How to Do Successful Product Launches

A common problem many readers encounter when trying to build new income streams is how to get attention and drive traffic to their new product or service. You may write and self-publish a new ebook, for instance, but it won’t sell well if no one knows about it. So how do you turn your idea into a decent income stream, especially if you don’t have a following yet?

Fortunately there’s a reputable guy who can teach you how to handle the marketing and sales side of this challenge, and you can learn a lot from him for free in the next several days.

Jeff Walker is currently offering a free video training series to teach you how to do successful product launches. He offers these trainings once a year, and they’re only available for a short time (like 10 days or so).

Jeff Walker and Product Launch Formula

Jeff is an Internet millionaire many times over, doing numerous multi-million dollar launches of his own. He’s a well-known teacher in this field. Almost a million people have watched his video series in previous years. He does live events too; I’ve been to two of his events so far.

I met Jeff in person last year in L.A., and I’ve been a member of his coaching group since October 2016, paying $12,000 for the privilege. That may sound like a lot, but I’ve already earned back more than 10x my investment by applying what I learned. It’s fair to say that Conscious Growth Club wouldn’t be up and running this year if I hadn’t connected with Jeff.

If you’ve seen anyone do product launches online with a series of free videos, the chances are that it was based on Jeff’s Product Launch Formula (PLF). He’s been teaching people this method for more than a decade, and he keeps refining it to make it better. When I do the official launch of Conscious Growth Club later this year, I’ll be basing the launch strategy on what I learned from Jeff and PLF.

I’m pretty skeptical when it comes to anything related to Internet marketing because I find most of it disgustingly cheesy. I didn’t know anything about Jeff till last year since I tend to avoid Internet marketing events in general, so we always swam in different pools. Then last summer I got an email from Reid Tracy recommending that I go to one of Jeff’s events called LaunchCon. Reid is the President of Hay House, my book publisher, and Reid never recommends anything, so getting an email like that from Reid was unusual.

Reid shared how useful Jeff’s ideas were in improving Hay House’s launches, and Reid wanted to give Hay House authors like me a heads up on the potential value of PLF for improving our own businesses. I took Reid’s suggestion to heart and went to LaunchCon last year, and I’m glad I did. In fact, I’ll be going to LaunchCon again this year, which is in Dallas in October.

Learning to Launch

Learning all about product launches was essentially my biggest deep dive of the past year. But I haven’t written much about this yet because I’ve been too busy applying what I’ve learned behind the scenes. I’ve been building Conscious Growth Club this year, and I’ve been getting a lot of help from Jeff’s community along the way.

What I like about Jeff’s style is that it’s not ridiculously hyped up. He’s a fairly laid back communicator… pretty much the opposite of Tony Robbins but still very engaging. I think you’d like Jeff if you’re a fairly logical person and don’t like it when someone tries too hard to push your emotional buttons.

Jeff started on this path as a stay-at-home Dad while his wife was pushing him to finally get something going financially. Partly out of desperation, he gradually developed a creative way of launching new products and services online that has proven very effective and is likely to remain so for many more years.

Why is Jeff doing a free training series? What’s the catch? Of course there’s going to be a sales pitch at the end. Jeff will eventually offer you a very tempting deal on his full Product Launch Formula program, which includes a sizable video course, live coaching calls, and a private discussion group. I bought it last year, devoured it quickly, and still love it. It’s a $2K program, which I thought was pricey at the time since up to that point, I wasn’t the kind of person to buy a $2K program. But looking back, now it seems like a ridiculously good deal for what it includes. I learned a lot of details from it that I hadn’t thought through before.

I’d say that a side effect of buying PLF is that I’ve warmed up to other $2K programs as well. At that price point, people typically pack in a lot of value. I used to get stuck thinking about the cost on principle, even though I could afford it. Now I think about it mainly in terms of the ROI. If spending $2K helps me earn an extra $50K or $100K without having to work harder, it’s better than free.

I actually watched many of the PLF videos while standing in lines at Disneyland last year. I bought PLF shortly before Rachelle and I did our crazy 30 Days of Disneyland experience. So obviously the training is very mobile friendly. I even bumped up my cell phone plan during that time, so I could have more bandwidth. Another good approach was to download content while I was on WiFi, and then I could access it without chewing up all my LTE bandwidth.

The Product Launch Community

I’ve been active in the PLF community since last year, connecting with dozens of other PLF owners both online and in person. I’ve seen some pretty amazing results from people in this community, such as a dog trainer who does million-dollar launches teaching people how to train their dogs. No joke!

Pretty much every week now, I’m seeing friends in this community share the results of their 5- and 6-figure launches. That’s how much they bring in during a launch window that lasts only a week or two. Some of these people are just starting out in business too.

I’ve also met a number of people who’ve done multi-million dollar launches, and they’ve been happy to share how they did it. At that level they’re usually applying some advanced strategies, but the core of their launches is still based on PLF. This community really helped to expand my sense of possibility for what I could do with my own business. It gave me a new path of growth forward in areas that had grown a bit stale for me.

Whether you’re in the market for this sort of thing or not, I think it’s a good idea to at least learn more about its existence in case you ever want to launch your own product or service down the road. It will expand your sense of possibility. And if you dislike your job and want a path out of it, you really should be watching the first video already. 🙂

So I’d highly recommend devouring Jeff’s free video training series while you can. Part of the PLF strategy is to make your launch a limited-time event, so Jeff is applying his own model here by only offering this series for a short time. The next time it will be offered will likely be in late 2018.

The free series requires an email address to register, so you’ll get an email each time a new video is posted. I think the series will have three main videos and probably some bonus content like case studies too. I haven’t watched this year’s series (it just started today), but I watched it last year and liked it. It did contain some relative fluff on the lifestyle side, but there was still a juicy part of each video that shared some solid practical ideas. It’s not merely about mindset. I think you’ll agree that Jeff shares a surprisingly deep amount of detail on the how-to side. I think that’s why his launches are so successful – they appeal to people who like actionable, down-to-earth ideas.

When you watch these videos, I suggest you view them on two levels. First, there’s the educational value of what you’ll learn about how to do product launches. The first video will teach you about the Sideways Sales Letter, for instance. Second, pay attention to how Jeff uses the free training to give you lots of value and to warm you up for the eventual paid offer. Even if you aren’t in the mood to buy what he’s going to sell at the end of the series, you may find yourself tempted. Do you find yourself gradually lowering your shields and wanting to actually learn and apply these ideas?

The first time I encountered a sales pitch from Jeff, I started out skeptical and then gradually began thinking, “Hmmmm… if I actually tried, I think it would probably work.” It wasn’t so much like he was trying to sell me anything. It was almost like he just stood there with the obvious value of what he was sharing, and I gradually sold myself on the merits and how I might apply the ideas to my life. One reason I wanted to learn more from Jeff is that I was semi-fascinated by how he got me to become a customer.

Skepticism can protect us from loss, but too much of it is a dead end. If we want to grow, we have to take some calculated risks now and then. I’m glad that Reid nudged me to look into PLF and not remain such a diehard skeptic about all things Internet marketing. I’ve been pleased to discover that there is a light side to this field, and it’s been a rewarding space to explore. Probably the most rewarding aspect has been the many new friends I’ve made over the past several months.

Product Launches and Passive Income

I’d also recommend watching this series if you’re interested in creating passive income streams. PLF doesn’t directly create passive income – it’s mainly about generating surges of sales – but there’s a variation on this approach called evergreen launches. Jeff will probably cover this in one of the free videos (probably the third one). In the paid PLF course, there’s even more material on creating evergreen income streams. So when you hear Jeff talk about evergreen, it’s essentially a synonym for passive income.

If you’ve been wanting to push yourself a bit more to finally get off your butt and create some fresh income streams, I think this series would be a good way to generate some extra motivational energy and get started.

If you watch Jeff’s free video series and want to know more about my experiences with PLF, feel free to send me an email with any questions you may have about it, and I’ll be happy to share what I know as a PLF owner. If you’re curious about how PLF might work for your skill set, I can also tell you if I know of anyone in the PLF community who’s already using it for launches similar to what you’re thinking. I know it works for artists and musicians since there are artists and musicians doing successful launches. I’ve met a number of them in person. One artist in particular used PLF to do a launch that brought in more than $400K. There’s a case study about him in the paid PLF program, and I think Jeff might mention him in the free series too.

If you do buy the paid program at the end of the series, my suggestion would be to keep your calendar as open as possible. To get the most value out of it, you’ll want to hit the ground running. You’re going to soak up a lot of actionable ideas in a short period of time, and it’s best if you have the space to act on those ideas quickly. From what I’ve seen, the people who do best with PLF are the ones who get into the flow of action quickly and stay there. It’s all about building momentum in a new direction.

Lastly, if you’re already in Conscious Growth Club, we created a new Passive Income subgroup in the forums just yesterday. It’s open for any CGC member to join. So that’s one extra way we’ll be supporting people who want to build new income streams. A number of CGC members are already living off passive income as well, so you can learn from them too.

P.S. My completely selfish motive in sharing this is so you’ll succeed with PLF, earn lots of money, finally quit your boring job, and then join CGC (if you haven’t already) and help us to continue co-creating an amazing community of highly conscious, growth-oriented people.

In case you’re wondering, CGC already has about 100 members. And we haven’t even done the official launch yet. Thanks, Jeff!!! 😉