Being Overruled by the Universe

I feel like I’ve had a hefty dose of wrestling with the universe’s timing this week.

I had wanted to get the invitation video for Stature’s launch done much sooner – several days ago – but I also tried to do this video differently than the other course invitation videos. Mainly I wanted to make it shorter and more succinct.

My previous invitation videos for Deep Abundance Integration, Submersion, and Conscious Growth Club were all more than an hour long. I wanted to get Stature’s invite video down to about 35 minutes and still cover all the same bases as the longer videos.

Well, I succeeded. The video is finally done, and it’s 35:24 in duration. You can watch it now on the Stature page. But it took way longer to create than the previous videos. I ended up using a very different process to design and record it.

I wasn’t actually planning to change up my process for making these videos when I first started. I started out with the same approach I’d used before and just tried to make it more efficient length-wise. But I also sensed that my approach wasn’t the best way to go in the long run.

I ended up following an intuition-based trail that led me to a different way of designing and recording these videos. It took way longer the first time because of all the changes and having to figure out some things for the first time, but now I know how to make these a lot shorter for future course launches as well.

Over the past several days, I was a bit frustrated at times with how long this was taking. But it’s actually going to save more time in the long run, so from that perspective it was perhaps worth the effort. I also learned to think about making videos differently than before, so in that sense it was a growth experience too.

This was a weird launch week. While it’s been going well in terms of hundreds of people joining Stature and lots of great feedback on the course so far, I felt like reality was fighting my intended timing. I had a schedule that I wanted to follow, and reality just didn’t cooperate with it at all. But I can also see that what did actually get done was actually really good for the long-term.

Timing-wise it feels a bit ridiculous that I finally got the invitation video done and added to the Stature page about 30 minutes before midnight, and since it’s 35 minutes long, it’s almost like the universe was playing a joke on me.

Even though they aren’t essential for launching a new course, many people like and appreciate these invitation videos because it helps them get a better idea of what the course is about versus plain text. So I want to give people a chance who’ve been waiting for the video to watch it and still have the ability to join with the launch group if they want. I think that’s only fair. Hence I’ll extend the launch at least a few days and possibly for as much as a week. I’ll decide that tomorrow when I’m fresh.

I’ve actually been pondering whether it would be better to do 10-14 day launches instead of the weeklong launch I had originally planned. It would allow more time for better communication, connection, and spontaneity, which is more my style than trying to follow a rigid schedule. Even if a launch looks smooth and simple on the public side, the backend side tends to be way more complex. There are a lot of behind-the-scenes details that people never see.