More Than 300 Have Now Joined Stature


So far 304 people have joined the new character sculpting deep dive since the start of the year, which is terrific to see.

You can see the real-time sign-up count at the top of the Stature page if you’re curious… at least during the initial launch. Since today is the last day of the launch, I’m sure we’ll see more people joining by the end of the day.

This is a truly unique, one-of-a-kind course, especially since we’re co-creating it with the people going through the experience right now.

Get the details and sign up here:

Stature: Character Sculpting Deep Dive Experience

Stature consists of several weeks of audio lessons (streamable or downloadable to any device). On average it’s about 15 minutes per lesson, so it’s easy to fit it in. And each day there’s an exercise to do afterwards, usually some form of journaling. The course guides you through the process of re-sculpting your character step by step.

Early Feedback on Stature

Since we opened the doors for Stature, many participants are well into the experience. Some have done 10+ lessons already. The feedback thus far has been very positive.

Here are some quotes from the public Facebook group:

1.5 was a great lesson for me in the present because I am creating my 5 Year Vision. In the past, I felt like my vision was based on what my ego desired and not so much what my higher self, or soul wants to express. Now I can have a different focus in planning the next 5 years!

The voice modality vs. just journaling was actually really cool. I felt like I was addressing my problems from a fresh angle. Of course the injection of humor is great too.

And from a Conscious Growth Club member going through the course (re-shared with permission from our private forum):

I did the first 3 today and I was laughing so much thinking about Festivus! When I talked to myself in the mirror I couldn’t take anything seriously, actually all my grievances seemed petty and lame! Loving it so far! Thanks Steve, Rachelle and CGC! 😄 ❤️

[… then some days later …]

I just completed 7 through 9. What beautiful flow, vulnerability, connection, humor, caring, so touching, I can feel myself expanding 😄 I am resonating particularly with releasing the resistance by shedding the misaligned at all costs. Been getting lots of practice with that lately. Thank you so much Steve, Rachelle and everyone in CGC! This is epic! 😄 ❤️❤️❤️

I also found this comment insightful:

I used to think stretching myself too much was creating imbalance in my life. But now I realize that not stretching myself equals avoidance, suppression, and neglect of my dreams and goals and that’s actually what’s creating a greater and more intolerable imbalance.

Here are some comments about the experience of stretching oneself to take action and join:

Wow, can’t believe I signed in…with my hand hiding my eyes. I’m in and very happy! Hi everyone 😍

All right! I’m joined in to Stature. Feels Terrific.

olá caballeros and caballeras!

I’m full in! Let’s get this party started!

Some people had interesting synchronicities encouraging them to participate as well:

Enjoying Stature – jump in if you’re not already… I’ve had a lot of synchs with numbers lately … comes up as I lean into more inspired actions. I think a very timely deep dive as we open up to a new decade & who we want to be.

Now that you mention it, yes. An unusual alignment of intentions and goals with my partner and reconnecting with your content just before the course became available. Thanks for beckoning us, Steve. 😄

I moved to USA for couple of months with an intention to build my character. And after couple of days of being here I am finding out that you are soon launching the course. Perfect timing!

After taking on the CGC creativity challenge, I started blogging every day and maintaining some healthy daily habits. This was (and still is) very encouraging, but I quickly felt ready to push my personal growth to some deeper work. It was right then that Stature popped up for me! It’s been a really aligned experience going through the lessons so far.

I thought it was serendipitous that I reached out after going through deep abundance feeling like I was missing some key character development and you were just getting ready to publish this course. Could not have been better timing for me and I think I was one of the first five or ten people to sign up.

I had an unusual sync related to the course as well. In the first Stature audio lesson, I mention looking up and seeing 11:11 AM on the clock just as I’m wrapping up the recording, which I found to be a nice little nod from the universe at the time. What I didn’t realize until someone pointed it out was that after editing the recording and splicing in the intro and outro music, my saying the words “eleven eleven” somehow occurs precisely at time index 11:11 in the recording.

That wasn’t planned. I’ve seen a lot of freaky syncs in my life, but this one is definitely up there.

Stature’s lessons have a modern, playful yet compassionate style, often using movie scenes or characters as examples to help you understand the ideas better (which still works even if you haven’t seen the movie):

Pop culture references are the BEST way to teach personal development as it helps people to create ‘shortcuts’ by making patterns easy to understand. Movie characters are great models for character sculpting too.

It makes the concepts easy to understand. In lesson 1.2, the Seinfeld reference really helped when I was doing the ‘Airing of Grivances’.

These truths you share are universal, as are Gandalf, Harry Potter, and Agent Smith. They are the flavor you throw into your work. Everybody’s got it and this is yours!

That’s it! Humor, lightness, and self-acceptance for the process. You’ve got it, Steve. Did you know our brains are wired to learn and change many times faster when something is fun? I’m sure you do. This is great! ❤️

Those impressions at the end of lesson 10 had me dying 👌😂

This also encourages requests for more fun references, such as:

I’d love a Twin Peaks reference 😃… 🕵️‍♂️☕️

I try to pick playful references that are very popular most of the time, so more people will have a chance to connect with them through prior experience. I also explain the scenes, characters, and themes directly for the benefit of those who aren’t familiar with them. It’s good to see that people like the richness and flavor this adds to the lessons, even if they aren’t familiar with some references.

Although I’ve lived here (in the US) almost my entire life I don’t get most of the references directly as I am not well-versed in that space. However I still appreciate them because it does have a light hearted energy to it and sometimes they even make me laugh out loud even though I haven’t seen the movies myself, I have enough context to piece things together

Stature is an intense course at times because we look at some deep, hidden parts of ourselves – especially parts that need healing, acknowledgement, appreciation, and re-integration. In the first lesson, I share that crying now and then as you go through the course is to be expected.

For a few days, I was like “what tears”? …. then 😭😭😭. 😝💜

I’m all-in with cultivating a long-term relationship with the people I serve through our courses, so we can all help each other grow and prosper.

I can also leave some feedback about the course, if needed, but I prefer to give full attention and dedication to follow it properly. For now I’m greatly enjoying the quality of the lessons. In this regard, it really feels like somehow a leap has been made from Submersion, which admittedly I didn’t expect, as it was already pretty darn good.

A friend of mine … asked me if Steve’s courses are worth it, I actually almost cried yesterday listening to a Submersion episode, so I had to admit I was biased 😀

I still can’t even really fathom who could I be if I didn’t choose to take that first DAI course. It’s been a transformation so huge that I frankly have moments where I feel I’m simply too grateful towards Steve and his work and I worry I may never be able to give something back 😅

Seriously though, course is absolutely solid ’till now. Again, almost unbelievably solid, as I trusted that it would have been good, but it was somehow very difficult to me to even imagine its quality.

“He asked me if Steve’s courses are worth it” 😉 I’m smiling because of how much Steve’s courses have changed the entire trajectory of my life!

Absolutely agree. DAI and Submersion both launched separate catapults of me into entirely new modes of living very quickly. And every time I begin to immerse myself in any of Steve’s work, this happens!

When I did DAI and submersion, things escalated very quickly for me. I didnt even complete submersion yet, only a few episodes in and my life skyrocketed (also skyrocketed during DAI too). Then just a couple months ago I tried doing DAI again in slow mo, skyrocketed again! I’m not even ready to begin stature. I’m still trying to maintain up here at the 50 million miles high marker 😆 but im getting there!

I was in Abundance Deep Dive as well as Submersion. Can’t wait for this one to happen. The wonderful thing is that the lessons inform each other, making them richer in meaning. Submersion/DAI is my go-to audio in my car!:-)

As people start thinking about and engaging with this group and this course, I thought this might be a helpful share:

I’ve been a member of Steve’s Conscious Growth Club for the last couple of years, so I’ve been able to watch the buildup to this course over a 2 year period (an earlier version of this course was almost created in February 2018, but Steve felt it wasn’t quite what he wanted it to be yet). I have to say that from what I’ve seen in CGC, I think this is quite likely (almost certain?) to be one of the best things Steve has ever created and shared with the world. I’m excited, and if it sounds interesting to you I would nudge you to be a part of it.

It’s super rewarding creating these in-depth courses, knowing that they really do change people’s lives for the better. I’m so looking forward to hearing about the ripples that Stature creates too.

Going forward I want to direct the energy of the launch into creating more lessons and serving the hundreds of people who’ve signed up, as we invest in improving and upgrading our characters together.

Get the details, watch the invitation video, and join us here:

Stature: Character Sculpting Deep Dive Experience

I’ll see you inside! 😄 ❤️❤️❤️