson per day. That’s 60 lessons in 60 days, running November 1st through December 30th.

We’ll host 9 video calls as we go – every Friday from November 4th through December 30th, always at 10 AM Pacific Time. We’ll aim for about 90 minutes per call.

Sound good? To join us, please visit the Submersion course page, watch the invitation video, and enroll in Submersion by midnight Pacific Time at the end of November 3rd. Then you’ll automatically get access to our November-December 2022 group experience.

I’ll Do Every Lesson With You

I’m going to go through the whole course with you, following the pacing of one lesson per day. I’ve always wanted to do this with Submersion, and now the timing finally feels right. There’s something about this time of year that seems like a perfect fit for this kind of immersion. I invite you to join me, so we can make this a shared experience.

I created Submersion to help you rebuild a new kind of relationship with the reality that you inhabit, based on decades of Subjective Reality experimentation. This framing is so integrated into my life now that I use the SR perspective every single day, but it took a lot of practice to reach the point where it became so automatic. Initially it felt like a very alien way of relating to life. What hooked me is that whenever I explored the rabbit hole of SR, I kept finding that it was full of rabbits. 🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇

What I love about SR is that it’s really good at inviting shortcut solutions to long-term problems where thinking too objectively kept me perpetually stuck. Even though it can seem pretty strange at first, I find it immensely practical. It transformed my aloof and indifferent reality into a vibrant and cooperative one. It replaced coldness and distance with warmth and endless support.

Gain Extra Support, Accountability, and Insights

On the live calls, we can hear from people who want to share their own insights, results, and tips from going through the course. And perhaps we can do some Q&A as well. I’m pretty flexible, so we may evolve the call format as we go. I always like to go in with a plan for live calls, but I especially enjoy going with the flow of where the inspirational and creative energy wants to go.

I can also share my own insights from going through the course as a fellow student, including practicing the daily exercises. Maybe I’ll be able to add some fresh reframes that weren’t part of the original course.

These calls will be recorded and added to the Submersion course portal, and you’ll get access to the recordings too.

We’ll have open text chat during the calls, so you can comment with other participants as much as you want. You’ll get a copy of the chat logs as well. They’re usually pretty funny since people in our community sure love to be playful. 🤣

Pool Our Energy for Group Manifesting Power

We can also do intention-manifestation experiments, pooling our group energy to see what we can summon into our lives together – both for the benefit of everyone in the group and to create positive ripples in the world. Imagine hundreds of people all doing that together.

So if you’d like to soak up the benefits of the Submersion community’s positive energy pooling and collective intentionality, please join us live each Friday, starting November 4th. See what effect this has on your life going forward.

I feel a bit giddy at the thought of gathering all this fun manifestation energy together in one place with like-minded people. I think it’s going to be a magical experience for us all.

If you want to join us for the group experience and the live calls:
Be sure to enroll in Submersion by midnight Pacific Time at the end of Thursday, November 3rd.

Our first call is Friday, November 4th.

Let’s do this! ❤️