Amplify Course Is Now Open for Enrollment

Our new Amplify deep dive course on creative productivity has launched. I invite you to join if you’re interested in improving your creative flow. You can watch the invitation video to learn about the course here:

Amplify Course

The main purpose of Amplify is to help you make major improvements to your creative flow and creative output. There are 5 core transformations that we’ll be working on together:

  • Overcome creative anxiety, so creative work becomes light-hearted, free-flowing play
  • Improve creative consistency, so you can reliably finish your creative projects
  • Attract an aligned audience that appreciates, encourages, and supports you
  • Build your creative courage to make bigger and bolder contributions
  • Generate abundant and sustainable income from your creative flow

Amplify is an audio course. There are 4 lessons already published, and we’ll be building it up to at least 60 lessons in March and April, with new lessons being added each week. There will be lots of writers, artists, musicians, app developers, designers, YouTubers, and all sorts of creative people going through this experience together. So it’s going to be a fun explosion of creativity. 😊

Since many people wanted this deep dive to have a social aspect as well, I’m also going to host 8 live Zoom calls for all course participants – every Wednesday at 10am Pacific time from March 10 to April 28. These calls will include group sharing, breakout discussions, and Q&A. This gives you the flexibility to approach Amplify as a solo introspective journey, a social journey, or a mix of both. You’ll find a link to register for the calls in the Amplify portal after you enroll.

If you’d like to learn more about the course, please see the Amplify invitation page, which will give you all the details. I’d recommend watching the invitation video on that page to see if the course interests you. That should really give you a good idea of what the course is about, along with extra details about the changes we’ll be working on together.

I hope you’ll join us for this one – it’s going to be a fun and fascinating deep dive.

Hugs! ❤️