Abundance Deep Dive Update

Here’s an update on the upcoming group deep dive on scarcity and abundance that starts August 1st.

Details of the Abundance Deep Dive

Our 30-day group deep dive on abundance will happen August 1-30, 2018. I’d love for you to participate, and I think you’ll gain a lot from it.

The purpose is to help you shift beyond scarcity and improve your alignment with abundance – in your mindset, your feelings, and your tangible results.

Our “deep dive” will consist of daily live video calls with me, approximately 30 minutes each, starting at 11:11am Pacific time for all 30 days, including weekends.

The calls will be recorded, and each recording will be made available to you in video and audio, so you don’t have to attend the calls live. You’ll get to keep all of the recordings afterwards too (downloadable), so you can watch/listen to them whenever you desire to strengthen your abundance alignment. Save them on your phone and create a playlist if you’d like.

We’ll have open text chat during these calls, so you can comment live as we go along. The chat logs will be saved and given to you as well, so if someone else on the call shares a relevant book, link, or other resource, you’ll have that info saved automatically.

We’ll cover scarcity and abundance from many angles, including mindset, powerful reframes, practical tools, actions steps, the subjective reality angle, and more. We’ll cover multiple forms of abundance too – financial, social, lifestyle, creative flow, contribution, etc. This is about deepening your understanding as well as helping you get results.

The price is $97 USD. For Conscious Growth Club members, there’s no extra charge since it’s part of their membership. This pricing is meant to be a no-brainer for most of my readers, and the feedback thus far tells me that we’re spot on here – lots of delighted and appreciative emails about making this so accessible. That’s great to see. 🙂

I’d like you to be able to justify doing this for the experience alone, so we can maintain a positive and encouraging vibe throughout. I think you’ll like the results you gain too, but I wouldn’t want you to pressure yourself to get immediate results if you’d rather focus on insights and understanding first.

Part of this will involve helping you diagnose your current situation. It’s important to understand what’s keeping you stuck in areas where you’re still experiencing scarcity, so you can apply a solution that makes sense. There are different solutions for different situations, and I’ll share those with you during our 30 days together. One reason we get stuck for long stretches is that we’re applying solutions that sound reasonable but which actually aren’t good remedies for our particular circumstances.

Rooted to Core Principles

The core of this program is a model of scarcity and abundance linked to universal principles. It’s a highly original approach, and you’ve never seen it before. So this isn’t based on previous articles, videos, or workshops. I’ll share a strong foundational structure that will help you better understand your own patterns and how you can improve them, one that I believe will serve you well for life.

There will be people on welfare and with various disabilities going through this deep dive. There will be participants who are sleeping in their cars or under the stars. And there will be millionaires doing it. There will be people with social anxiety joining us. There will be musicians, artists, teachers, and software developers. People from many different countries and cultures will be participating. Everyone is invited. I assure you that you’ll be treated with dignity and respect regardless of your current challenges.

This is intended as a complete experience unto itself. It’s the real deal, not a tease.

It’s clear that many people are struggling deeply with this area of life. We’re not using shame, fear, guilt, or beating ourselves up here. This deep dive will be compassionate, caring, and gentle… but also results oriented, intellectually deep, and very, very honest. Playful at times too.

For some there will be a lot of healing involved. I’d be surprised if many people don’t laugh and cry multiple times along the way. If you appreciate depth and if you’re craving some fresh insights in this area of life, and if you’d like to explore this together in a very real and very human way, I think you’re going to love this.

How to Join Us for the Deep Dive

If you’d like to join us, registration is now open. Here’s the link:

Deep Abundance Integration

You can even see how many others have joined since I share real-time signup numbers at the top of the page.

We’re using scalable technology for this, so I expect we’ll be able to accommodate everyone who wants to join. I want you to make a free and informed choice here – no artificial scarcity and no pressure tactics. I think it serves us best if the people doing this deep dive together feel truly aligned with it. I think the vibe we create together matters a lot.

There’s a video with even more details about this on that page too. Watching the video is optional, but I think you’ll like it. It’s not salesy. The purpose of the video is to help you get a sense of the intention, the vibe, the attitude, and the approach for this deep dive. Partly the video is intended to help you decide if this experience aligns with your values, desires, and expectations. The video also shares more info about the model we’ll be using and how it produces some counter-intuitive insights to help you get results.

Some Other Benefits

For those who are into manifesting and holding group intentions, we’ll hold a positive group manifestation intention for all participants too. Several people requested that, so we’ll definitely do it. I like that idea.

I’m going to include some extra gifts to make this even better, especially since some people asked for further reinforcement. This will include some audio recordings of previous abundance-related articles and some additional text content for those who like to read. If we come up with ideas for additional resources we could create along the way that would serve you well, I’m open to that too. If you’ve been to one of my workshops, you know I like to be spontaneous and go with the flow of inspiration when it arises.

At the conclusion of our deep dive, I also intend to create a text summary of the key concepts and ideas we cover along the way, so you can use that as a quick refresher whenever you want.

I want you to have a good experience and to gain a lot from this deep dive. I feel we’ve locked onto a strong, heart-centered intention for this, and it’s wonderful to see that people are picking up on this too. I think the whole approach we’re using here is very win-win and that this could be the first of many more group dives that we could do over the next several years, each time on a different topic.

On a personal note, I really feel like I’m being guided to do this now. I’ve been getting daily synchronicities about this ever since I began leaning into it, and they aren’t letting up. The feedback on this idea has been absolutely beautiful, some of it making me cry a few times. I have a strong sense that we’re about to come together and co-create something really special. Maybe you’re sensing some of that energy too.

Abundance and Trust

I’ll share one interesting insight about the model that we’re using and about the pathway to abundance. It’s rooted in trust. You see… scarcity can be defined as a lack of trust – not trusting the universe, not trusting your feelings, not trusting your own uniqueness. There are different forms of scarcity, but at the core of each, there’s a trust issue to identify, understand, and heal.

It would be fair to say that abundance equals trust. Think about that for a bit. How can you experience abundance in any form without trust?

Do you trust that your problems have solutions? Do you trust that if you stopped doing soulless work and followed a path with a heart, the universe will have your back? Do you trust that you’re going through scarcity experiences for a reason and that the universe is actually 100% on your side, just waiting for you to finally recognize the pathway to abundance? Do you trust that you can live a beautiful life that you appreciate regardless of what happens with your finances? Do you trust in your deepest values enough to step into a leadership role to express them, even if the world doesn’t seem aligned yet? Do you trust your own unique creative path as an artist or musician, trusting your own instincts even more than the guidance of experts? Do you feel safe here?

My key strength in this area is that I have a deep and abiding trust in life, the universe, and everything. This doesn’t mean trusting that things will always go the way I want. That would be naïve. But it does mean trusting that I can always apply the lens that the universe is 100% on my side – and to good effect. This enables me to enjoy abundance without clinginess. This form of abundance is light, playful, and loving. And it gives me something to appreciate every day, regardless of circumstances.

I learned to create this type of relationship with life when I was broke and getting kicked out of my apartment due to falling behind on rent. Actually it goes further back than that. I began learning this lesson when I was spending a few days in a county jail when I was 19, my fourth arrest in 18 months. It was under trying circumstances that I began to lower my shields and realize that I could never hope to have a good life if I didn’t trust life. My mistake was trying too hard to push against and shield myself from what was happening.

Getting arrested multiple times, spending years deep in debt, going bankrupt, getting divorced – these have been some of my most precious gifts. Maybe that sounds crazy to you, but that’s how I genuinely perceive them. And of course I resisted each one when it first showed up. I saw each experience as a curse, a mistake, or a trap, and this held me stuck in each one for a while… until I finally decided to lower my shields and trust this universe more than I had before. With each new level of trust came a new layer of abundance. But at each step, the pathway out of scarcity seemed so counter-intuitive and not at all obvious.

These were difficult lessons to learn. It took me a long time to connect the dots. And my results were inconsistent for many years. I’d accidentally use the right approach now and then, but I didn’t understand this well enough to be consistent. I didn’t have the right mental models to wrap my head around it, and my head really likes to understand why things work the way they do. My brain loves having good predictive models that make sense intellectually. I’m never quite satisfied when I have to lean so much on my heart and intuition to make good decisions. I can do that when necessary, but I’m more consistent when I can apply a mental model that makes sense too.

So if you’re of a similar mindset and you’d like an approach to abundance that will help you be more consistent, I think you’ll really like this deep dive. I believe this is an area where I can help you advance several steps forward in a relatively short period of time.

I’ll share more on this in the upcoming video, and we’ll connect the dots throughout the deep dive as well. For now I just wanted to share some food for thought to help you warm up for this experience.

Does this resonate with you? Can you entertain the possibility that there may be a powerful link between abundance and trust? Maybe give that some thought over the next few days. And consider this question: If you trusted reality a little more, what would you do differently?

I hope you can join us – and hundreds of your peers who are co-creating this experience together:

Deep Abundance Integration

Huge hugs and lots of love!