A Positive Development

When I heard that Trump had contracted the coronavirus, my first thought was the word good.

This feels like a much-needed positive development for humanity and the world. It likely means fewer deaths, less suffering, and less time in pandemic mode – and perhaps less stupidity from him and his minions.

So I see it as good news.

While some people wish Trump and his wife a speedy recovery, I honestly don’t. I’m sending healing vibes and positive intentions to the virus inside him, not to him. Each day he’s out of work, the better for us all.

I’m thankful and appreciative for that one delightful move of the virus, doing the job that so many have been wishing for. In this case I feel like it’s nature’s servant. This virus has finally given a lot of people hope. I can feel the rising optimism.

While some people will express sympathy for Trump, I won’t because that isn’t how I feel. In most cases when I’ve heard people express such thoughts, they sound hollow and fake to me. I’d rather hear what they’re really thinking and feeling.

I feel happier. I feel relieved. I feel like our collective risk has been meaningfully reduced. I feel like this is a healthy and promising turn of events, perhaps a sign of more good news to come.

I don’t expect that life will go back to normal, at least not in the sense of what it was like in 2019 2015. I feel like life will slowly develop into something better than before, if only because a lot of people want to make it so.